Sedah’s Counterspell of Superfluous Detail (3.5e Spell)

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Adopter: MadmanFromSpace (talk)
Original Author: Franken Kesey (talk)
Date Created: 8/29/13
Status: Fin
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Sedah’s Counterspell of Superfluous Detail
Level: Bard 3, Blackguard 4, Cleric 4, Paladin 2, Sorcerer/Wizard 4, Antitheist 3
Components: V, XP
Casting time: Immediate
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target or Area: A single spellcaster, and thereafter, anyone who uses the spell in the area (radius is 50’ (+5/caster level) around you).
Duration: 10 minutes (+1 minute/caster level)
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

By pontification, the great paladin rewrites the rules of the spell, such that the wording is thick and deeply flavorful. The caster now looks at their new spell effects, while the spell rules seem to be all there, there are a great deal of conditional info. The caster reads through it, and loses his/her turn. The next time their turn comes up, they ask the paladin “Wait! You can do what?” then complain to the GM. The GM smiles at the idea but allows the spell. The caster loses another turn (and all others who wish to use the spell in the area). Finally, the spell is read over, and the caster does the effect – but the paladin stipulated in the new rules that to do the spell the caster had to use a material component of their own finger if not doing a good action or if casting on an ally. But this rule is negated if the caster does a summersault and yells out what their saves are.

Counterspell: When a spell is cast, you may counterspell it as an immediate action. You may rewrite the spell to overly explain what it does. However, you cannot contradict or remove any of the original rules, only add conditions to them. On success all who use the spell in the area also follow the new rules.

You must have a copy of the new rules prepared before casting the spell. The new rules must incorporate the old ones, but can make it so conditional that the spell is unusable (i.e. unless an ogre-fairy yells supercalifragilisticexpialidocious). The original: school, range, target, save, spell resistance, and effects must be included. But casting time and duration of effect are altered. Casting the augmented spell now requires five minutes, while the GM and players argue over the details of the rules – and spend the time reading them! Durations that exceed the effects of this spell (i.e. permanent enlarge person), end when the counterspell ends.

Special: Sedah’s counterspell of superfluous detail can be dispelled by break enchantment, and does not work on those with spell immunity to universal spells (but casting spell immunity will not remove). This spell can affect spell-like abilities. Only the original caster gets a save versus this counterspell (i.e. Sam cast cure moderate wounds Lorre counter spells with Sedah’s counterspell of superfluous detail – Sam fails the Will save – Lorre passes the rules to GM, and all in area must now follow them when casting cure moderate wounds (no save)).

XP cost this cost 30xp (+5 per spell level (costs 75xp if a 9th-level spell)).

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SummaryA counterspell that adds erroneous rules and excessive detail to another’s spell – thus making the other’s spell unusable for a time. All who use the spell in the region are also affected. +
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