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Dragon (magazine)/Dragon 047
System: Dungeons and Dragons 1e 
Abbreviation: — 
Publisher: TSR Inc. 
Publication Date: march 1981 
Format: PDF 
Price: $3.00

Table of Contents[edit]

Elementary Ideas for Elemental Adventuring

By Steven Kienle.

Rules on how magic and magic items are affected when utilized on the Elemental Planes.

Seek, but Don’t Expect to Find

By Karl Horak.

Rules for conducting searches on the Astral Plane.

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Flute of Dismissing

By Richard Lucas.

An item that possesses the power to disrupt the magics that bind conjured or summoned monsters in their enchanted states.

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Staff of Ethereal Action

By Ed Greenwood.

Also known as the Blink Staff, this item can strike creatures on the Ethereal as well as the Material Plane.

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Syrar’s Silver Sword

By Ed Greenwood.

A blade that can breach planar barriers to strike creatures on the Astral and Ethereal Planes.

Leomund's Tiny Hut: The Thief: A Special Look

By Len Lakofka.

Advice on making the most effective use of the Thief's skills.

The Merry Month of . . .Mirtul?

By Ed Greenwood.

A calendar of the fantasy world of Harptos, created by Ed Greenwood.

Media TypePDF +
Publication DateMarch 1981 +
PublisherTSR Inc. +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 1e +
TitleDragon 047 +