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[  Steading of the Hill Giant Chief]
System: Dungeons and Dragons 1e
Levels: 8 – 12 
Author: Gary Gygax 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: 9016 
Publication Date: 1979 
Format: Paperback 
Page Count:
ISBN-10: 935696-08-3

Plot Summary[edit]

The module begins with a prologue explaining that giants of different types have been raiding lands occupied by humans. Angered by this, the human rulers hire a group of adventurers (the player characters) to "punish the miscreant giants." The players' party is informed that they must defeat the giants, or have their heads placed on the chopping block. The human nobles equip the party with weapons and horses, along with a guide and a map that shows the location of the hill giants. The players are informed that the hill giants are led by Nosnra, a sly hill giant chieftain who loves to set up ambushes; there is an unknown force binding together different giant groups. The player characters are informed that they may keep any spoils they find, but must return at once if they determine what "sinister hand" is behind the alliance.

Publication History[edit]

Steading of the Hill Giant Chief was the first part of the acclaimed Against the Giants campaign written by Gary Gygax and produced in 1979.

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AuthorGary Gygax +
ISBN935696-08-3 +
Item Code9016 +
Maximum Level12 +
Media TypePaperback +
Minimum Level8 +
Module CodeG1 +
Page Count8 +
Publication Date1979 +
PublisherTSR +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 1e +
TitleSteading of the Hill Giant Chief +