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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 2-17-08
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Portal Gun
Price: 120,000 gp
Body Slot: — (Held)
Caster Level: 15th
Aura: Strong; (DC 23) Conjuration
Activation: 1 standard action
Weight: 4 lb.
The Portal Gun. I'm casting magic, and I'm still alive.

The kind people at the Aperture Magic Enrichment Center have developed a neat gun referred to as the Aperture Magic Handheld Portal Device, for the use of testing in the Aperture Magic laboratory run by the Warforged Glados. Using portals, Aperture Magic may learn the limits and abilities of clever application of dimensional space-time tears and its impact on the world. Those who successfully operate the Aperture Magic Handheld Portal Device through all tests in the Enrichment Center will receive cake and free psychological counsel. Thank you for participating in this Aperture Magic Enrichment Center study for the good of mankind.

Rumor has it that the first Portal Gun was created by a mad wizard warforged who was trapped in the depths of her magic laboratory, performing terrible experiments on humans. A test model was leaked after a subject used the Portal Gun to escape, and the knowledge went with it. While this is possibly mere legend, the Portal Gun is real and useful. It appears as a shiny white cannon which fires no ammo, only magical bolts which unfold into portals.

At will, you may target any flat nonliving surface you can see to open a gateway up to 6 feet in diameter (the surface must be large enough hold the portal, or the gate fails). By making a second portal, you may travel between the two gates at will as if they were connected by a door. The gates last for 15 rounds, or until you make another portal. Only two gates may be in existence at once; when you fire again, you may choose to replace your first or your second portal in lieu of this new one.

"Speedy thing goes in, Speedy thing goes out."

Movement through portals can be confusing to some. Momentum is conserved. If a person enters a portal with velocity v, then he retains velocity v when he exits.

If a person enters feet first into a portal, he will exit feet first, even it that means the person exits parallel to the ground initially.

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