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Dungeon (magazine)/Dungeon 198
Dungeon Magazine 198 0000.jpg
System: Dungeons and Dragons 4e 
Abbreviation: DM198 
Author: Steve Winter 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Publication Date: January 2012 
Format: PDF 
Page Count: 73 
Price: $10.99

Table of Contents[edit]

  • Cormyr Royale: The Royal Court of the Forest Kingdom: This article describes the Royal Court of Cormyr over the 100 years from 1379 and 1479 DR.
  • Backdrop: Suzail: This article describes the city of Suzail, the capital of Cormyr.

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AbbreviationDM198 +
AuthorSteve Winter +
Media TypePDF +
Page Count73 +
Publication DateJanuary 2012 +
PublisherWizards of the Coast +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 4e +
TitleDungeon 198 +