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Cursed Items[edit]

Summary::Combining the rules for Complete Gear as well as the rules for treasure in a standard game does not have to be difficult. Of course, the standard in Complete Gear is that magical and psionic items are only attuned through influences rather than being made or bought. This position is taken because it is the simplest one that provides an aspect of game that has the least opportunity for mistakes. Yet it is possible to combine gold pieces and IPs.

The rule governing this variant is that the sum of a player’s wealth (equipment, gold, and gemstones) and their IPs should follow the guidelines for character wealth by level. In practice, one can simply deduct a character’s wealth from the value given on the table earlier in the work and find out the size of a player’s IP pool. This process can be seen in the variant above regarding special materials.

For example, a Game Master may want to include magic items and influenced items in a game. As part of the treasure for a particular combat, a player may discover a sword that has a gold piece price of 18,000 gp. If the character were to be 10th level, they would normally have 49,000 IPs available to them. As soon as the character brought the item into their possession for any reasonable length of time, they would find their available IP pool reduced to 31,000 IPs. Should the character also be carrying around 3,000 gp worth of gemstones the IP pool should be further reduced to 28,000 IPs. Using this principle always assures that a character can have a combined wealth and influence equal to what is considered balanced.

Of course, the mechanical answer is much easier than the in-game rationale behind the principle. Perhaps the IP pool decreases because when a character uses pre-made equipment it reflects a loss of faith in their own ability to make what they need. Perhaps all magical and psionic items have an aura that interferes partially with a character’s ability to use their influence on mundane items. (In this case the stronger the aura – either through high price or through many smaller magical items acting as one larger aura – the less a character can use their own influence) Perhaps the ability to influence is a divine gift and reliance upon magical items is seen by the divine as a lack of trust. There are many reasons that can be used to justify why a character’s IP pool decreases when they come in contact with magical items that are made, not influenced The trick is finding a reason that fits well with the particular character within the particular game world.

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SummaryThe sum of a player’s wealth (equipment, gold, and gemstones) and their IPs should follow the guidelines for character wealth by level. +
TitleCombining Rules for IPs with Rules for GPs +