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About Town and Other Interests[edit]

Sigil East[edit]

Of course, everyone knows that the City of Sigil is one of the largest metropolises in the Planes. Enclosed in a ring, hovering above the Spire in the center of the Outlands, etc. However, the area immediately around Sigil Prep, the Town of Sigil East, is a typical college town, full of coffee shops, townhomes, and out of work artists. (Sigil East strangely does not appear on most maps of Sigil. It scares the tourists. It's somewhere near the Guildhall Ward.)


Mall of the Titans: The most impressive shopping center in the town, the MotT has over 100 stores, with everything from books and clothing, to arms and armor, to spell components and exotic foods. Although there are a number of doors, including one that leads directly from the Convention Center, all of them open inside to the Food Court.

  • Amulets and More: magic jewelry store
  • The Armory: armor, both magical and mundane
  • Bite Me!: 'loft clothing, for the Vampire in all of us
  • Bucknard's Everful Bargain Basement: low end magic items
  • Coldwater Plane's: clothing
  • Complete Weapons Rack: weapons both magical and mundane
  • Creek's Brothers: men's clothing
  • Epic Cuts: hair-stylist
  • Father Nick's Curse Removal and Legal Advice: nuff said
  • G.Grimoires: Books
  • Golden Way: Kara-Turan imports
  • GreenWalls: potions and alchemical items
  • Hobby Town Models and Craft Kits: models, hobbies, and skill bonus equipment
  • Hot Topic: They've got these things everywhere
  • J.T. Copper's: clothing
  • Jammers: A large store dealing with spelljammer gear and other sailing equipment
  • Maiden of Pain: leather goods and fetish gear (chain based out of Faerun; visit our Lower Gwynneth Island location)
  • Menagerie: An exotic pet shop
  • Marcus Neimelius: clothing
  • Old Seafarers: trendy clothes
  • Slinger Sam's: magic wands
  • Spell Component Emporium: a place to buy spell components
  • Tinker's Tokens: low end magic jewelry store
  • Utility Belt: gadgets
  • Veronica's Treasures: women's underwear and Charisma-boosting magic items
  • Wizarding Waldo's Wondrous Items: miscellaneous magic items

1000 Gygax Street

  • A-Mart: Operated by the Squad, A-Mart is a major supplier of non-magical weapons, including some gunpowder/flashpowder weapons. 77 Heinsoo Dr.
  • Bad Max's House of Exotic Pets and Butcher Shop: If you want an exotic pet, or exotic meat, this is the place to come. If Max doesn't have it, he'll send his poor, abused flunky to find it. 474 Heinsoo Dr.
  • Cannith's: High end magic items and constructs, owned and operated by Eberron's House Cannith
  • Fauna's Flora: Flower shop owned by the personable humanoid fox, Fauna. 27 Greenwood Plaza
  • Greenwall's: Major chain of medicinal, alchemical, and potion items. Also sells mundane household items, and canned goods. 4420 Heinsoo
  • Jov's House O' Portals: Mercane-owned business where you can rent portals to numerous planes, either by the trip, or rent-to-own. 144 Greenwood Plaza
  • Legitimate Spice Dealer: Sells legitimate spices in the front, and slightly less legitimate spices in the secret room in the back. Not illegal spices, just secret recipe spices for closely guarded secret recipes purchased in bulk. 333 Salvatore Way
  • MiB: Clothing store that sells white button up shirt and black suits. And sunglasses. And black shoes, and socks. And sometimes hats. address unlisted
  • The Muffin Man's: Selling fresh muffins, muffin-baked potions, and doughy magic items. Temporarily closed while its owner serves a prison sentence. 7171 Gygax St.
  • Party Hamlet: A store that sells party goods. 1010 Gygax St.
  • Orfor's Fine Shirts: The finest shirt store in all the planes. Or so says it's sign out front. They also sell tunics, blouses, and jerseys, although the selection of shirts is what brings in the customers, and keeps them coming back. 213 Greenwood Plaza
  • Rhinok's House of Horns: A store selling all manner of wind instruments and sheet music, from recorders to sousaphones. 77 Denning Drive
  • Throg's Hardware: Tools of all varieties, paint, lumber, stone, everything you need to build that new stronghold, or simply fix up the one you have. Friendly experts on staff to guide you through every project. 1111 Noonan Drive


  • Ambient: A bright and very, very expensive restaurant. Light sensitive races are encouraged not to go: partially, because your eyes won't stand it, partially because you just aren't wanted there. 4444 Greenwood Plaza
  • Blassthyrk: An Asgardian themed bar. The waitresses dress like Valkyries, the bartender is a burly dwarf. Bar fights are common; some patrons expect them to break out in Ragnorak. It is rumored the Norse gods can manifest here, but there is no evidence. 2220 Wyatt Ln.
  • (Blood, Death, and Vanilla) (name translated from the Abyssal): One of the city's finest demon-cuisine restaurants. They slaughter your meal right at the table. 665 Wyatt Dr.
  • The Bullpen: Bar catering primarily to reporters and other nosy people. 777 Noonan Rd.
  • Cheesy Clucky's Hyperactive ADD Pizza Emporium: They've got games, they've got shows, they've got people in atrocious costumes, they've got mobs of kids having birthday parties. And somewhere in there, they serve rather blah pizza. 375 Salvatore Way
  • Cocoa Castle Confectioners: The source of much of the chocolate in Sigil, with a portal back to the Isles of the Sea Barons in Greyhawk. Run by Lord Hershey. 666 Weiss Rd.
  • The Colonel's Fried Poultry: Chain of popular fried chicken-flesh restaurants. Run by a polite, but conniving old man in a white suit. The Colonel's and McRonald's are engaged in a vicious profit war. Various locations around town.
  • Djinni's: Everything comes with a short stack of pancakes. Even a short stack of pancakes. 1199 Grubb Way
  • Drunken Gully Dwarf: Probably the dingiest bar in the known planes, specializing in cheap dwarven beers that even dwarves consider swill. 90% of the clientele at any given time are criminals for hire. The other 10% are really nasty. 109 Grubb Way
  • Fairy Queen: Popular ice cream chain, back after several years, and replacing the unpopular chain, Queen of Frozen Cow's Milk. Various locations around town.
  • Hungry Kitaro's: Kara-Turan-style cuisine cooked at the table, just like in Kara-tur. Sort of. 214 Greenwood Plaza
  • Ichthal's Fried Hin: Thri-kreen run fried halfling restaurant. Also serves delicious gnome, elf, and free range human dishes. Specials vary daily by availibility. 101 Greenwood Plaza
  • Interplanar House of Pancakes: They serve breakfast all day. 2347 Greenwood Plaza
  • Jack-in-the-Sphere: The only fast food restaurant founded by a guy with a fake head. Various locations around town.
  • Jayla's: Run by Jayla Mistrom (human adept-5), this coffee shop is popular for its poetry readings, flavored coffees, and interesting substances that can be acquired on the down-low. Necromancers and the sulking undead favor the place as much as anyone. 2119 Greenwood Plaza
  • King Burgermeister's Master Burgers: Second most popular burger chain, despite the attempts of its owner on Ronald McRonald's life. Various locations around town.
  • Leomund's Tiny Pizza Hut: That Leomund has his hands in a lot of things, including being a top player in the pizza industry. Various locations around town.
  • Maztica Bell: Chain of taco places, with various locations around town.
  • McRonald's: Chain of popular fried cow-flesh sandwich restaurants. Run by a famous, but evil, jester, who makes lots of personal appearances and employees many colorful minions. Various locations around town.
  • Moliere's: Fancy restaurant that serves rich food. 1100 Heinsoo Blvd.
  • Murlynd's Greasy Spoon: A small diner that specializes in cheap, but filling gruel. They also serve a number of grilled and fried items. 17 Arneson Rd.
  • Odo's Pizza: A popular, all night pizza place, run by a burly, unnamed orc who doesn't speak much. They specialize in exotic toppings, obtained under questionable circumstances. It's better not to ask. Vrock actually tastes pretty good if you don't think about it too much. 332 Salvatore Way
  • Pizza Dungeon: Large pizza chain, fairly popular. In Sigil East, the location is 223 Hickman St.
  • Post Practice: Popular bar for sports enthusiasts. Large scrying pools show popular games as they are occurring. Waitresses are dressed as cheerleaders. Ask about our chicken wings. They aren't good, but with the bouncy cheerleaders and the sports, you won't care. 99 Gygax Street
  • Reynolds Street Bakery: The Bakery on Reynolds Street. 2255 Reynolds St.
  • Roc's Doughnuts: A very popular doughnut shop, selling whopping huge doughnuts and other pastries. 11119 Hickman St.
  • Savory Portals: This service will pick up food form any restaurant... anywhere, and deliver it... anywhere. They don't promise a timeframe, though so... hope you still want it next month. 7777 Cordell
  • Silvanesti's: A high end Elven restaurant, specializing in Krynnish cuisine. 414 Hickman St.
  • Table of Zeus: An Olympian restaurant, high class, expensive, serving a fine selection of pastas, veil, and poultry. 2200 Gygax St.
  • Wings of Wizardry: One of those places that sells chicken wings with 82,000 different types of marinade. No mild, hot, and extra hot here, boy. You need a cross reference. 47 Baker st.
  • Yoseph's Bar: Psion hang-out. A casual, sit-at-the-bar and mope tavern. The kind of place where everybody knows your name. Which is kinda freaky if you haven't been there before. 425 Cordell Blvd.


  • Avalon's Garden: Elf-themed night club. 222 Greenwood Plaza
  • Azoun's: The town's biggest meat market. A woman can't take a five-foot step without being hit on. 6630 Greenwood Plaza
  • Bacchanalia: The most debacuched of all Sigil East's dens of debauchery. Booze, dancing, legalized orgies. Must have valid ID, or hit on bouncers to enter. Among other things, they have the most carnally delightful Rocky Road ice cream in the planes. 11 Cook Street
  • The Court: Upscale nightclub with a heavily enforced dress code, to keep the peasants out. 11B Perren Road
  • Evard's: Really dark Loft bar. 76 Hickman Dr.
  • Greenwood Square Garden: Largest arena in the Sigil East area, and the site of the most grand and epic events. 1 Greenwood Plaza
  • Harper's Home: Live bards every night. 2222 Greenwood Plaza
  • The Jolly Golem: Theatre that shows the hottest blockbusters of the day, acted out by a stable of stock actors and Illusionsits/FX operators. 1112 Arneson Street
  • Lliira's Lounge: Very, very upbeat dance club. Run by the Church of Lliira, from Faerun. 15 Niles Blvd.
  • Marilith's: Abyssal themed dance club, hosted by a four-armed she-demon who goes by, simply, "Marilith" (which may be her name as well as her race, although that would certainly be lazy on the part of whoever named her.) Ancient Blue Wyrm, a once-popular band, sometimes headlines here. Marilith's, on the whole, isn't as cool as it used to be. According to Maddie and Kailey, and they decide what's cool, after all. 1010 Cook Street
  • Mike's: Hidden in a small pocket plane behind Jayla's coffee shop, Mike's is one of them old fashioned opium dens. You have to be in good with Jayla, or possibly her dragon Snoopy, to get access.
  • Necrophilia: All undead strip club. Dead Girls! Dead Girls! Dead Girls! Mummy hostess, zombie waitstaff, vampire strippers. It definitely caters to a specific crowd. Of course, in Sigil, there's that crowd aplenty. The front stages have the vampires and other traditionally attractive dead girls. Those into Mohrgs and whatnot, they're in the back. 515 Nesmith Drive
  • Old Abandoned Amusement Park: In its heyday, this park was very oddly named. However, since it was abandoned, it seems slightly more appropriate. People pretend to haunt it every once in a while, trying to run people off. Although, it's abandoned, so there aren't any people there anyway. Besides, what do they want with an old abandoned amusement park? 888 Wulf St.
  • Olidammara's Den: A choice gambling establishment where almost none of the games are fair and legal. The "Cheat" spell was invented here, and the only people who beat the house are the ones who prepare it. 220 Ward Way
  • Pool Hall: Cleverly named hall where pool is played. 440 Hickman Street, next to the Sigellian Union
  • Prime Ethereal: Oddball dance club that plays oddball music. Mostly zither and pan flute. Nobody really dances, they just sit and listen and stare. They sell drugs out the back. Shhh, don't tell anybody. 6606 Gygax Street
  • Riverwind Spa: Health spa run by Riverwind of Krynn. It's nice and relaxing, one of the best spas in the Multiverse. Unless Vadania's your masseuse. 626 Heinsoo
  • Rorvic's Arena: Gladiator matches are held here, with colorful warriors battling each other in dramatic fashion for the amusement of audience, and profit of the betting booth. 1276 Gygax St.
  • Sigil Battle Opera House: The finest site for Battle Opera in all Sigil. All the finest Battle Operas have been performed here, by all the top opera performers. It's said even Odin played himself here once. Of course, that's not true, because gods can't manifest in Sigil. 4477 Gygax St.
  • Tasha's Hideous Laff Factory: Bards and amateur performers get up and tell jokes. Sometimes they're good. There's drinks. The jokes are generally better after drinks. 205 Kuntz Street
  • Undermountain: A vast, underground night club. 772 Greewood Dr.


  • Joget's Goblin Mercenaries & Cleaning Service: Sigil East's top staffing service for cheap mercenaries and maid services. Always hiring. 11 Baker Blvd.
  • Sigellian Union: Utilizing divination magic and portals, the mercanes who run the Sigellian Union are able to access funds from any bank, anywhere. They also cash checks, and post lots of wanted posters. Several locations throughout the City of Sigil. The one most convenient to the school is on the corner of Hickman and Weis.


  • Bottom-Feeding Otyugh: Cheapest, sleeziest, nastiest inn in the district. Currently ignoring needed repairs. 111 Grubb Way
  • The Merry Unicorn: A nice, clean place to stay with soft beds, fine wine, and warm fires as needed. Prices range from 15 gp to 150 gp a night, depending on the quality of the room. 1200 Gygax Street
  • The Noble Griffon: Another inn. Mid-range. Indoor pool. We accept Faerunian Express. 990 Gygax Street


Avenger's Glen: Apartment Complex catering to lawful good. Famed paladin centerfold, Alhandra Heatherson lives here. 255 Cordell St.


  • Cordon's Dairy: A dairy with real cows producing real milk. Notable for housing a portal to the Elemental Plane of Dairy. 13280 Heinsoo st.
  • The House o' Regdar: Here only because he paid for it's inclusion, is the off-campus house rented by Regdar, Krusk, and Tordek, stars of the Football Team. The doors always open for hot humanoid females... remember, he paid for this... and there's a party every weekend. Except game weekends. Go Planewalkers! 110 Gygax Street.
  • Raistlin's House: Despite his unfriendly, ambiguously evil nature, Raistlin remains one of SP's most popular teachers. For reasons no one can adequately explain, there's almost always a party at the house he maintains just off campus. He's not always at these parties, however. 100 Gygax Street
  • rirroM: A back-alley door that opens to a Mirror Universe where everything is backwards. Tourists should be warned that the Sigil Prep campus of this world has been all but leveled, the professors are long gone, and the remains are ruled by the tyrannical Neil the Beholder. 0 Williams St.
  • Sigil East Convention Center: A huge center where any number of conventions are held, including the Mount Tinker Machine Expo. 1990 Gygax St.


  • Adepts: There are more than a handful of minor spellcasters in Sigil East, running any number of Spell Component shops, small churches, and palm-reading shops catering to tourists. Adepts can usually be picked out of a crowd based on their black leather pants, belly shirts (if female), belts made of chains, and nose rings. [Adepts may choose any deity. This campaign uses the Eberron rule, allowing Adepts a single domain.] "Right, um, there's this adept, um, Jayla? She runs this store where you can get, um, stuff. Good stuff." --Vadania, 4th year elf druid
  • Aristocrats: Are you kidding? Rich snobs don't go to Sigil Prep. They just send their kids there to get them out of their hair. "My Dad's a landowner, yeah. No student aid for me, no sir. So, um, can I borrow a couple gold?" --Regdar, 5th year human fighter
  • Commoners: The shop owners, the delivery guys, the cart washers. These are the backbone of the town, unskilled laborers pulling tiny salaries. This is why you go to school, to get away from this life. "Yeah, right. The guy who delivered my pizza last night was a 12th level Bard. Just no call for it in today's market." --Krusk, 3rd year half-orc barbarian
  • Experts: Experts have had training. Not the quality of training you get at a Division A school like Sigil Prep. They probably went to Sigil Community College, or, Pelor help them, night school at the Adult Education Annex. "Like, yah, I'm pretty sure he was an expert. He spoke, like, a hundred languages or something. I like a guy who's good with tongues." --Mialee, 5th year elf wizard
  • Magewright: There's a lot of magic going on in town, and it needs to be tended. Wizards can't be bothered to power the street lights, clean the sewers, or heat the pizza ovens. "Okay, I'll admit it! I took a year of Magewright at Sigil Community College before I came here. But it's real magic! It's real magic, I tell you!" --Hennet, 3rd year human sorcerer
  • Warriors: Just because the local police are Warriors and not fancy Fighters and Rangers like you kids, don't think that you can get away with stuff. They are much, much higher level than you. "But it wasn't me! I didn't steal anything, it was my roommate! She's insane, I tell you!" --Naull, Lidda's roommate, convicted of petty theft, 50 gp fine and time served