Scaling Maneuvers (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Author: Havvy (talk)
Contributors: MisterSinister
Date Created: April 17th, 2011
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Scaling Maneuvers


Many maneuvers do a set amount of damage, usually equal to a number of d6 of the minimum level to get the maneuver. This makes a maneuver a great thing the level you get it, but after a few levels, it becomes useless and something you trade out for a better maneuver. While this is an okay mechanic, it leads to repetitive mechanics where the only thing changed is the damage. This is not okay. This is boring. Just like we do not want monsters to be challenging because they are a lot of numbers, we do not want disciplines to be good because they are a lot of numbers. The maneuver tax and flavor pains are not worth it. As such, we want maneuvers like these to scale.

Because they scale, maneuvers that give extra damage should also have additional effects, so as to be relevant.

Rule Mechanics[edit]

When a maneuver grants an additional dice pool of damage in terms of d6, that d6 changes to become 1d6/initiator level.


Mountain Hammer does an additional 2d6 damage normally. Thus, a 12th level initiator using the ability would deal an additional 12d6 damage.

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