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The Lady of Pain[edit]

Dean of Schools, Headmistress

Shemeska the Marauder (Arcanoloth Sorcerer-12/Expert-5)[edit]

Dean of Admissions, Dean of Administration, Administrator of Financial Aid

Shemeska is in charge of admissions, and takes her job very seriously. She has organizational skills that would leave a Lawful character in awe, but makes up for it by her ability to twist her very administration to her own ends. She is not allowed to limit admissions based on race, belief, or alignment. However, she is ready to discriminate based on any number of other criteria. Only Shemeska knows the exact student population, where and when all the classes are, why the landscape of the city seems to change from day to day, where you left your meal card, Lidda's shoe size, and which portal leads to Mystara, and why no one seems to go there. She holds on to this information greedily, handing it out only in small portions to those who need to get to those classes (sometimes).

Mr. Roper (Advanced Roper (20 HD) Expert-10)[edit]

Dean of Housing

His name is too complicated for your puny humanoid tongues to pronounce. He allows you to call him "Mr. Roper", but you must offer him food. Or treasure. Mr. Roper lives in Sub-basement J of the Admissions Building, and is, in his own way, nearly as organized as Shemeska. It is his job to make sure every student has a place to live; no small task since Shemeska often allows more students than available dorm space. Shemeska hates Roper. Roper doesn't care. He is quite creative, often housing students in closets, boiler rooms, or rooftops. Students unhappy with their living situation may delve into the vast dungeon that is Sub-basement J, to seek out Mr. Roper. They must bring food or treasure to bribe him; or he'll eat the smallest member of the party.

Shandrill Shessair (Human Rogue-10/Spellfire Channeler-10)[edit]

Dean of Students

On advice from Maddie Weber, taken purely to get her out of her fur, Dean Shemeska decided to add a position of Dean of Students, to create someone likeable in the upper Administration. There was some friction among the tenured faculty when she selected barely-20 Shandrill Shessair of Faerun. Shandrill is not much older than most of the students, and is able to relate to them on a peer-to-peer level. Sort of. She's really a glorified peer councilor, with a Dean's salary.

Arcane Faculty[edit]

Mordenkainen (Human Wizard-30)[edit]

Dean of Arcane Knowledge

Tough but fair, Professor Mordenkainen is noted for his dedication to balance. The result is a very exceptional department, with professors of equal caliber in every magical devotion. His balanced pay rate, however, has caused some problems, what with tenured professors who've been there longer than Mordenkainen getting paid at the same rate as grad students. They make up for it by adventuring a lot. Mostly, they raid Mordenkainen's own monster-infested Stronghold's back on Oerth. Mordy doesn't care; it's only fair. (based on the Greyhawk character; property of WotC)

Morthos (Human Warlock-25)[edit]

Dean of Nontraditional Magic

Morthos is a patient man, but not a pleasant man. He will put up with your garbage, to a point, but he will batter you with calm, dry sarcasm. He enunciates every word he speaks, and most students assume he is evil. No one has so far had the guts to cast Detect Evil on him. His biggest grief is the Artificer department, who feel they've been misclassified, shoved into the same school as Warlocks. They want their own college. He'd rather be rid of them, but he won't give them the satisfaction.

Sharrakor Drevi'nix'orrix'asei (Adult gold dragon Incarnate-15)[edit]

Dean of Soulful Incarnum

Eberron is no stranger to the "new" art of incarnum. They've had it for millennia. It was taught to the giants of Xen'drik by the dragons, and they lived to regret it. It was thereafter forbidden for dragons to teach this art to lesser races. So, of course, that's what Sharrakor did. Knowing they'd have to let the rest of the multiverse in on the secret to keep Eberron from upsetting the cosmic balance (again), they sent Sharrakor to Sigil Prep to teach it to the other planes. Sharrakor generally teaches in his favorite human form, although he sleeps on top of the building that bears his name.

Tenured Faculty[edit]
Meepo (kobold Sorcerer-22)[edit]

The top kobold professor on campus, and mentor to many kobold students. He plays favorites and isn't ashamed of it. (named after, if not actually based on, the character from The Sunless Citadel; property of WotC)

Melf (Elf Wizard-21)[edit]

Famous Greyhawk elf responsible for a popular acid arrow spell. (based on the Greyhawk character; property of WotC)

Otto (Human Wizard-25)[edit]

A jolly old soul, professor of enchantment magic, and boy can that man dance. (based on the Greyhawk character; property of WotC)

Qilue Veladorn (Drown (chosen of Mystra) Cleric-20/Divine Disciple-4)[edit]

The most unusual of the Seven Sisters of Faerun, Chosen of Mystra, even though she is a cleric of Eilistraee. Recently recruited to the faculty by Storm and Dove.

Raistlin Majere (Human Wizard-18/Wizard of High Sorcery-10)[edit]

One of Sigil Prep's most devious, most hated, and most popular professors. One of the great heroes of Krynn, he is caught up frequently in his own thoughts, schemes, and machinations, often sending students on random quests which almost assuredly add to his own power base. He appears sickly and frail much of the time, but the power coming from his is evident. It is well known he desires Mordenkainen's position as Dean of Arcane Magic. The exact reason he allows a perpetual party to go on in his house is unknown. (Based on the Dragonlance character; property of WotC)

Other Faculty[edit]
Bedevere Midnight (human Wizard-21)[edit]

A professor in the Arcane department. He teaches low-level necromancy, and some illusion

Dor'reth (human necromancer-20)[edit]

Professor of sophomore level necromancy classes.

Harcoult Barfeld (Human Bard-22)[edit]

Professor Harcoult is about as uptight as a bard can be. And that's pretty uptight. He teaches first year Bardic Music and other performance classes, and is faculty advisor to the marching band. He loves having big instruments around.

Lothar (human Hexblade-21)[edit]

Professor of hexblading.

Professor Murphy (human Wizard-20/Loremaster-10)[edit]

Cosmic theory professor who outlined many of the laws of adventuring, such as: suggesting that there hasn't been an encounter recently creates a 90% probability of an encounter happening; you are unlikely to encounter an enemy more powerful than your group can handle, unless you are meant to be captured or acquire information from that enemy, unless it's the end of the quest; and, the bad guy is always in the room furthest from the entrance to the dungeon.

Divine Faculty[edit]

Eberk of Moradin (Dwarf Cleric-22)[edit]

Dean of Divine Thought

Although not as powerful as many of the professors under him, Eberk rose to became Dean of Divine Thought because it was Lawful Good's decade, and Eclavdra refused to work for a paladin. Single-minded in his devotion to the Dwarven uber-deity, Eberk lets no opportunity pass to preach the word of his patron. He's pretty intolerant of other gods, even others of his alignment, or even his pantheon. "Aye, lad, I suppose Heironeous has a few good points, but has he ever used a hammer, eh? Has he ever smelted ore, lad!?" He doesn't teach much anymore, since his classes tend to be pretty small. (Based on the character from the PHB; property of WotC)

Tenured Faculty[edit]
Aganippe (nymph Druid-20/Cleric-10)[edit]

Aganippe is a professor of druidic arts and nature-religions at Sigil Prep, and is also the birth mother of Penembre Erasilmus and Vander. She is native to one of the layers of the plane Olympia, and had a brief affair with a half-fiendish hero named Tyriphus, with whom she had Vander. Tyriphus did not stay with her, however, and went on to become less heroic as the years went on. Fearing her inability to properly raise the child, she gave him to the care of a monastery of Heironeous on another plane.

Eventually, she met and fell for the hero Podalirius. The two had many long years together, and together parented Penembre. Eventually, though, when Penembre was still a baby, Podalirius went off to war, and Aganippe again felt that a child raised by a nymph in the woods would not have a proper childhood, so she sent her daughter to be raised by a friend, Konstantine, at a temple to Hermes, promising she would reveal to the girl her heritage when the time is right.

She kept an eye on both children growing up, and eventually accepted a job at Sigil Prep teaching nature studies. She arranged the scholarships for both her children, and toward the end of their first semester at the school, revealed to Pembe and Vander the secrets of their pasts.

Aganippe remains a confidante of both her children, and is a popular teacher among many druid and ranger students.

Dragonbait (Saurial Paladin-21)[edit]

Professor of paladin studies. Dragonbait does not speak Common, and usually teaches in conjunction with his co-professor, Alias. (Based on the Forgotten Realms character; property of WotC)

Eclavdra (Drow Cleric-23)[edit]

Devotee of Lolth, and head of Chaotic Evil studies. Eclavdra is the advisor to most of the Drow females in school. She is the student advisor to Students for Lolth, but doesn't bother to do much with them, since clearly, they're all beneath her. (based on the Greyhawk character; property of WotC)

Meleager (human Fighter-21)[edit]

Hero of the plane of Olympia, and professor of competitive mythological studies at Sigil Prep.

Other Faculty[edit]
Alias (human Fighter-20)[edit]

Partner and translator of Professor Dragonbait. Alias doesn't really understand Dragonbait's language that well herself, but Dragonbait wouldn't agree to teach without Alias's presence. She has a token professorship, which is fine with her, since she isn't terribly sure what she's supposed to be teaching anyway. (Alias is a character from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting; property of Wizards of the Coast)

Al'throz'na (Erinyes Blackguard-10/Assassin-10)[edit]

Professor of basic lawful evil studies, Al'throz'na is also the mortal enemy of Lithi'anar'ra. They battle over many things, including general philosophy, Blood War disputes, politics, and what to read for their next Book Club Meeting. If they didn't have so many other professors to gossip about, they'd probably have killed each other by now.

Donar Wotansen (Human Cleric-23)[edit]

Cleric of Thor, and head of Chaotic Good studies. Drunk Viking stereotype, but he gives good advice.

Lithi'anar'ra (Succubus Warmage-11)[edit]

Professor of Chaotic Evil studies, and arch-nemesis of Professor Al'thraz'na. They have been plotting against one another for centuries, neither ever quite getting the upper hand. They also enjoy a regular coffee-and-gossip night once a week. Lithi'aranr'ra has murdered more students than any other professor in the school's history.

Pammy (Beholder Mystic-15, nurse)[edit]

Penmaxtrilenax (aka "Pammy"), is a compassionate, motherly giant slobbering orb who runs the infirmary, and heads the entire healing staff. She was originally from Oerth, but was relocated to Krynn when Pelor took pity on her. She took up mysticism and eventually found her way to Sigil Prep. Although she is a professor, and teaches a handful of important Divine School classes, she is best known as the friendliest medic on campus. She likes pictures of kittens and sugar cookies, and is a strict vegetarian. Surprisingly not related to Neil. "Oh, now, don't you come in here with a severed head again there, little fella. It's not too easy to be puttin' those back on, don' cha know."

Grad Students[edit]
Alhandra Heatherson (Paladin)[edit]

Girl gone wild.

Martial Faculty[edit]

Narroc Nineclaw (human swordsage16/fighter4/Master of Nine5)[edit]

Dean of Martial Adeptness

Narroc is a master of his craft. A calm, patient man, Narroc has honed his craft in an obscure corner of Greyhawk for decades. Despite his advanced age, he looks barely half that, even without the timeless body class ability. Narroc carries every single weapon that is associated with his martial style as a matter of course, moving with an easy grace that makes Yffub crush on him. His nickname comes from his training in the hobgoblin monastery, where he lost the smallest finger on his left hand. Narroc has been reputed to be Reshar reborn, but he has nothing to say on the matter.

Tenured Faculty[edit]
Artemis Entreri (human Fighter-12/Rogue-6/Assassin-6[edit]

One of Sigil's most famous assassin school professors. He is a rival of the Faerunian adventurer, Drizzt Do'Urden, and is extremely jealous of Drizzt's relative fame. He blames it on Drizzt's marketing department. Artemis has a particular interest in Acylacia, although his motives in this remain unknown. (based on the Forgotten Realms character; property of WotC)

Bruenor Battlehammer (Shield Dwarf Fighter-23)[edit]

Stern and loyal, hero of the Northlands in Faerun, Professor Battlehammer teaches a number of general combat and strategy classes, most of them practical in nature. He enjoys his position at Sigil Prep, especially since he was asked to teach, and Drizzt Do'Urden, his ally and comrade in innumerable battles was not. Finally, he's out of that Drow's shadow! He's the main character here, dammit! Write some damn books about the dwarf already!!! (Based on the Forgotten Realms character; property of WotC)

Dove Falconhand (human (chosen of Mystra) Ranger-15/Sorcerer-10)[edit]

Head of Sigil Prep's ranger school, and sister to the famous Storm Silverhand. Dove is brave, noble, and extremely adventurous. She is the faculty advisor for the Young Knights of Myth Drannor, and monitors all their official outings. Dove continues to adventure, moreso than other notable members of the faculty. (Based on the Forgotten Realms character; property of WotC)

Other Faculty[edit]
Fasshahd (Rakshasa Rogue-12/Assassin-8)[edit]

Professor of assassination, and one of the creepiest instructors on campus. It can't be proven, of course, but it's pretty much a given that he's recruiting from among his students.

Flintlocke (Giff Fighter-21)[edit]

Professor of smokepowder weaponscraft, he has a thick British explorer's accent, and a riding crop to whack unruly students. A former Spelljammer captain, he enjoys sailing Wildspace. (Flintlocke is the result of a player trying to introduce the star of a web comic into the game. I felt this went beyond parody and into plagiarism, so I kept the names, which had already been used in character, and created new characters to go with them. Apologies to GameSpy)

Klank (Warforged)[edit]

Football team coach.

Kr'tr'zz of the Rose (warforged Paladin-10/Knight of the Crown-1/Knight of the Sword-5/Knight of the Rose-5)[edit]

Configured to resemble a thri-kreen, Kr'tr'zz is a warforged who trained on the world of Krynn, and remarkably rose through the ranks of the Knights of Solamnia.

Kwek (human Monk-22)[edit]

Track coach. He is very tense and nervous, jumpy like a rabbit. He comes from the small plane of Nest'li, and enjoys chocolate milk. (created by Penembre Erasilmus)

Lowping (hadozee Swashbuckler-10/Duelist-10)[edit]

Assistant professor to Professor Flintlocke. Lowping is a mischievous monkey-man who annoys his giff partner to no end. (Lowping was created in response to a PC attempt to introduce web comic characters into the game. I felt this was closer to plagiarism than parody, so I created different characters for the names dropped. Apologies to GameSpy.)

Pimpernel (Swashbuckler 15/Duelist-10)[edit]

The professor of fencing in the Swashbuckler department. One of Anissa d'Cannith's favorites.

Psionics Faculty[edit]

Neeva (Human Psychic Warrior-15/War Mind-7; Dean of Psionic Meditation)[edit]

Dean of Psionics

Neeva is a warrior from the vast, wasted plane of Athas [yes, I know she was a gladiator in the original. She's a psychic warrior here. Deal.] She was once a slave, who fought her way to freedom, and eventually to tenure. Still, her years in the gladiatorial pit haven't left her completely. You never know exactly what's going to coax her into battle. She has battled Professor Tanis to a standstill for parking his horse in her space. On that notorious day when the Planewalkers lost a home game to the pitiful Shodavar football team, she went into the locker room and laid waste to both teams. It's best to approach her in groups if you have questions about your grade.

Other Faculty[edit]

Basketball coach.

Nedlex (Elan Wilder-22)[edit]

Professor of Wilder studies

Porpod (Inspired psion (telepath)-21)[edit]

Porpod is a professor in the psionics department, and is a seeming representation of the perfect professor. He wears tweed, smokes a pipe, and has unlimited wise and thoughtful advice.

Slurruth (aboleth Psion (Seer)-16)[edit]

One of the professors in the psionics department.

Graduate Students[edit]
Ialdebode (human Psion (telepath)-16)[edit]

A grad student in the psionics department, who often aids other students with psychic reformation. Ialdabode is somewhat stern and unemotional, but friendly in his own way.


Bluff Blavin (human Expert-8)[edit]

The mailman who delivers to Azer Dorm's mailboxes. He's a font of knowledge, and some of it is even accurate.

Mr. Brogg (goliath Expert-5)[edit]

Manager of the pizza stand in the Cafeteria of Juiblex.

Garrath (Stone Giant)[edit]

Although the head janitor at Sigil Prep, Garrath is a scholar, and enjoys reading and studying. He was a top student here at Sigil Prep, but he never graduated, having run out of money, and being refused financial aid. Still, he liked the place, so he joined the custodial staff. He cleans without complaint, even the most vile messes, but more than anything, he likes to talk. A lot more than you do. About anything. "Hey, there's a nice looking staff. Did you make that in lab? I thought about taking up artifice, but, you know how things work out. I once read about this staff that Fizben made, y'know. Over in Krynn. Turns out... oh, sure. I understand. See you later, kid."

Helga (Human Barbarian-7/Frenzied Berzerker-5)[edit]

The middle aged woman who works the mid-shift at the Cafeteria seems friendly enough, if somewhat gruff. Can't cook worth a damn, but friendly. Unless you make her mad, that is. Helga is the human mother of football team star Krusk. She was involved, some years back, in an illicit affair with orc industrialist Krusk the First, and bore his child out of wedlock. Krusk was raised by his Dad, and didn't realize Helga was his mother until last his sophomore year. Helga and Krusk argue a lot. About once a year, the Cafeteria needs to be rebuilt.