Shattering Silks (5e Magic Weapon)

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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 4-15-2022
Status: First Draft
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Shattering Silks
Simple Melee Weapon ( Handwraps), rare (requires attunement)

Name Magic
Damage Weight Properties
Shattering Silks  +1  0 Bludgeoning 0.5 lbs Light  
1Magic bonus is not included in listed damage.


This matched pair of Handwraps is made from a silky fabric that extends up your arms almost to the shoulder when attuned, fitting loosely and weighing almost nothing. When you land a critical hit, or hit an object or construct with an unarmed attack, near-invisible embroidery on the silks crackles with violet energy.

These Handwraps are made of a special silk made by mutated silkworms that eat powdered Adamantine. As such, they count as Tiny Adamantine objects.

While these Handwraps are attuned to and worn, the wearer gains the following benefits.

  • Adamant Fist: Your unarmed attacks count as being made of Adamantine.
  • Siege Strike: Your unarmed attacks deal double damage to objects, and deal one additional die of damage (Of the unarmed strike's damage type) to any Construct creature you strike.
  • Silken Defense: You gain a +2 bonus to AC if you are wearing no armor and using no shield.

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