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Dragon (magazine)/Dragon 123
System: Dungeons and Dragons 1e 
Abbreviation: — 
Publisher: TSR Inc. 
Publication Date: july 1987 
Format: PDF 
Price: $3.50

Table of Contents[edit]

Music of the Forgotten Realms

By Ed Greenwood.

A brief discussion of the music of the Realms appended to descriptions of 6 unique instruments.

The Mystic College

By James A. Yates.

A guide to establishing, maintaining, and attending academies of the sorcerous arts for both players and GMs.

Fire for Effect!

By Richard W. Emerich.

A review of the effects of fire and electricity, with relation to magic that harnesses such forces.

Arcane Lore: A new column of spells and enchantments

By Harold Dolan.

The debut of a new column presents eight new fire-based magic-user spells, and one new related magic item.

Time Flies...

By Lisa Cabala.

ables to help track the passage of time in your campaign.

Media TypePDF +
Publication DateJuly 1987 +
PublisherTSR Inc. +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 1e +
TitleDragon 123 +