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[  The Principalities of Glantri]
System: Dungeons and Dragons 1e
Levels: N/A
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Author: Bruce Heard 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: 9208 
Publication Date: 1987 
Format: Paperback 
Page Count: 96 
ISBN-10: 0-88038-485-9
Product Blurb
"It is early, and low over the mountains the sun set the sky ablaze. The little red creature yawns, stretches its small bat wings, and scratches its horny head. Suddenly, a gong echoes in the room below, making the creature jump. Almost falling, it grabs hold of the large statue on which it was sleeping. "Down below, the students are preparing for their daily barrage of courses in geography, economics, history, royal lineages, and magical instruction (including new spell research and casting). It is rumored that each of the school's instructors is a member (or leader) of one of the Seven Secret Crafts—with strange new abilities." All who live or come to live in Glantri are searching for a secret: the Radiance, a mythical force covering the whole of the Principalities. Now your characters can join the adventure, with this Gazetteer. Here are complete maps of the Principalities, a street map of the capital, and all the information you'll need to interact with the citizens—people ruled by wizard-princes, not all of them satisfied with that situation.
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Contents Summary[edit]

The book describes the land of Glantri, a country ruled by and for magicians. The book covers the history, geography, and economy of Glantri, with a special focus on the ruling families, their personalities, and intrigues. The Principalities of Glantri also describes Glantri City in detail, and includes many new spells. The book includes sections on living in the city and what it is like at night. The Gazetteer describes the nation's cultural and geographic background, adventures for Glantri, and its special features, including the fantasy city of Glantri City and variant magic systems. The nation's economy is explicitly developed in accordance with the dominion rules from the D&D Companion Set, and the nation's armed forces are also described in War Machine terms (the D&D Companion Set's mass-combat system). The origins, objectives, and main personalities of each aristocratic house and clan struggling for control of Glantri's Council of Princes are described, along with the number of votes it controls in the council. The book presents the city's assortment of guilds and brotherhoods, such as Beggar’s Court, the Elven Liberation Front, the Free Fundamentalist Farmers, the Monster Handler's Syndicate, and the Thousand Fists of Khan, each with conflicting interests and political machinations. The Gazetteer offers an elaborate view of the magic-user's career, focusing on enrollment in the Glantrian School of Magic, which permits a magic-user character to learn new skills, like quick spell-casting and the ability to combine spells. The Gazetteer also provides player character (PC) spell-casting specialties: The Seven Secret Orders of the Great School of Magic are the Alchemists, Dracologists, Elementalists, Illusionists, Necromancers, Cryptomancers (runemasters), and Witches. Also provided are twenty suggested scenario ideas tied to distinctive features of the Glantrian campaign, including a four-page "graduation test"—a complete dungeon adventure designed to test magic-users hoping to graduate from the Great School of Magic. The 22" x 34" map is printed in color on both sides; one side is a political/terrain hex map of Glantri, with insets of two villages and an army camp, while the reverse is a map of Glantri City and its waterways. The map keys and building labels are not on the maps, so they can be shared with the players.

Publication History[edit]

GAZ3: "The Principalities of Glantri" (1987), by Bruce Heard, is the third book in the "GAZ" series of Gazetteers for the Known World. It was published in September 1987.

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AuthorBruce Heard +
ISBN0-88038-485-9 +
Item Code9208 +
Media TypePaperback +
Module CodeGAZ3 +
Page Count96 +
Publication Date1987 +
PublisherTSR +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 1e +
TitleThe Principalities of Glantri +