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Dragon (magazine)/Dragon 414
Dragon Magazine 414 0000.jpg
System: Dungeons and Dragons 4e 
Abbreviation: DM414 
Author: Steve Winter 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Publication Date: August 2012 
Format: PDF 
Page Count: 36 
Price: $6.99

Dragon Magazine 414 was published by Wizards of the Coast in August of 2012. It contained the following articles:

Table of Contents[edit]

  • Editorial: De Planes, De Planes!: Is there room for the Feywild and the Shadowfell in the Great Wheel? Let’s peek behind the curtain and see how the D&D cosmology is shaping up.
  • The Ecology of the Modron: A scholarly treatise on the Modron.
  • Eye on the Realms: The Lost Dragon of Waterdeep: There’s a lost dragon in Lord Eagleshield’s mansion. Can you be the first to find it?

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AbbreviationDM414 +
AuthorSteve Winter +
Media TypePDF +
Page Count36 +
Publication DateAugust 2012 +
PublisherWizards of the Coast +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 4e +
TitleDragon 414 +