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The Complete Bard's Handbook
System: Dungeons and Dragons 2e 
Abbreviation: PHBR8 
Author: Blake Mobley 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: 2127 
Publication Date: 1992 
Page Count: 128 
ISBN-10: 1-56076-360-4
Product Blurb
Thief, musician, clown, actor, acrobbat—just a partial list of the many twists on the bard class to be found in this book! Seventeen bard kits, multitudes of abilities and powers, new magical items, new proficiencies, rules for gaining patrons and followers, over 100 bardic instruments, and much more await you within. The Complete Bard's Handbook gives you everything you need to create a bard the world will never forget!
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Table of Contents[edit]

Section Page
Introduction 5
Optional Rules 5
The Other Complete Books 5
How to Use This Handbook 7
Chapter One: Character Creation 8
Qualifications 8
Core Abilities 8
Generating Ability Scores 12
Chapter Two: Bard Kits 15
Kit Subsections 15
List of Kits 15
Creating New Kits 52
Acquiring, Dropping, and Changing Kits 52
Chapter Three: Demi-, Multi-Classed, and Dual-Classed Bards 53
Demihumans as Bards 53
Demihuman Kits 54
Multi-Classed Bards 63
Dual-Classed Bards 63
Chapter Four: Proficiencies 64
New Proficiencies 64
Compiled Proficiencies 65
Chapter Five: Bard Abilities 68
Pick Pockets 68
Detect Noise 68
Climb Walls 69
Reading, Writing, and Speaking 72
Chapter Six: Magic 74
Spell Books 74
Musical Components 74
New Spells 75
Magical Items 78
Chapter Seven: Music 84
Throughout History 84
Instruments 84
Glossary of Sound 96
Fundamentals of Music 96
Common Musical Terms 97
Musical Items 98
Types of Songs 98
Sample Songs 99
Chapter Eight: Role-Playing Bards 101
A Bard's Mind Isn't Barred 101
Experience 101
Reputation 102
The Performer 106
Chapter Nine: Comrades 115
Bard Colleges 115
Patrons 117
Followers 120
Appendix: 1st Edition Bards 121
Bard Character Record Sheet 123
Bard Kit Record Sheet 126
Index 127

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