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An air genasi street gang in the Elemental Plane of Air, who enjoy choreographed dance knife-fights.

Band of the Hand[edit]

A mercenary group that advertises on the AstralNet.


The Benalish Heroes: Local band that plays the local clubs. They typically open for other, more prominent groups, though they do have a following of their own.

Chainmail Bikini: Girl band who performs in chainmail bikinis (obviously). They tend to play places like Bacchanalia, though they've opened for Silverhand.

Court the Stars: Rave band. Not to be confused with the Court of the Stars, who they swear they've never heard of. Lawsuit pending.

Critical Strike (often billed as "Critical Hit"): Discordant garage band that is popular with people who like noise (or are immune to sonic attacks).

Dark Creeper: A popular Loft band, playing that dark creepy music that dark creepy people (see Dread Necromancer) enjoy.

Dire Lycan: Band composed entirely of lycanthropes, led by T'om and Jherre. They play a variety of music, so they're good for parties. Ostensibly a traditional rock band, they also do light jazz and beach music.

Everyone Gets Laid (also billed as "Everyone Gets Paid"): No longer active, this band consisted of lead singer Penembre Erasilmus, Animal, Duffy Chandler, and Bobby Waalringer, and sometimes featured Devis Stirsinger, Lemmy Kilminster, and Cathy Gilligan. The band broke up when Pembe left school, and has not yet reformed.

Forged in War: Originally a garage band (they were built in a garage) from Eberron, this mostly warforged band plays heavy metal the way only heavy metallic people can. They rock hard, and are big enough to play major venues.

Frenzied Berzerkers: You only go to see these guys because you know a fight's going to break out. I mean, they suck. A lot. But damn, if they don't put on a good riot.

Great Blue Wyrm: They were popular five years ago, but they're generally considered past their prime. Maddie Weber and Kailey attend every show, so she can make fun of the retro-losers.

Kardoom Planet: Very oddly named, but somewhat popular band, fronted by Krab, a strange and easily distracted catfolk, generally at odds with keyboardist Kozar (thri-kreen), and drummer Roltam (fire genasi).

Mephistopheles: After Zenra disappeared, They Might Be Doppelgangers moved on without him. When he returned, he formed a new band, Mephistopheles, consisting of several strange beings, including werewolf guitarist Luke Steppenwolf, and animated organ, Turing. Since Zenra has vanished yet again, Mephistopheles's fate remains unknown.

Moonlit Forest: Death metal band fronted by Lemmy Kilminster with Cathy Gilligan on fiddle. They are loud and angry (at least on stage; only Lemmy is angry off-stage), and have their audience. With Lemmy's continuing descent into madness, it remains to be seen if they are still together.

Silverhand: The hard-rocking band fronted by famous Faerunian bard Storm Silverhand. Although they're little more than a back-up group for their lead singer, they are considered one of the hottest bands in the planes. Benjamin Wardensmith, their drummer, has some level of fame on his own, and has fronted several bands of his own.

They Might Be Doppelgangers: Although fairly new, they made a quick impact on the Sigil music scene. Originally fronted by Zenra, a changeling from Eberron, the band has suffered some since his departure. The current band is Ponder Stibbons on bass, Lin Witzer on keyboard, and Zhoous on drums. They are all shapeshifters, and play under a number of aliases, in a number of musical styles.

The Blinknoks[edit]

A street gang compased of punk rock blink dogs with bad Cockney accents. They hate the displacer beast with the top hat (Mith'gla'ka'nar'rith'shanniar), for no really good reason.

The Borgle Boys[edit]

A tribe of bullyish, not-to-bright gnolls who often work for Uncle Karjj, Iltinger's eccentric uncle.

Brightwater Goddesses[edit]

On the plane of Brightwater, one of the god planes of Faerun, there dwell five utterly frivolous goddesses: Sune, goddess of beauty; Lliira, goddess of joy; Sharess, goddess of pleasure; Tymora, goddess of luck; and Waukeen, goddess of money. As a group, they're one of those exclusive cliques like you see in most high schools, except they're several thousand years old. Don't look a day over twenty-five, though. It's a non-stop party in Brightwater.

Cannith House Guard[edit]

A group of deceptive constructs, working as the guard of Merrix d'Cannith's house. About half of them are up to something.

Children of Echidne[edit]

A group of monsters from Olympia, born of the monster Echidne, and (most of them) the other monster, Typhon. They're supposed to be in Tarterus, but they occasionally sneak out. They include Cerberus, Chimaera, Hydra, Ethon, Orthus, Nemean Lion, and Ladon (who generally sits things out).

Clan Bariste[edit]

The world's premier clan of coffe-brewing ninjas.

Clan Bunden Pittsua[edit]

The pizza delivery ninja clan founded by Kinacho. They guarantee fast hot pizza delivery throughout Odo's Pizza's delivery area (the known multiverse).

Chiaga-Ru Clan[edit]

Morikage's cheerleading squad. The Chiaga-ru clan is a ninja clan who selects its members from a young age, and trains them in the arts of espionage, assassination, and school spirit, until they are old enough to attend school. The leader, Tana'niri, was recently forced in honorable combat, to submit to Maddie Weber, and they are presently under the Drow opportunist's command.

Fry Guys[edit]

Black Ops for the McRonald's Corporation.

Goblinetti Family[edit]

Sigil East's top organized crime family.

Great City of Greyhawk Commedia Troupe[edit]

The winners of this year's Commedia Award at the Annual Awards for Achievement in Lawful Evil and Commedia dell'Arte.

High Seas Piracy Society[edit]

Kylen has taken it upon himself to round up a crew (ambitious for a 2nd level character, when he could wait until level 6, take Leadership, and have a crew come to him, but, hey, he isn't doing too badly), to battle upstart epic level professors. So far, he has Billen (a young monk with Vow of Poverty) as his first mate, the infamous Crimson Lotus (see Freshmen), and a few other (Zenra, Iltinger, Penembre, Fluffum). How many will stay remains to be seen. The bulk of the crew is background has names like Tabor, Mael, Kenvor, Hal, and the Beaver. Faculty sponsor is Strahd von Zoravich (you all know how interested in high seas piracy he is, right? Big fan.)

House Babunk[edit]

A fallen Eberron House, who carried the Mark of Putting Things on Top of Other Things. They had a poor diplomatic corps, according to Anastacia, and have fallen from power.

House Conneth[edit]

Business started by the Squad, sounding enough like House Cannith that they hope to fool stupid people who need big constructs.

Igneousovic Family[edit]

Fire subtyped organized crime family operating in Sigil, and arch-nemeses of the Goblinetti Family. Headed by Don Vesuvius, and structured into small factions under various sub-bosses (including 'Ferno Freddie, Sister Cyndi, and Jenny Blaze.)

Justice Guild of Sigil[edit]

An adventuring team consisting of masked heroes with (real or imagined) secret identities. They have weekly meetings, which are almost always interrupted by attacks by one or more of the various enemies they've made of the years. Membership: Captain Cormyr, Crimson Lotus, the Burst, Dark Cave Defender, Sub-Aquatic Man, Spider-Spider

Master of Chaotic Evil[edit]

Enemies of the Justice Guild of Sigil.


One of the factols of the City of Sigil, devoted to punishing crime violently, regardless of how minor the crime.


SIGIS: The largest and most influential paper in Sigil.

Sigilian Times: The Sigilian Times is SIGIS's biggest rival. More of a tabloid than a legitimate news source, it prints rumors, editorials, and sensationalism. Famed for it's recent smear campaign against the Crimson Lotus ("Is the Crimson Lotus really Juiblex?"). Sigilian Times employs Sigil Prep students Kythind (retired) and Spin.

Sigil Scryer: Sigil Prep's campus paper, with higher editorial standards than the Times, thanks to the efforts of editor Dora Do'Urden. Popular especially for it's semi-surreal comic strip, Nocturno, about a black-clad slacker and his mimic couch.

Kobold Weekly: Founded by Biklik, this weekly paper, circulated throughout the major material planes, caters specifically to kobold interests. Editor Kendrek yells frequently at ace reporter Soli, slightly less ace reporter Ralck, and sightscriber, Mijji Zolzon.

Order of Illumination[edit]

Extremely secretive and powerful organization. Strahd von Zarovich has something to do with it, although the plot thread seems to have been dropped.

Order of the Nine Mountains[edit]

A Faerunian adventuring party, apparently easily manipulated by cute vampire elves.

Our Group[edit]

A group of pre-teens (human equivalent), mostly orphans, who hang around together getting into mischief. Many of them are newsboys, and except for Spshak and Rory, they once worked as thieves and pickpockets for Wicker. Members include Rory, Rusty, Spshak, Dodgeful Artie, Dottie Lu, and an as-yet-unnamed thri-kreen kid.

Ravens' Guild[edit]

The Raven's Guild is Sigil Prep's model thieves' guild. It is a school-sponsored student organization that mimics a standard thieves' guild, such as one might find in Greyhawk or Waterdeep. Supervised by Professor Artemis Entreri, the Guild creates simulated "missions" for its members, and its membership is specifically selected by a blind tap method. Professor Entreri has assured us that any real crime on campus is completely unrelated to the Guild.

Second Life Alliance[edit]

The Second Life Alliance is an extremist organization made up primarily of Druid and nature-inclined Clerics. Every year, they invade Biology labs to not only free animals slated for dissection, but to Awaken them. The newly intelligent animals are then presumed to then have the same rights as students. Depending on the alignment of the Biology Professor in question, this doesn't always work. Professor Strahd in Advanced Necromancy has been known to polymorph the offending Second Lifers and use them in the stead of the liberated. This is not a campus sponsored organization.

Secret Meeting of the Head Cheerleaders[edit]

A secret enclave consisting of the head and deputy head cheerleaders of all the schools in the division, where they discuss mutual business. Present chairman is Silverymoon's head cheerleader, Mysk.

Sigil Planeswalkers[edit]

Of Sigil's sports teams, the football team is the most important. It is composed of some of the best athletes in the planes, and has the best record in its division. Indeed, if the sport actually existed out in the worlds, many of our alumni would be professionals. Current star quarterback, Regdar Hartlet is one of the best we've had in our hundred and sixty years with the sport. And don't rule out star linebacker Krusk *no last name*, who has improved greatly from last year, killing far less than a dozen opposing linemen. And let's not forget Tordek Tackletuff, or the team's only female member, Ember Meerm'shin. Recent addition is freshman superstar, Vander. Coach Klank remains the most sought-after coach in the Great Wheel.

Sigil Prep Baseball Team[edit]

Not nearly as popular, or skilled, as the football team, the SP Baseball team is composed largely of warforged and thri-kreen. Coach Stonewall is the coach, while student Xizlqk is the team manager.

Sigil Prep Cheer Squad[edit]

Almost as famous as the team itself is our fantastic cheerleading squad. Led by Nicia, they have won their share of championships. Although Maddie Webber had been captain for the past two years, she was recently removed, for being a general bitch, and trying to openly murder another student. Complete roster: Maddie Weber (captain), Moralulani (deputy captain), Roxy d'Cannith, Nicia, Rhionna, Willow, Taertha, Becky, Brianna. 4 others unnamed.

Sigil Prep Marching Band[edit]

Led by the pompous Professor Harcoult, the Sigil Prep Marching Band is famous for it's deaf, half-orc sousaphone player, Nyaaguh, and less so for any of it's other members. Nobody cares about the marching band; there, I've said it. It's just a bunch of geeks who get to perform during half-time. I bet you don't even know any of their names, do you? Do you? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Spelljammer Club[edit]

President: Roxanne d'Cannith. Vice president: Fiv

Chitok (human Fighter-8): Member of the Sigil Prep Spelljammer Club, and wheelsman of the Nymph of Sharn. Chitok is one of the few people who can put up with Fiv for long periods.

The Squad[edit]

Goblin group.

Students for Lolth[edit]

Although there are any number of student-based organizations dedicated to one deity or other, the Students for Lolth stands out for being the most active. President Kree Sk'rlwar recently overthrew Maddie Weber, who founded the club her freshman year, inspiring many copycat clubs. Maddie showed weakness in public, a Drow no-no, and Kree seized the opportunity as only Kree could do. The club is open to all students, though it remains almost entirely Drow females. Faculty advisor, Professor Eclavdra (Drow Cleric-23), promises not to assassinate members who become powerful enough to threaten her position this semester.

Students for Loviatar[edit]

Loviatar is the goddess of pain and torture in Faerun. In Sigil Prep, she's the goddess of people with weird S&M fetish things. The less said of it, the better. The club's president is Vicola (Human Cleric-10). The faculty advisor is chained up somewhere.

Students for Merrshaulk[edit]

The Yuan-ti population at Sigil Prep have their own methods of recruiting. You see, most religions, you worship a god, and whether or not the god listens, who can say. But with Merrshaulk, we take the worship more personally. At regular recruitment drives, new worshipers are given a sponsor. You worship your sponsor directly, and he, in turn, worships his sponsor, and so on, up the pyramid... uh, chain. Multi-level dogma, we call it. Then, at the next drive, you can recruit your own worshipers, and enjoy their worship, as well as a percentage of the worship of any worshipers they have. Oh, and sell water filters and orange-based cleaning agents. Profit, worship, and pyramid schemes... uh, multi-level marketing. It's foolproof. [brainwash]Please drink this formula so we can make you one of us.[/brainwash]

Students for Vecna[edit]

Most secretive of the campus religious clubs, the Students for Vecna meets in a maze deep under the divine campus. They have code words and secret names for one another. The president is known as Brother Longblade, and notable members include Brother Chops-to-Bits, Brother Slowfeet, and Brother Stabbity.

Those Pesky Kids[edit]

A group of strange kids and their talking dog who go around trying to unmask people.

Members of Those Pesky Kids

Raffney (human Rogue-5): One of Those Pesky Kids

Raggie (human Commoner-5): Member of Those Pesky Kids with the least useful class. Therefore, the one who gets sent to do most of the work.

Three Vrocks and a Van[edit]

Four vrocks who do landscaping work as a cover for their evil plans (whatever those are). They were all killed by Korwan, Cariel, Yffub, and Wolliw.

Three Vrocks members

Dolph (vrock): An employee of Three Vrocks and a Van, now deceased.

Krik (vrock): An employee of Three Vrocks and a Van (who forgets to speak in Abyssal).

Trintar Tribe[edit]

A kobold tribe native to the Three Peak Valley near Luskan, in Faerun. The Trintars slaughtered Biklik's tribe for no really good reason. They're particularly aggressive, and the local gnolls and ogres are afraid of them.

Young Knights of Myth Drannor[edit]

Sigil Prep's official Adventuring Club, the Young Knights, though sponsored by the legendary heroes of Faerun, is open to all students who are looking for excitement. Offering weekly outings, where they leave not only the campus, but sometimes the Outlands, the Knights have explored old ruins, visited powerful wizards of Krynn or Eberron, and even challenged (with faculty supervision) powerful monsters for extra credit. The president is a freshman Mind Flayer, Xizlqk, and vice president is tiefling monk, Vander. Faculty advisor is Dove Falconhand. ("More often than not, these "outings" are trips to the pub. Don't need to join some dork brigade to do that" --Regdar, 5th year human fighter).

Zhentarim Youth[edit]

Criminal youth group.