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Getting There - The Sigil Prep Directory[edit]

The Sigil Prep campus is divided into ten smaller campuses. These have been nicknamed over the years, using the metallic dragon types to name the academic areas, and the chromatic dragon types to name the student areas.

It has been said, many times, that Sigil Prep is hard to find your way around, so here follows a tour of the grounds, by some of our students, to give you the lay of the land. Maps are available at the admissions office. Good luck getting there.

Gold Campus (tour by Hennet Hennetson, midyear sorcerer)[edit]

"Here's the Gold Campus, where the buildings for Arcane studies are located. That big one over there, that's the Elminster Library of Spells, funded by one of our top financial supporters. Every spell you can imagine is in there, somewhere. Stuff you made up for Spell Research class last week, it's in there. Go look in the card catalog. I'll wait.

"There are three other libraries in this area: the Hall of Boccob, for general research, the Grand Library of Knowledge, which has thousands of books on all number of topics, and the Bard's Center, containing a number of good epics and ballads for entertaining reading.

"To your left, there's the Mordenkainen Building for Wizardly Arts, the largest of the classroom buildings. That's where you learn Arcane theory, and across from it is the Otiluke Hall for Magical Research. Magic labs, for spell research. The labs for item creation are on the Bronze Campus.

"Other there, that's the Yondalla School for Abjuration. It's the most protected building on campus, not because there's anything of value in there, but because of student castings. Every magical protection you can think of is in place on that building. If you do not have a Class Schedule of Protection from Wardings, enter at your own risk.

"Next door is the Drawmij Hall, for Conjuration classes, and down from that is the Magister's School for Divination. If you mention the building's name from anywhere on the campus, the professors know. The absurdly thin building there is the Sune School of Beauty and Enchantment Magic. We share it with the Community College. They teach Enchantment spells and cosmetology there. Free haircuts, keep that in mind.

"That hole right there is the Melf Building, for Evocation magic. It's blown up right now, but they'll rebuild it tomorrow. They rebuild it every week.

"And somewhere over here is the Nebin School of Illusion. Nebin's a sophomore, but he has a lot of money, so they named the building after him. There appears to be three of them right now. You have to successfully disbelieve two of them to get inside the real one. Freshmen Illusionists are usually late.

"Oh, and here's the Strahd von Zarovich School of Necromancy. That reminds me. With your admissions packet, you'll find a waiver asking if you will donate your body to the school in the event of your death. The answer is "No." Let's just say there's more bodies walking around in there than people, if you know what I mean.

"And finally, here's the Great School of Transmutation. Sometimes the front door is right here, but... right now it seems to be... uh, I guess we won't be going in there right now. If you have classes on the fifth floor, please note it only has four floors today...

"Okay, so now, I'll turn you over to Krusk, who'll show you the Silver Campus. Krusk?"

Silver Campus (tour by Krusk, midyear barbarian)[edit]

"Right then. Here it is. The Arena of Kord, where our football team crushes the opposition! Crushes! Man, it feels good to waste some punks! Yeah. Oh, yeah. It has a command word, enchanted to respond to Coach Klank's voice, or, you know, any of the other coaches, to restructure the grounds for baseball, track, or any of the outdoor sports.

"Oh, and over here is the Leomund's Magnificent Gymnasium, where we have the indoor, or as I call them, "wuss" sports. There's some showers in there, and they teach phys ed. So, that ends our tour of...

"Oh, right. The academic buildings... This big sucker is the Dove Falconhand School for Strategic Planning. That's the paperwork building for combat majors. Where they teach the pencil and paper classes. The practical combat classes is taught in the Arena or the Gym, or sometimes just outside.

"And this here's Robilar's. It's your basic campus bookstore, except it also carries a full range of armor and weapons. And Planewalker t-shirts. Support your team. Woo! Yeah!

"That's the Artemis Entreri Building. They teach the skills that require manual dexterity and agility in there. Also, your important rogue skills. Back-stabbin' and crap. And over there is the Krusk the First Building. Dad built it. That's where we learn important strength-based skills, and useful stuff like raging. That shack? I forget it's official name, but we all call it Concentration Corner. They teach the constitution-based skills. It think maybe there's two rooms in there.

"And let's see. For you brainy-types, here's the Raistlin Majere Hall of Learning, where they teach the intelligence-type skills. And the Simbul's Sanctuary for important social skills, like Diplomacy and Intimidation. And here's the Corellon Building, for all them wisdom-skills.

"Oh, and over there's a handy off-campus tavern. I'll see you punks later. Oh, that's Mitra. She'll take you through the Bronze Campus."

Bronze Campus (tour by Mitra Wilsdom, junior psion)[edit]

"Hi. I'm Mitra, and I'm... okay, eyes up, pervert. Okay, this is the Bronze campus, home of the psionics college, and... *ahem*, I'm up here.

"Now, I know most of you came in via portal, so you've already been to the Admissions Building. There's portals to maybe a hundred planes in there, including all the planes in the Greyhawk and Faerun cosmologies, with portals to most major population centers on most of the major material planes. The Admissions Department and Financial Aid are both run by Shemeska the Marauder, who is the only person allowed to look at the records. Only Shemeska knows how many students attend this school. In sub-basement J, there's the Housing department, run by Mr. Roper. Any problems with housing, you need to see him in person. Bring sacrifices of food or valuables, and stand way back.

"Okay, let's see... hey! I don't wear my blouse wide open and pulled back exposing my bra for you to ogle. It's practical. Sheez. Why do guys all..? Oh, hi, Professor Neeva!

"Anyway. Here's the Building of Clairsentience. The buildings have boring names here on Bronze, because there just aren't enough legendary psionic-users. The finals for Seers are the easiest tests on campus. No, seriously, a gully dwarf could pass them. The trick is, you have to turn in the answers before you get the questions.

"Okay, the Hall of Metacreativity... I see you looking at my ass, pervert... the Hall of Metacreativity is where we learn to shape psionic energy into physical objects. Ragnara, hey! Coffee later? My roommate, Ragnara. Oh, where was I? Yeah, over here is the Hall of Psychokinesis. Dangerous building, make sure you're paying attention. Things just move around by themselves.

"What are you..? Oh, Mialee. Yeah, perverts. Let's just all check out Mialee. Yeah. Checking out Mialee. Shake that thing girl... Uhhh...

"Oh, right. The Psychometabolism Building. Strange things going on in there. People melding their weapons into their flesh, freaky. Oh, this is cool. The Hall of Psyhoportation, it's actually not always on campus. Sometimes it's in town, sometimes it's down in the Outlands proper. Sometimes it's in the Astral Plane, or the Abyss, or on the Manifest Academy campus.

"And finally, here's the Hall of Telepathy. Yes, yes they can read your mind. And guess what? It's my minor, so... I know what you're thinking, freak. And you, perv. And you, you jackass. And... your name's Jenny? Hmm. Okay, that's the Bronze campus. Here's Thondred to lead you through Copper. I'll be at the Green Dragon Coffee Clutch if, you know, anybody wants to chat. Jenny. So, see you guys..."

Copper Campus (tour by Thondred D'Cannith, midyear artificer)[edit]

"'kay, losers, this is the leet part of the tour. Listen up, it's going quick. I've got blogging to do. Here on the Copper Campus, we have the lab tech stuff; as well as some suxxor buildings. First one is the Morthos Hall for Warlock Studies. Imo, waste of time. Let's move on.

"Over here, the Raistlin Majere Lab for Potions and Scrolls, and the kick-ass hall over there is the Tenser Building for Magical Arms and Armor Construction. Also, the Bigby Building for Wands, Staves, and Rods. He-he. Rods.

"'kay. This is the Great Firepit Lab of Ring Forging. Very hot, no AC. First project is nearly always forging a Ring of Heat Resistance. Over there, the Building of Wondrous Construction, for creating wondrous items. And that's the Psionics Lab, for losers who infuse psionic items. Also, the Evard's Black Building, where the classroom stuff for artifice is done, as well as small labs for junk like Talismans, Tattoos, and other small magic item categories.

"Oh, the monster building over there is the Hall of Golem-craft, for creating living constructs. Also has the infirmary wing for Warforged in it.

"Non-academic buildings: Oghma's, main campus bookstore, Llira's Temple, it's the performance auditorium for dance and drama, High Harpers Hall, for musical concerts and such.

"Gotta go. Here's Alhandra, who, coincidentally, I'm about to download naked pictures of. Out."

Brass Campus (tour by Alhandra Heathersen, graduate paladin)[edit]

"Uh, okay, thanks, Thon...

"As you've probably guessed, this is the final academic campus, the Brass Campus, for the College of Divine Thought. This is the only spot in the City of Sigil where deities are allowed to manifest, purely for educational purposes. This is, therefore, where the Auditorium Which Must Not Be Named, named for our Beloved Headmistress, is located. It's the spot for graduations, and thus we might want, say, Heironeous to come deliver a prayer or something.

"Sigil Prep, as you might have guessed, has no official religion, and all religions are tolerated, even those that go against everything I've been led to believe, and you can't even smite a Vrock you see walking down the hall, what kind of crap is that...

"Praise Heironeous, Lord of Might, Sorry I said, 'Crap,' alright?

"Sorry. Despite the restriction, like many restrictions at this school --foolish heathens-- this campus is often the site of violent holy wars. Like over there, where Tiamat's followers are throwing fireballs and lightning bolts at that small group of Bahamut clerics. Ouch, poor kid. This might be a good time to put up some Abjurations if you have them. Oh, and there's a small group of demon cultists summoning up a... oh, looks like a Marilith. Excuse me a moment."

(Chop, whack, scream, whack, choppity chop, smite!)

"So, the layout of this campus is designed after the Great Wheel, although religious thought from all the planes is explored. You learn a groundwork of the basic philosophies of each moral and ethical leaning, and then place your own faith's beliefs on that groundwork. You are also exposed to similar faiths throughout the major planes.

Here in the center is the Temple of the Outlands, where Neutral philosophy is explored. Surrounding it are the four primary Druid Groves: Obad-Hai's Grove, Chauntea's Grove, Arawai's Grove, and, of course, Chislev's Grove. Obad-Hai's Grove contains the Formal English Rose Garden, where many outdoor performances, including Storm Silverhand's Storm-a-palooza, are held.

"Ringing the Temple of the Outlands, there's the ever important Celestia Temple of Lawful Good. Walking clockwise, here's the Elysium Temple of Neutral Good, followed by the, ahem, more casual --sigh-- Arborea Temple of Chaotic Good. Could use a little discipline if you ask me. But...

"The Limbo Temple of Chaotic Neutral. Grrr. And here's the Abyssal Temple of Chaotic Evil, which shouldn't even exist on the same plane as the Celestia Temple, but who am I to make judgments, huh? What does my opinion matter, despite the fact that I uphold every principle of truth and valiancy? Why should I care that there's a building right here in front of me crawling with demons and avarice of every kind, and I'm held in check by an academic code of conduct to do nothing about it! Oh, hello, Professor Eclavdra. Sorry to interrupt your class. Just leading a freshman tour...

"She'll get hers... Now, only slightly less infernal, this is the Hades Temple of Neutral Evil, and, before I cause another scene, the Temple of the Nine Hells, for the teaching of Lawful Evil philosophy. Finally, here's the Mechanus Temple for Lawful Neutral, the most perfectly uniform building on campus. It looks exactly the same from every angle, which has led to some very interesting postcards and souvenirs. These can be purchased inside, because, each temple has its own bookstore, with holy books for major faiths --clerics of minor deities can special order-- and holy symbols, as well as other important clerical gear, t-shirts, a range of candy bars and colas.

"Okay, that ends the tour of the academic campuses. Oh, wait. There's the new one. I'm handing you off to Zenya now, and Heironeous bless your souls."

Incarnum Campus (tour by Zenya Bright, junior soulborn)[edit]

"Hello, and welcome to the new Incarnum Campus. Just opened this year. I think. There's a lot of older students here for a program that's just started up... Hells, I'm a junior... Hmmm.

"At any rate, here is the Sharrakor Building, named for the Dean of Incarnum. It's where you learn the important arts of soulmelding and chakra control. And... that's about it. Soulmelding isn't divided into schools or disciplines like your precious magic and psionics. It's just... Well, anyway, all the classes are in there.

"Here's a lovely statue of a displacer beast. He fronted the money for the building or something. Um, there's the Incarnum Bookstore, where the incarnum books are sold. Hmm, hmm, hmm...

"It's a small campus. I've got a halo. Do any of you have a halo? Of course not. Anyway, there's Eskelior. He'll take you into the Martial Adept campus."

Valkyrie Campus (tour by Eskelior Deftfoot, junior swordsage)[edit]

"Hi. Eskelior. This is the Valkyrie Campus... look, give us a break, okay. There weren't any dragons in the 9 Swords book. Anyway." *ninjas attack, battle ensues*

"Sorry. This is where they teach martial adept skills. It's a more structured, supernatural maneuver-based fighting style..." *more ninjas, more battle* "...more stylized than standard combat classes. The campus here is a little smaller than the other academic campuses, the buildings lower to the ground.

"This is the Jade Phoenix Arena, an alternate sporting arena, usually reserved for martial arts and gladiatorial events, although some of the intramural sports also play here..." *Shadovar judo club attacks, combat ensues* "...and sometimes practices are scheduled from the division teams, especially when seasons overlap.

"The rest of it is easy. This is the Desert Wind Dojo, where they Desert Wind style is taught. And this is the Stone Dragon Dojo. You see the pattern. Diamond Mind Dojo, White Raven Dojo, Shadow Hand Dojo. The one is the Tiger Claw Dojo, where I take most of my swordsage classes, the Iron Heart Dojo, Devoted Spirit Dojo..." *pirates attack, battle ensues* "That was different. And finally, here's the Setting Sun Dojo. All the Dojos have open gym areas, where you can come and work out, as long as there isn't a class in session.

"9 Chopsticks is an on-campus Kara-turan take-out place. As with most on-campus restuarants, there's better in town. But it's decent, and it takes your meal plan..." *restaurant staff defends honor, battle ensues. "And that is the Valkyrie campus..." *Valkyries clobber Eskelior, battle is brief*

Red Campus (tour by Mialee Summerbreeze, senior wizard)[edit]

"Over here! Like, hi. I'm Mialee, and this is the Red Campus. Ta-da!

"F'real, this is the first of the student life campuses, mostly where, like, the seniors live. But also, over there is Titan Tower, for, like, grad students who choose to live on campus. It also handles some spill over if housing can't put everybody in the regular dorms. 'Kay.

"Now, all the dorms are co-ed, which is really convenient, okay? You and your roommate will want to work out some kind of system, to let her know if you have a guy over, or to let you know if she has a guy over, or, like, if you have a guy over but it's okay for her to come in. Here's the senior dorms: Marilith Hall, Balor Hall, Solar Dorm, and the Queens Building.

"This impressive column is the Athletics Monument, which has the names of all the Sigil Prep athletes who have won division MVP awards. Now, look toward the end here, a lot of these guys are still here, so it's a good starting point to see who's worth dating. Um, now don't think that only jocks are worth your time because... well, I'm supposed to say that, but I don't understand it.

"And here is the Dining Hall of Juiblex. They say Juiblex doesn't, you know, care about much, but he cared enough to pay to have a building named after him. Anyway, it's got the main cafeteria in it, plus a, like, donut stand, and a pizza stand, and tacos. The caf and all the stands here accept your meal plan card, and this is the only place you can use it. All the other eating places on campus are gold only.

"So, that's, like, my part of the tour. Oh, you're big. Do you wrestle? Hmmm...

"Oh, here's Naull and Lidda. See you guys. Especially you..."

Blue Campus (tour by Naull Chirral, junior wizard, and Lidda Footpadder, junior rogue)[edit]

"Hi, I'm Naull, and this is my roommate Lidda... Uh, they wanted both of us to show you around the Blue Campus, to demonstrate the importance of a good roommate relationship... As if I'd know..."

"Everybody will be assigned a roommate. Even though the dorms are co-ed, you'll always have a roommate of your same sex. Sneak Attack!"

"Aahh! Okay, flesh wound. I'm good... Inevitably, you and your roommate will have some problems with each other..."

"But you can overcome any problem! Me an' Naull are best friends. Everyday, she helps me with my homework! Crippling Strike!"

"Ow!! Okay, okay, okay... Uh, you, the half-orc, could you just let me lean on you..? Okay. This way...

"This is the Bigby Building. It's the student union. It's got, uh... ow... several game rooms, and rooms for club meetings. Any student can reserve a meeting room... ow... Is there a cleric in the... group?"

"Oh, let me! The Bigby Building also has three eating places, one burgers and snack stuff, one cafeteria, and one nice restaurant. Also, there's a bar for students that are old enough and you have to show your student ID. And there's Grayhawk's, which is the largest of the campus bookstores, and they sell gift items like this dagger I bought there with the school logo on it! Sneak attack!"

"Unnngghh... Okay... there's the junior dorms... uh... Ghaele Hall, uh, Glabrezu Hall... oh, oh my... Planetar... Planetar Tower, and, uh... Cornugon Dorm... I need water..."

"Over there's stables for students that have mounts, especially Special Mounts for Paladin students. But also for regular animals that aren't allowed in the dorms. Like familiars and small animal companions are allowed in the dorms, and even large animal companions are allowed in the groves, but if you have a griffon or something, it needs to be in the stables."

"yeah, what she said... uh... and there's the Infirmary of Pelor. I need to go there. Now. I... I..."

"Huh. She passed out. Oh, here's Maddie for the next part of the tour. Maddie. Can you cast a Cure Wounds on Naull?"

Green Campus (tour by Maddie Webber, midyear rogue/cleric)[edit]

"Oh, fine. Now, get her to the infirmary, and stop stabbing her. I'm not wasting any more spells on humans.

"Hi, I'm Maddie. Once you've settled here, you'll hear a lot about me. Any school spirit event, any campus improvement movement, I'm there somewhere. I respect three things: school pride, self-motivation, and the Demon Queen of the Spiders.

"I see about, what three Drow faces in the crowd. No, I don't count the males. So, three Drow, um, I'd guess about fifty-five other, so... Let's get started.

"This large, ugh, green area, is the Arbor Grove, the, I guess you'd say, "Dorm" for Druids, Rangers, fey, and other students who'd prefer to live outdoors. Most of the wild animals you see around here are companions, so don't worry, they won't bite.

"Hey! Vadania! That crap's illegal on campus! Put it out, or I'll torture you for six hours and hide you inside Krusk's tackle dummy.

"Sorry. Back to the tour. Now, the midyear dorms. Here's the Avoral Building, which, ironically, is where I live. And there's the Vrock Dorm, the Leonal Hall, and Rakshasa Dorm. This last one has the most fully staffed torture room on campus. Rec room! Recreation room. Pinball, pool tables, thumb screws. That sort of thing.

"Tasselhoff's over there makes a decent burger, and those little seasoned curly fries. Awesome. Just don't take anything valuable in there.

"And... looks like that's all the Green campus. Here's some bubble-headed sophomore in tight pants and a loose shirt to show you the Black Campus. And I'm very excited to see the three of you later. Bye."

Black Campus (tour by Genevieve Porthos, sophomore swashbuckler)[edit]

"Well met, young heroes, and welcome to the Black Campus! I am Genevieve, she of the dancing rapier, the swift dagger, and the poofy shirt-sleeves. Future agent of the king, wherever I decide to settle. Huzzah!

"Now, who here is hoping to be a Swashbuckler major? Anyone? Well...

"Be that as it may, welcome to the Black Campus, where you will find yourself 'pon your sophomore years. There are four large dorm buildings here for Sophomore year students: Bralani Building, Kyton Hall, Lillend Hall, and Succubus Building. That last one is the party hall, full of carousing, rabble-rousing, and general merriment. Except during exam week.

"On the other hand, the bleak, dismal building there is the Voitagi Dorm, has become, somehow, Tainted with the Shadowland Taint, and is off-limits to most students. It houses Nezumi students from Rokugan, who are immune to the taint, and students who have already become tainted. 'Tis sad, but noble, that such a place exists.

"Eh? Yes, I do talk like this all the time.

"Aye, you ask, but what recreation seeks I, 'pon this Black Campus? Huzzah! I present to you, the tennis courts, and Sigil Prep's very own 18-hole golf course, the finest in all the Great Wheel! Well, except for the one on Archon, but the par there is miserable.

"And thus ends our journey through this fine campus. Now to hand you to Regdar of the Roving Hands, Violator of Bosom, and He who I Shall Kick in the Groin, Should He Venture to my Private Realm Again."

White Campus (tour by Regdar Hartlet, senior fighter)[edit]

"I'm glad to be able to give your this tour of the freshman dorms, the area where most of you will be ending this tour and starting your school careers, because, as a senior, I can offer you my wisdom and insight. It also offers me the opportunity to scope the new meat.

"So that thing over there is the Aasimar Hall. It's housing for a summer program for younger students to prepare them for Sigil Prep. Mostly, these are kids from the City of Sigil itself, because it's pretty expensive for out-of-plane students. The building is also used for housing overflow during the year.

"The main Freshman dorms are Quasit Hall, Barghest Hall, Azer Hall, and the Triton Building. Like all the dorm halls, these are all co-ed. Heh-heh-heh. So what are you, a tiefling? Yeah, I think tieflings are so cool. You're eighteen, right?

"Oooo-kay... the cleverly named White Campus Bookstore, only carries the books for Freshman level courses, and it also carries your most basic supplies: rulers, pencils, paper, Silverhand posters. Have you seen the one with Storm in the little chain mail number? Wow.

"Finally, here's Paizo's Pizza, the only on-campus pizza place. They deliver to any of the dorm buildings, but it's also a nice cozy place for a date. Hey, sweetie, what's your name? Your dad's a lawyer, huh? That's great... oh, I see...

"Well, that concludes our tour of Sigil Prep. I hope to see you in the fall. Especially you. You're eighteen, right?"