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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 3-20-11
Status: Complete
Editing: Mechanical changes on Talk please.
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Raptor Edge[edit]

The Raptor Edge uses the Functional Weapons of Legacy variant rule.

Raptor Edge
Price: 4525 gp
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: 20th
Aura: Strong Universal (DC 30)
Activation: See Text
Weight: 5 lb

This lance is made of beautiful and ever-shining mithral, with an unusually flat shaft edged with golden metal razors, and the tip likewise tipped in shining gold. The pommel of the handle is adorned in the shape of a dozen intertwining wings. It is very light, and holding it aloft makes it feel like it wants to pull you into the clouds.

The Raptor Edge is the signature weapon of legacy of the Aerial Ace discipline, originally the weapon of its unnamed founder only known as the Sky King, who waged an endless battle against Pazuzu and his forces of darkness. It starts out as a +1 mithral lance of unusual make in that the weapon counts as a silver weapon in spite of being crafted from mithral. However as various rituals are made and power is gained, the weapon starts taking on stronger powers. There are five rituals that are performed, they must be performed in order (the 2nd ritual must be completed before you start the 3rd, even if you achieve the 3rd level prerequisites). Rituals cost gold (in the form of feeding the weapon raw materials) and xp, with an additional prerequisite. Once the 1st level ritual is unlocked, the lance displays its omen effect. You can take time out and spend 8 hours bringing the weapon to the next level once you have the prerequisites.

The Raptor Edge is a unique magic item, on its way to becoming an artifact. While it has a price, it cannot be completely destroyed. If reduced to 0 hp, it instead falls inert in a broken condition, and unable to be used until repaired, but is not destroyed as items usually are. It is treated as an artfact against the effects of mage's disjunction.

Omen: When wielded, the lance gives off a bird's cry and two ethereal glowing golden wings appear from the guard of the weapon. These phantom wings do not hinder the user, and are in fact merely a visual illusion.

1st Ritual (Spreading the Wings)[edit]

Lightweight: Easy to carry and use, the Raptor Edge may be wielded in one hand even when not mounted.

Mounted on Wings: When flying, the user of the Raptor Edge is considered to be mounted and in possession of the Mounted Combat feat. They may choose to select feats which have Mounted Combat as a prerequisite.

Razor Edge: The lance can now deal slashing damage with the sharpened flat edge.

Prerequisites: BAB +3, must use the lance as an improvised slashing weapon (and therefore at a -4 penalty) for one whole day with at least three encounters.

Cost: 2000 gp, 80 xp

2nd Ritual (Shun the Earth)[edit]

Earthbane: You gain a +1 bonus to attack and +1d6 damage against any creature which is on the ground. This bonus rises to +2 attack and +2d6 damage for creatures with the [Earth] subtype.

Featherfall: The user of the weapon gains the ability to ignore up to 10 feet of falling damage to HD (up to 200 feet at level 20, effectively becoming immune to fall damage).

Variable Bonus: The enhancement bonus on the weapon improved to +2. By spending 1 hour in meditation, you can switch out the enhancement bonus on the weapon for any weapon special abilities on a 1 for 1 basis. The blade must always have a minimum +1 enhancement bonus.

Prerequisites: BAB +6, must reach an altitude of at least 2 miles above sea level by any means.

Cost: 8000 gp, 320 xp

3rd Ritual (Taking Flight)[edit]

Flight of the Angels: The weapon can grant its owner the ability to fly as a swift action. You may fly up to 1 minute per HD each day as per the fly spell. The duration of the flight need not be consecutive (minimum 1 minute). If the user already possess flight, such as through wings, their flight speed in increases by +20 feet for the duration of this function.

Variable Bonus: As previous, but the enhancement bonus on the weapon improved to +3.

Words on the Wind: You may use message as the spell as a swift action, at will. Caster level is equal to your character level.

Prerequisites: BAB +9, must jump at least 50 feet high, or purposefully fall at least 100 feet from a drop.

Cost: 18,000 gp, 720 xp

4th Ritual (Bolt out of the Blue)[edit]

Infinite Charge: If you down a creature during your charge attempt, you may continue your charge and strike another creature behind it with a cumulative +2 morale bonus on attack and damage. You may continue making attacks provided you drop creatures each time, up to twice your move speed.

Skin of the Sky: When you wield the weapon you gain 2 points of electrical resistance per HD you possess. At 15 HD, you instead become immune to electricity. At 25 HD, you now absorb electrical damage as if it were healing.

Variable Bonus: As previous, but the enhancement bonus on the weapon improved to +4.

Prerequisites: BAB +12, must recieve at least 10 points of electric damage per HD in a single blow. This is before resistance and immunities, so you can qualify even if it does not reduce your hit points.

Cost: 32,000 gp, 1280 xp

5th Ritual (Crown of Lightning, Robes of Storm)[edit]

King of the Sky: When you wield this weapon you may use control winds with a caster level equal to your HD at will. In addition you are immune to your own wind effects.

Respect of the Sky: Any creature of the [Air] subtype immediately recognizes the lance for what it is. It offers a +8 circumstance bonus on social skill checks against Air creatures. In addition you permenantly learn and can speak Auran. This linguistic benefit lasts even if you lose the weapon.

Variable Bonus: As previous, but the enhancement bonus on the weapon improved to +5.

Prerequisites: BAB +15, must singehandly defeat a creature with the [Earth] subtype and a CR equal or higher than your character level.

Cost: 50,000 gp, 2000 xp

Prerequisites: N/A.
Cost to Create: Unique item, cannot be created.

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