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(Dates are given in SP standard time, which do not always coincide with dates in the Material Planes. Don't try to match it up. Just... don't. You will fail.)

  • SP Year -16- Warduke, chainmail wearing fighting man, begins teaching warcraft classes. He is later joined by Bigby, who teaches magic.
  • PS Year -4- Bigby decides to form a Prep School for gifted youngsters who wish to go into adventuring. At first, only students from The Known World (later called Mystara, after other worlds become known), are admitted, though he builds the school on the most out of the way place he can think of. The Sigil Preparatory Academy is born. Originally, only basic level classes are taught.
  • SP Year -2- Blackmoor and Greyhawk natives are admitted to the school, because Bigby doesn’t entirely know where he’s from, and can’t leave out any of his possible homeplanes.

1st Age[edit]

  • SP Year 1- Sigil Prep creates an advanced, University level curriculum, which runs parallel to the prep school. Bigby is the first Dean of Schools, assuming that position along with the Headmaster position of the prep school.
  • SP Year 4- Sigil Prep begins accepting admissions from a number of minor material planes, including Olympia, Midgard, Heliopolis, Babylon, Sumeria, Lankhmar, Milnoboné, and Lovecraftia. Milnoboné and Lovecraftia are quickly denied admissions, for reasons that only Bigby (and possibly Elric and Cthulhu) knows.
  • SP Year 9- Sigil Prep begins teaching Expert level courses.
  • SP Year 16- Sigil Prep begins semi-organized athletic competitions with various schools from Greyhawk. Football is invented, as is the athletic scholarship.
  • SP Year 25- Sigil Prep begins teaching Companion level courses. What this means, exactly, isn’t clear.
  • SP Year 36- Sigil Prep begins teaching Master level courses.
The University side begins offering Oriental style majors.
Although students from Lankhmar have been admitted for some time, the plane becomes officially recognized by Sigil Prep now. What this means is unclear, beyond Bigby liking to make declarations.
  • SP Year 49- A number of Sigil Prep (prep school side) graduates go on to become Immortals. Eventually, it is determined that this doesn’t make sense, and the program is cancelled.
  • SP Year 64- Sigil Prep begins accepting students from Faerun. Within a year, Elminster has taken over as Dean of Schools from Bigby, who continues as headmaster of the prep school.
Sigil Prep begins accepting students from Krynn.
  • SP Year 81- Although Faerun is already recognized, the school specifically begins accepting students from Kara-Tur.

Second Age[edit]

  • SP Year 100- The gods of Faerun are forced by their overdeity to live among mortals. This annoys current Dean of Schools, Elminster, so he rewrites the curriculum.
The up-until-now impromptu athletic competitions between schools of the various planes are united into a formal conference. The conference initially consists of schools from Greyhawk, Faerun, and Krynn, in addition to Sigil.
The school begins teaching Spelljamming classes, even though Sigil has no direct access to Wildspace. The program fails to really take off.
  • SP Year 121- Students from Mystara’s Hollow World interior are admitted.
Students from the Demiplane of Dread are admitted, after deep negotiations with the Dark Powers of that plane.
  • SP Year 144- Athas joins the athletic conference.
Sigil Prep also begins to officially accept students from the continent of Maztica, on Faerun’s plane.
  • SP Year169- Although Faerun’s plane has been opened for admissions for a long time, students are officially being accepted from Zakhara, though many students inexplicably call it Al-Quadim.
  • SP Year 196- Shemeska the Marauder replaces Elminster as Dean of Administration. Rumor has it that the Lady of Pain is the new Dean of Schools, though no one has been able to verify (or deny) it. :Shemeska immediately proceeds to make sweeping changes. Elminster retires from teaching, to spend more time on his passions: drinking, smoking, and loose goddesses.
While formerly restricted to mortal students from material planes, Sigil Prep is now open to students of all planes.
The prep school side of Sigil Prep is phased out, leaving only the University. However, it continues to be referred to as Sigil Preparatory Academy, out of tradition.
Despite its long history with Sigil Prep, Mystara is only now admitted to the athletic conference.
  • SP Year 225- Aebrynis (colloquially known as “Birthright”) is accepted to the athletic conference. They kept trying to apply mass combat rules to rugby, so they don’t really play intercollegiately anymore.
  • SP Year 256- Jakandor is admitted into the Conference.

Third Age[edit]

  • SP Year 289- Vecna invades Sigil. The Lady is pissed. The curriculum is rewritten again.
The world of Khanduras is briefly admitted into the Conference, but the demon lord Diablo, who rules the place, pissed off the Lady. We don’t talk about Khanduras anymore.
  • SP Year 324- Faerun returns to the athletic conference.
  • SP Year 350- The Fast Food Wars
  • SP Year 361- Manifest is admitted into the Conference.
  • SP Year 375- After twenty-five harsh years of fighting, the Fast Food Wars ends.
  • SP Year 400- Eberron is admitted to the athletic Conference, and becomes the fourth permanent member after Greyhawk, Faerun, and Krynn.
  • SP Year 415- The campaign begins.