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NameTypeDescriptionPrerequisitesBalance Point
CalligraphyGeneralYour writing is exquisite to look at.NoneModerate
Calm MindGeneralCannot be Mindless, Wisdom 13+, character level 3High
Caltrop AttackFighterToss a bag of caltrops at a foe and watch it burst and scatter at their feet.NoneModerate
Caltrop TosserFighterExpertly toss caltrops to cover more area, and pick them back up faster.Dexterity 13Low
Can't Die, Won't DieFighterYou are extremely hard to put down.DiehardWhy Won't You DieUnquantifiable
Cantrip Grand MasterGeneralYou gain all 0th level spells as spells known and can spontaneously cast them if you're a prepared caster.Cantrip MasterLow
Cantrip MasterGeneralYou gain all 0th level spells as part of your class spell list.0th level spellcastingLow
Cantrips MasteryGeneralMinor magic is second nature to you.Ability to cast spells with preparation.High
Cape ResonanceFighterYou have the ability to gain focus with your cape, improving your saves. No wonder superheroes use such silly-looking outfits.BAB +1High
Captivating PerformanceGeneralYou may target only a single creature when using your fascinate bardic music, but at an increased DC and harder to break.Fascinate bardic music, Perform 7 ranksModerate
CaravaneerGeneralYou embraced a nomad lifestyle without leaving behind your adorate farmBattle Rancher 8th LevelModerate
Careful MovementFighterYour training allows you to move around the battlefield while still defending yourself.BAB +3Moderate
Careful ObservationGeneralUse your Intelligence modifier on perception-based checks.Int 13Low
Careful Somatic CastingGeneralYou can ignore arcane spell failure, at the cost of increased casting time.NoneModerate
CarrierFiendYou are a carrier of a dangerous disease, though you are immune to its effects.Must have one level of a Fiend class.Very High
CartographerGeneralAs you travel the world, you study the whole geography of landscapes that you walk through.Favorite LandscapeKnowledge (geography) 8 ranksModerate
Cast Blood RuneGeneralCast a spell without using a spell slot or spell per day, but at the cost of time and constitution burn.Caster Level 5, Spellcraft 4 ranksVery High
Cast In HandsMetamagic, RacialYou can use your many floating hands to cast more than one spell at once. Signcaster Hands Aghast racial ability (2 hands or more)Very High
Caster FocusGeneralChoose a class which does not give full casting progression (or none at all), it now gives full or partial progression... for caster level at least.Caster Level 5thModerate
Caster TrainingMulticlassChoose a prestige class which does not give full spellcasting progression (or none at all), it now gives full or partial progression.Caster level 5.Very High
Casting ConservationGeneralArcane spell failure causes you to only lose actions, not spells.NoneLow
Casual StealthGeneralYou can fade into the crowd, allowing you to use stealth without concealment in certain situation.Disguise 1 Ranks, Hide and Move Silently 4 RanksLow
Catapult LaunchFighterThrow rocks as far as a siege weapon doesBAB +10 or Sleight of Hand 14 ranks, Boulder HurlHigh
Catastrophic CacophonyGeneralYour sonic abilities echoes with the power of pandemonium.NoneVery High
CatfallGeneralYou can survive falls from a large distance.Base Reflex Save +2, Dex 13Low
Caustic InvokerGeneralYou deal more acid damage and it debilitate your opponents.NoneHigh
Celestial AncestryGeneralOne of your recent ancestors mated with a celestial creature, and now the blood of some Upper Planar creature flows in your veins. This gives you some benefits.NoneVery High
Centric ImpactXenothericYou can drive a weapon with immeasurable force by expending portions of you life force.Centric StrikeHigh
Centric StrikeXenothericBy expending portions of your life force, you can land massive strikes, and seem to rewrite the shape of space with mere willpower.NoneHigh
Cerebral KineticistGeneralYou base your pyrokineticist class feature on intelligence instead of charisma and can shape some of your blast.1st Level Pyrokineticist (or Pyropsyche)High
Cerulean EnduranceIncarnumDelay death by 3 hit points for every point of invested essentia.Con 15, Azure ToughnessLow
Cerulean SkillIncarnumAdd 1 + twice the amount of invested essentia on all checks involving the chosen skill.Con 13Moderate
Chain Bikini ChickFighter"And her special ability is somehow not dying while only wearing less than half the armour of the other guys."Cha 15, FemaleVery High
Chakra BinderIncarnumYou can bind chakra more efficiently than other meldshaper.NoneHigh
Chakra DisablerFighter, MonkYou hit people in their nerves and chakras, making them go limp.Improved Unarmed StrikeWeapon Focus: Unarmed StrikeHeal 8 ranks, Autohypnosis 8 ranksVery High
Chakra FistFighter, IncarnumYou can invest essentia in your stunning fist, which grant you extra uses, a higher DC and access to more effect when using stunning fist.Stunning FistHigh
Challenge-ObsessedFighterInitiate multiple Duel of Wills per battle and gain ability to parry using Iaijutsu FocusBAB +7, Intimidate 11 ranks, Sudden ChallengeModerate
ChameleonXenothericYou can blend in with your surroundings by adapting your body to the colors and textures around you.NoneLow
Champion of AresMinionAres grant you the ability to enhance your weapon with the power of war.Bab +1, Favored of AresWeapon FocusHigh
Champion's GuidanceGeneralYou are able to communicate with past divine champions, gaining their insight.Divine ChampionVery High
Changeling BloodedGeneralYou gain the minor change shape ability that is possessed by changelings.1st level onlyHigh
Channeled Eldritch BlastGeneralYou have learned to charge your Eldritch Blast to greater effect.Eldritch Blast +1d6Very High
Channeling OpportunityGeneralYou gain the ability to use arcane channeling on AoOs.Arcane Channeling class feature, Combat ReflexesHigh
Chaos Doll MagicRacialAdd Chaos spells to your class spell list.Plushie subtype, chaotic alignment, Caster level 1stUnquantifiable
Chaos WarpGeneralYou can step through reality into another, but you do so at your own risk...Caster level 10th, Knowledge (The Planes) 8 ranks, Cha 13Very High
Chaotic Rage-CEFighter, FuryGain the effects of an anarchic weapon while raging.BAB +9, Rage 1/day, chaotic alignment.High
Charged Item SpecialistGeneralGet extra uses out of a single chosen magic item per day.Use Magic Device 5 RanksVery High
Charged Item TrainingGeneralGet extra charges out of daily charged items.Use Magic Device 5 RanksHigh
Charged Mystic BoltGeneralYou deal higher damage with your mystic bolt, but it decreases after multiple attacks.Mystic Bolt class featureHigh
Charismatic BloodMulticlassYou always thought your ancestors were different, you just didn't realize it involved dragons.Must be able to spontaneously cast arcane spells.High
Charismatic ProdigyGeneralYour force of personality is far stronger than it ought to be, allowing you to activate your abilities to greater effectNoneModerate
Charismatic TruespeakGeneralUse Charisma instead of Intelligence for truespeak.Truespeak 4 RanksLow
Charlotte's TongueGeneralSpeak with a kind of vermin.NoneLow
Cheap ShotFighterWhy simply feint when you could deck a bitch?Improved Unarmed StrikeImproved FeintModerate
Cheap Shot, VariantFighterMake an unarmed attack as part of a feint.Bab +1 or Improved Unarmed StrikeBluff 4 RanksHigh
Child NecromancerGeneralAn obsession with death and experimentation with necromancy early in your childhood perverted your body and blossoming magical talent. As a result, your body never aged past childhood, and you are an adult in a child’s body, magically powerful but physically weak.Caster Level 1+, Must know at least one necromancy spell of each level you can castHigh
Child of NightGeneralGives blur when not in full daylight.Character level 5thVery High
Child of ThunderTacticalThe legacy of the Thunderhead clan lives on through your impressive ability to shoot better than anyone else, and in situations where a lesser bowman would falter.Point Blank ShotPrecise Shot, three Thunder Bolt maneuvers (at least one of which must be a stance), BAB +6High
Child of featHeritage1st level only, Must have same alignment as your tutelary godUnquantifiable
Childhood TrainingGeneralYou gain the benefits of various low feats.1st level onlyVery High
Chilling AuraUndeadYou announce your presence with an unnatural drop in temperature4HD, Undead typeHigh
Chilling PerformanceGeneralLiterally chill foes with your performanceBardic music ability, know two spells that deal cold damage, perform 15 ranksVery High
Chivilrous KnightMulticlassYour Knight levels and Paladin levels stack for the purposes of Knight's Challenge DCs, Lay on Hands, and special mount. You can use your lay on hands when protecting allies.Paladin level 3, Knight level 3High
Chivilrous MageMulticlassYour Knight levels and Sorcerer levels stack for the purposes of Knight's Challenge DCs. You can sacrifice spell slots to improve some Knight class features. Your HP from sorcerer levels also increases.Sorcerer level 3, Knight's Challenge class featureHigh
Chivilrous PerformerMulticlassYour Knight levels and Bard levels stack for the purposes of Bardic music progression and Knight's Challenge DCsBardic Music (Inspire Competence), Knight's Challenge class featureHigh
Chivilrous RogueMulticlassYour Knight levels and Rogue levels stack for the purposes of Sneak Attack damage and Knight's Challenge DCsSneak Attack +2d6, Knight's Challenge class featureHigh
Chosen by ZarusRacialYou are super effective against non-humans.HumanHigh
Chthonic GripGeneralYou can initiate grapples with your Chthonic Serpent weapons.Blade Meditation (Chthonic Serpent), Any two of Binding ConstrictorBoa StrikeChoking Python, or Anaconda CrushModerate
Clan CommanderLeadershipTeamwork Leadership, Character level 10thUnquantifiable
Clap Your HandsFighterEmber started humming and clapped her hands on the hapless goblin. The goblin vibrated momentarily and exploded into chunks of meat and bone, wounding several other goblins nearby. "Who's next?"Improved Unarmed StrikeHigh
Clarity Through ViolenceGeneralWhen confused, all results are "attack".NoneLow
Clarity of RageProwess, FuryWhen blinding rage pushes you forward, you still tend to end up right where you wanted to be.Rage class featureLow
Class ProficiencyGeneralYou gain proficiency of another class.NoneModerate
Classical ProgressionMulticlassYou keep advancing the abilities of one of your base class using your character level instead of class level.Must have 3 levels in a base class.Very High
Claws of the Wyrm StyleFighter, TacticalYou are an expert at fighting with dragon claws.Weapon Focus (Dragon Claws)High
Clear SkyMonstrous, WeatherThe surrounding weather around you is always calm.Knowledge Nature 6 ranksModerate
Clear WatersRacialYou can turn especially transparent.Elnade, Hide 6 ranksHigh
Clear the RoomFighterYou are notoriously gassy and have learned how to weaponize your fartsYou have a gas problem, Base Attack Bonus +1High
Clear the Room, GreaterFighterYour farts are horribleYou have a gas problem, Clear the Room, Improved Clear the Room, Base Attack Bonus +6Very High
Clear the Room, ImprovedFighterYour gas problem has gotten even nastierYou have a gas problem, Clear the Room, Base Attack Bonus +3Very High
Silent, but DeadlyFighterThe name says it allyou have a gas problem, Clear the Room, Improved Clear the Room, Greater Clear the Room, Base Attack Bonus +10Very High
Clear the WayGeneralYour allies may count the space you occupy as unoccupied. You may even share the same space as them.Escape Artist 2 ranks.Low
ClearsightSalient AbilityGain true seeing and a bonus to defeat Disguise checks.Divine Rank 1, Wis 15High
CleaveFighterWhen you down an enemy, other creatures you threaten need to watch out.Power AttackHigh
Cleave and Smite EvilFighterWhen you cleave, you automatically smite without expending a smite attempt.Cleave, any Smite ability (like Smite Evil)Moderate
Cleave, GrimoireGeneralYou may make a cleaving strike upon dropping a foe, and it may be just as strong as your last hit.NoneHigh
Cleaving LaunchFighterWhen you kill a creature, you launch their corpse as a projectile.CleaveImproved Bull RushModerate
Clever TricksterFighterYou are able to perform combat maneuver using your Dex, Int or Cha. You may use your ranks in Sleight of Hand instead of your BAB when making combat maneuvers.BAB +1 or Sleight of Hand 1 RanksHigh
Cling OnFighter, TacticalGain some grapple options based on holding on for dear life.Clever WrestlerCW or Improved Grapple or Grab special abilityUnquantifiable
Cling to LifeFighterIf you are dying it takes you longer than normal to actually perish.EnduranceModerate
Cloaked GlideGeneralDescend safely with the aid of your cloak.Corkscrew FallTumble 6 ranksModerate
Clone SpellMetamagicCast a spell along with a second copy that may have different targets or options.NoneHigh
Close MissFighterThe force of your blow can cause grievous wounds even if you barely miss your target.BAB +3, Power AttackHigh
Clothing Beam CannonMonkYou can create clothing at will... for... some reason.NoneLow
Cloud RiderReserveYou can summon a magical cloud which grant you a fly speed.Must be able to cast 3rd level spells.Very High
Clumsy DodgeGeneralYou're so clumsy that you accidentally dodge out of the way when caught unaware.Dexterity 9 or lower.Low
Cobalt SurgeSurge, IncarnumYou can use your essentia to expand your surge point pool.Con 13, Cha 13, Extra Surging, must be able to use combat surges.High
Codex Awesome BlowFighterAn improved version of awesome blow without a borked saving throw.strength 18, power attack, Bab +3High
Codex Combat CastingFighterA less useless version of combat casting.NoneHigh
Codex Deflect BlowFighter, MonkDeflect arrow except for melee!Improved Unarmed Strike or proficiency with tower shields.High
Codex EnduranceFighterYou have peak level endurance.Bab +1 or Constitution 14Moderate
Codex Skill FocusGeneralA better version of skill focus that isn't super annoying to take.NoneHigh
Codex SniperFighterYou can shoot very far and precise.Bab +1High
Coin ShotSpelltouchedYou can turn coins into thrown weapons.Must have been exposed to a magic weapon spell.High
Cold DemeanorFighterYou become immune to fear and fatigue effects, you can demoralize opponents quicker.One Dire Winter maneuver, Intimidate 4 ranksHigh
Cold Iron ForgerItem CreationYou've practiced crafting with cold iron and know its secrets.Craft (weapons) or (metalsmithing) 4 ranks.High
Cold ManipulationGeneralYou gain three special maneuvers related to your ability to manipulate ice and cold.Cryokinesis or Greater Cold FocusFrostburnVery High
Cold RageFuryYour rage burns cold, allowing you to act much more rationally and granting you superior battle clarity.Rage 1/DayHigh
Colossus ClimberFighter, TacticalLarge opponents pose no problem to you, as you bravely scale their bodies and stab at their undersides, making it difficult for them to hit you in the process.Climb 6 ranks, Balance 6 ranks, Improved Grapple.High
Colourful FlagReserveShoot obscuring beam of light as long as you have a light spell.Know at least one light spell of 1st level or greater.Moderate
Colourful Flag, ImprovedGeneralImprovements to numeric effects of Colourful Flag.Colourful Flag, 3th level.Very High
Combat AcrobatFighter, Combat FormIn battle, you are able to move fluidly, befuddling your opponents.Combat Focus, Dex 13High
Combat Action FocusFighterFocus your training on a specific combat actionImproved Disarm, OR Improved Feint, OR Improved Trip, OR Improved Grapple, OR Improved Bull Rush, OR Improved Overrun, OR Improved SunderModerate
Combat AdrenalineFighter, Combat FormIn battle, you call upon a reserve of strength deep within you, granting you the ability to do inhuman feats.Combat Focus, Wis 13, Str 15, Any 2 other combat form featsHigh
Combat AptitudeCombat Form, FighterYou have extremely precise while maintaining your combat focus.Bab 10+, Combat Focus and 2 other combat form feat.High
Combat Archery-CEFighterDon't provoke for firing ranged weapons in melee.BAB +6, Point Blank Shot.High
Combat Casting, ProwessProwessTraining to allow a spellcaster to cast spells in melee without getting stabbed in the face, and better finish them even if they do.NoneHigh
Combat CrafterGeneralYou make things fast enough to do it in combat.Possess a Total Gadget Value score greater than 0.Very High
Combat DefenseFighter, Combat FormYou are able to focus on defense in the heat of battle, parrying with ease.Combat Focus, Fighter level 4, Wis 13High
Combat EngineerFighterYou gain a bonus on craft, disable device and knowledge (engineering) checks. You also are adept at repairing your own gear and improving the armor you are wearing.Fighter Level 1st, Knowledge (Engineering) 1 ranksHigh
Combat Equivalency DegreeFighterYour HD counts as your BAB, but only for the purpose of pre-requisites.NoneLow
Combat Expertise, MS VariantFighterA better, more-scaleable version of the PHB feat.BAB +1High
Combat ExploitFighterNow I can use ExploitsFighter Level 2Very High
Combat FlurryFighter, Combat FormIn the heat of battle, you strike with power and speed.Combat Focus, Wis 13, Base attack bonus +6High
Combat Focus, VariantCombat Form, FighterA rework of the combat focus feat from player handbook II.Bab +1, Wis 13High
Combat HealerGeneralSpend Lay on Hands to increase healing from a Devoted Spirit maneuver.Lay on hands (or similar ability), one Devoted Spirit maneuver that heals hit point damage.Moderate
Combat ParkourCombat Form, FighterCombat ParkourCombat Focus, Dex 17+, balance 8 ranks, climb 8 ranks, jump 8 Ranks, tumble 4 ranksHigh
Combat PokeMonkYou can poke opponents for low damage.Improved Unarmed StrikeVery High
Combat ReactionsFighter, Combat FormWhile fighting, you notice every little movement, every little flick of the wrist, and this can save your life.Combat Focus, Wis 13, Dex 15, Base Attack bonus +6High
Combat Reflexes, GreaterFighterIt is harder to get away from you or your attacks.Improved Combat Reflexes, +6 BABHigh
Combat Reflexes, GrimoireFighterYou can make multiple attacks of opportunity per round.NoneModerate
Combat Reflexes, ImprovedFighterThe very air seems to twist and grow thick and the earth bends and moves to impede your foes from their cowardly escape.Combat Reflexes, +3 BABHigh
Combat Reflexes, MS VariantFighterA better, more accessible version of the PHB feat.BAB +1 OR Dex 13 OR Wis 13High
Combat Reflexes, PunishmentFighterYou punish mistakesBAB +6, Dex 15, Combat Reflexes, Improved Combat ReflexesHigh
Combat Reflexes, Punishment VariantFighterYou strike often when an opening presents itself.Dex 21 or MobilityCombat ReflexesBAB +12High
Combat SpeedFighter, Combat FormYou exhibit an incredible swiftness in battle, adrenaline pushing you forward with every step.Dex 15, Base attack Bonus +3, Combat Focus, Wis 13High
Combat SwiftnessCombat Form, FighterYou are swift while focused, allowing you to run long distance and move quickly in combat.Combat Focus, Bab 4+High
Combat TricksterFighter, TacticalYou are an expert at disarming and feinting.Bab +1, Improved Disarm or Improved FeintHigh
Combo MasteryFighterString together successful consecutive hits for a combo bonus to damage!BAB +6High
Combustible SpellGeneralAlways set fire to foesSpellcraft 12 ranks, 4 fire spells known, caster ability score 15Very High
Command PlantsSalient AbilitySpeak to plants, rebuke them, and and control the growth and death of plants.Divine Rank 1High
CommodoreGeneralBeing in charge of one ship makes you a Captain. You have several.Airship Pilot 2nd levelUnquantifiable
Commoner AuthorityGeneralCommoners are initially helpful toward you.Cha 13Low
CommunicatorGeneralYou can communicate in short sentences with any creature of at least Int 3.Speak Language 2 ranksLow
Compact SizeGeneralYou are smaller than normal for your race, but your more compact form make up for the loss or reach with increased strength and stoutness.1st Level Only, Large Size or LargerVery High
Compensate for SizeFighter, MonkYou know how to moves enemies in special ways as to eliminate their advantage over you when using specialized attacks.BAB +3Moderate
Compensate for WindFighterYou can handle high winds just fine.NoneModerate
Competent BlacksmithGeneralYou are a great blacksmith.NoneModerate
Competent HealerGeneralYou are a great healer.NoneModerate
Competent MusicianGeneralYou are a great musician.NoneModerate
Competent PatrolmanGeneralYou gain a bonus to listen and survival checks.NoneModerate
Competent SailorGeneralYou are a great sailor.NoneModerate
Competent ScholarGeneralYou are a great scholar.NoneModerate
Complete Exotic ProficiencyFighterGain proficiency in all exotic weapons.One Martial Weapon Proficiency and 1st level only, or proficiency in all martial weapons and at least one Exotic Weapon ProficiencyModerate
Concentrated DefenseFighterShrug off an amount of damage based on your Concentration check.One Anima River maneuver, Concentration 4 ranksHigh
Concentrating WordsWordcastingYou can spend words instead of concentrating.Have at least 1 spell word/day.Moderate
Concussive BlowFighterGive concussions to foes.15 StrengthPower Attack or Point Blank Shot, BAB +8, proficiency in a bludgeoning weaponVery High
Concussive ReloadFighterYou can hit people while you reload.Bab +1High
Conductive Spell EssenceGrimYou gain healing and harming-themed spells to your grim spell list plus a bonus to Heal.Grim TransformationHigh
Conduit of EnergyGeneralYou are closely attuned to an energy type.NoneHigh
Congregate MonkMulticlassYour monk and chorister levels stack for a bunch of stuff.Effective Monk level 1, Verse of Valor +1Moderate
Conjure AllySpelltouchedYou are capable of summoning a single creature known to you, who persists longer than most.3 HD, exposure to a summon monster spellUnquantifiable
Conniving ManipulatorGeneralYou may use your Intelligence and bluff check and gain a bonus on 'evil' lies.Bluff 1 RanksLow
Constricting FiendFiendYour legs merge into a long tail, and you gain the ability to squeeze the life from your foes.Character level 6Moderate
Construct CompanionGeneralYour familiar or animal companion is now a construct.Craft Construct or Knowledge Engineering 4 ranksUnquantifiable
Construct HunterFighterYou are extremely apt at destroying constructs and avoiding defending yourself against them.Knowledge (Engineering) 4 ranks, Favored Enemy (Construct).High
Construct PokémonPokémasterYou caught a Golem!Ability to control Pokémon of CR 20.Very High
Construct ToughnessGeneralYou are much tougher than most living construct, your body also persist after your destruction.ConstructModerate
ConsumerGeneralGain additional funds specifically for consumable goods.NoneUnquantifiable
Contagious Aura of SuccessGeneralYour contagious success rubs off in an aura.Cha 13, Contagious SuccessHigh
Contagious EvasionGeneralProvide Evasion to nearby allies.Cha 13, Contagious SuccessEvasionModerate
Contagious MettleGeneralProvide Mettle to nearby allies.Cha 13, Contagious Success, MettleModerate
Contagious SuccessGeneralAssist others on simultaneous saves.Cha 13High
Contemplative FocusMonkYou treat a single chosen weapon as a monk weapon and may use it with feats which require unarmed strike.Improved Unarmed StrikeWeapon Focus (any melee weapon)Moderate
Continued Mind EnhancementMulticlassSoulblade weapon enhancement continues to increase at half of normal rate while taking other classes.Mind Enhancement +1Moderate
Continued Mind Enhancement, Rogue BalanceMulticlassSoulblade weapon enhancement continues to increase at normal rate while taking other classes.Mind Enhancement +1High
Continued TrainingMulticlassYou continue training with one of your classes, even after you multiclass.NoneUnquantifiable
Control CreaturesSalient AbilityTake control of mooks, possessing them even at range.Divine Rank 11, Cha 15High
Control SpawnUndeadYour victims serve you eternally in death.NoneVery High
Controlled CurseRacialYou can slow down the effect of your curse considerably.Accursed Mark racial featureUnquantifiable
Controlled TouchGeneralYou can control your power enough not to kill allies you touch.Must have the spirit thief template.Moderate
Cool IdolGeneralOnce per encounter as an immediate action, you can add your Charisma modifier to your attack roll and damage. Also, things for pokemon contests.Cha 13Moderate
Cooperative SummonerGeneralAllows Tome Warlocks, Summoners and anyone else with the Summon ability to summon from a larger poolA class feature that allows non-spell-based summoning such as Summon or Call Fiends, must be a material plane native with no [Extraplanar] subtypeHigh
Copy EyeGeneralYou can copy maneuver you see other initiator initiates.One Doppelganger's Shadow, Martial Lore 4 RanksUnquantifiable
Copy MachineItem CreationWhen you make something many times in a row, you get exceedingly good at it.Craft (any) 4 ranksLow
Copy TechniqueFighterYou pick up new tricks quickly and easily, able to rely on your companions for the ability to adapt to any situation.BAB +1, Intelligence 13Unquantifiable
CopypastaGeneralWhen you attack, you move your arms in overly symetric patterns.BAB +6High
Copyright FormFighterNo one else may assume your form.1 level in a PC classLow
Core ApotheosisAutoplateThe next level of awareness: independence.Autoplate pilot, Core Awakening class feature, Core Evolution featHigh
Core EvolutionAutoplateYour autoplate's Energy Core has taken on a life of its own.Autoplate pilot, Core Awakening class featureHigh
Core TranscendenceAutoplateYou've awakened something you don't quite understand. But it promises to help you reach enlightenment.Autoplate pilot, Core Awakening class feature, Core Evolution and Core Apotheosis featsHigh
Coronach SongGeneralDestroy the undead with a song, kill the dyingPerform 13 ranks, bardic music class feature, Charisma 15Very High
Corpse ImpalerFighter, VileYou leave corpse impaled on your spears and fight with them.ImpaleWeapon Focus (Any Spear)High
Corpse StrengthUndeadYour Strength count as 8 points for the purpose of carrying capacity, Strength checks and Strength-based skill checks. Your effective Strength for these things increase by 2 for each Undead feat you possess beside this one.Corporeal UndeadHigh
Corpse ToughnessUndeadYou gain +1 hit point per HD and DR 5 bypassed by one type of physical damage.NoneModerate
Corpsecrafter, VariantNecromantic Creationa better version of corpsecrafterAbility to create undead
Corrosive SpellMetamagicYour acid spells are so powerful, they tear through resistances and immunities.NoneHigh
Corrosive SpittleRacialYour hairs can spit globs of acidic poisonous substance.GorgoneionHigh
Counter FeintFighterYou can fake out people trying to counter you with a feint attempt.Bluff 4 ranksHigh
CounterattackFighter, MonkWhen you're attacked, there is a small chance you attack back!BAB +6 or Monk level 6, Combat ReflexesVery High
CounterstrokeFighterMake attacks of opportunity when others miss you.BAB +6, Combat ReflexesLightning ReflexesVery High
Covenant of the WarpGeneralYour essence is tied to a strange energy called 'the warp' which give you amazing inate abilities but you are unable to use magic items.NoneHigh
Cover WeaknessGeneralIncrease an ability score by +1, to a maximum of a score of 11.An ability score less than 11.Low
Covering GrappleFighter, TacticalGrab your allies and use yourself as a human shield, or chuck them hella'va far!Improved GrappleHigh
Crab DanceGeneralNew movement option that makes you look like a crab.BAB +1, Perform (dance) 6 ranksHigh
Crackling InvokerGeneralYou deal more electricity damage and it can cause your opponent to become overcharged.NoneHigh
Craft Arcane DeviceItem CreationYou are able to create powerful arcane devices.Caster level 9th or Use Magic Item 12 ranksVery High
Craft ArtifactSalient AbilityYou can craft artifacts ahead of your time, and better than others too.Divine Rank 1High
Craft ConstructItem CreationGain the ability to craft constructs and golem manuals.Craft 4 ranks, Use Magic Device 4 ranksUnquantifiable
Craft ConsumablesItem CreationYou are able to create all kind of consumables items.Caster level 1st or Use Magic Item 4 ranksVery High
Craft Item of ProwessItem Creation, ProwessYou can create skill items, granting ranks, bonuses, and other adjustments to others.Character level 4High
Craft Magical ImageItem CreationWith your knowledge of Spellcraft and the ability to make images. You have learned how to craft an image able to cast spell-like abilities acting like the pre-chosen spell.Effective Caster Level 5, Craft (Image) ranks 5, Spellcraft ranks 8Moderate
Craft Mundane ItemItem CreationYou are an expert working with mundane items.Craft (any) 4 ranksUnquantifiable
Craft QuicktrapItem CreationYou can create traps very quickly and efficiently.Craft (Trapmaking) 4 RanksModerate
Craft Truespeech ItemItem CreationAllows you to craft truespeech items.Truespeech class featureVery High
Craft TurretItem CreationYou can enhance siege weapons, and create quick-use turrets.Craft Construct, Craft Technology 8 ranks or Knowledge Engineering 8 ranksVery High
Craft Wondrous ArtificeItem CreationYou are able to create items of great powers.Caster level 3rd or Use Magic Device 6 ranksVery High
Craft of the SoulstealerGeneralBy studying stolen souls, you have learned to fully tap their power for your magical creations.Three or more item creation feats, caster level 6Unquantifiable
Crafting InternItem CreationYou can take item creation feats earlier, and lower the cost on certain things.NoneLow
Crashing Bull RushFighterYou crash into opponents, sending them flying.Improved Bull RushHigh
Create GeoglyphItem CreationLearn to create land-bound spells that affect very large areas.Caster Level 12thUnquantifiable
Create Greater ObjectSalient AbilityCreate even more rare and exotic matter from thin air.Divine Rank 11, Craft 28 ranks, Create ObjectHigh
Create Illusory WeaponArcane CombatYou create an semi-illusory weapon you can fight with.Two-Weapon FightingSerpent Tongue Style or ability to cast 2nd level Illusion spells or spell-like ability.High
Create LanguageGeneralYou create a new language and can teach it to others.Speak Language 8 ranks, Decipher Script 4 ranksLow
Create More WaterGeneralCreate more water, with utility and combat power.Ability to cast create water as spell or spell-like abilityModerate
Create ObjectSalient AbilityCreate nonmagical matter at whim.Divine Rank 6, Craft 23 ranksHigh
Creation Ex XenoXenothericCan't make something out of nothing, unless you're an alien or something...Con 18, Craft Xeno-Alchemy 5 ranksVery High
BodakFighterYou fought and slain the terrifying bodak, gaining more insight on death.must have fought and defeated a bodak, Fighter level 6 or Bab 12High
HagFighterThe tricks of hags and annis do not impress you.must have fought and defeated a hag., Fighter level 6 or Bab 12High
HydraFighterYou fought the opportunistic hydra, gaining knowledge how to avoid being bitten more than once.Fighter level 4, must have fought and defeated a hydraHigh
Invisible StalkerFighterAfter fighting invisible stalker and other naturally invisible creature you learned how to deal with invisible opponents more readily.must have fought and defeated a invisible stalker or another naturally invisible creature., Fighter level 6 or Bab 12High
MedusaFighterYou fought and defeated the horribly medusa, knowing when to avert your gaze.must have fought and defeated a medusa or another creature with a gaze attack., Fighter level 6 or Bab 12High
TrollFighterYou know how to deal with trolls and their annoying regeneration.must have fought and defeated a troll or another creature with regeneration., Fighter level 6 or Bab 12High
CremationGeneralYou increase the DC of fire spell by 1 and you use your fire spells to incinerate your foes.Must be capable of casting 1st level [fire] spell or higher.High
Crippling PokerFighter, TacticalYou hit people in major organs instead of just bruising them to death.Must be able to make unarmed attacks, Sleight of Hand 6 ranks, Heal 6 ranksVery High
Critical CareGeneralRaise the recently dead with Heal.Medical Knowledge, Heal 8 ranksVery High
Critical EyeFighterYou crit easier than most.NoneModerate
Critical FreezeSpell StanceAs long as you have a [cold] spell available your strike have an icy punch.Bab 5+, caster level 5High
Critical StatementWordcastingGet bonuses on a natural 20 for your wordcasting check.Know at least one spell wordHigh
Critical StrikeMetacombatEnsure you get a critical hit by taking a -10 penalty to hit.BAB +10High
Critical Strike MasteryGeneralYour critical hits never have to be confirmed and you can never critically fail on an attack roll (EX: a 1 or 2 on the die roll is treated as such and is not a critical fail chance.)Crit FisherPower Critical, Savage Critical, Improved Critical, Greater Critical, Base Attack Bonus +20Moderate
Critical ToughnessFighterYou are so tough you don't get critted often.ToughnessModerate
Critting SpreeLuckWhen you confirm a critical, your luck spreads to others.One luck featHigh
Cross Explosion SpellMetamagicTransform your lines into rays, that subsequently explode into multiple lines a round later.NoneHigh
Cross-Style TrainingMulticlass, MonkAn exchange student, studier of more eclectic martial arts, or simply someone who feels a special bond with a specific weapon, you can use a non-traditional weapon at the same level of mastery as your peers.NoneModerate
Crossbow AssassinFighter, TacticalYou are a deadly marksman with a crossbow.Point Blank ShotPrecise Shot or Weapon Focus (Any Crossbow)High
CrossbowyerArchetypeBecome better with light, heavy and great crossbowsBAB 1+, Proficient with crossbowsHigh
CrosscutFighter, MonkAttack twice as a standard attack.BAB +2High
Crow's TalonFighterThink with portals for doing stuff.At least one Crow's Flight maneuver, Knowledge (Arcana) 4 ranksHigh
Cruel FateGeneralYour Lucky One Luck Bonus can be turned upon your enemies, making them fail miserably.Luck Bonus +1Very High
Cruel FrostTactical, FighterYou gain several tactical maneuvers related to the Dire Winter discipline.Cold DemeanorIntimidate 6 Ranks, three Dire Winter maneuvers.High
Cruising AltitudeGeneralWhen you fly overland at an altitude of 5000 ft or more, you can go really fast.Fly speedLow
Crusader of the DesertRegionalYour nomad life in the desert made you much stronger.Crusader or Paladin classHigh
Crushing BlowFighterYou may trade a potential critical hit for a chance to stun and deal extra damages.Weapon proficiency (warhammer) or weapon proficiency (heavy mace) or weapon proficiency (light mace)High
Crushing Overruntactical, FighterDon't just knock them flat, grind them into the dirt as you pass.BAB +6, Power AttackImproved OverrunHigh
Crushing SlamRacialYou are adept at using your arms, fists and body as a natural weapon.Power AttackSlam attackModerate
Crushing SubmissionFighterYou beat opponents into submission with your mace.Weapon Focus (bludgeoning weapon)Moderate
CryokinesisGeneralYou deal extra damage with cold spells and can create ice on command.Able to use psychic magic or psionic powers, must know one [cold] spell or powerVery High
Cryokinesis, AdvancedGeneralYou can manipulate ice and snow through telekinesis and have more potent [cold] abilities.CryokinesisHigh
Cryokinetic SkatingGeneralYou gain the ability to skate on ice you create, which allows you to move over liquid and vertical surfaces.CryokinesisHigh
Crystalize PowerMetapsionicTurn any damaging power into physical damage.NoneUnquantifiable
Crystallizing WoundsCurseYour wounds crystallize, allowing you to ignore damage at the cost of your dexterity.Must be corporealHigh
Cull LifeGeneralGain life force from healing potionsLife Force class feature, maximum life force pool of at least 40 pointsHigh
Cult SpellMetamagicSoon, people will understand why you let peasants in deep robes follow you around everywhere.NoneVery High
Cunning DeceiverGeneralYou gain a +3 bonus on Bluff, Disguise and Forgery checks and may use your Intelligence on them. You gain additional benefits against creature you previously altered the disposition of.Bluff 4 RanksHigh
Cure TimeGeneralUse positive energy to rewind age.Life Force class feature, maximum life force pool of at least 150 pointsModerate
Curse of SpiteUndeadYou hatred survive even in death and curses others.5 HDVery High
Cursed BloodlineGeneralYou gain the [Evil] subtype and DR 2/Good.You come from a terrible and cursed bloodline, making you more or less than a mere man.Moderate
Cursed BodyMonstrousPrevent creatures from using the same trick on you twice, and curse them if you drop.Undead type or Incorporeal subtype.High
Cursed RageRacialYour anger at your curse make you even stronger.Accursed Mark racial feature and the rage class feature.Moderate
Cute CharmMonstrousUse cuteness as a special defenceNoneHigh
Cute IdolGeneralOnce per encounter as an immediate action, you can add your Charisma modifier to your saving throws against one effect. Also, things for pokemon contests.Cha 13Moderate
Cyan FocusFighter, IncarnumAdd invested essentia to attack roll with chosen weaponCon 13, Proficiency with selected weapon, BAB +1Moderate
Cyan InitiativeFighter, IncarnumAdd 2 plus twice invested essentia to initiative checks.Con 13Moderate
Cyan SpecializationFighter, IncarnumAdd 1+ invested essentia to damage roll with chosen weaponCon 13, Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus (or Cyan Focus) with selected weapon, Fighter level 4thLow
Cyan UtteranceIncarnumYou can ignore the law of resistance a number of time per day per invest essentia.Con 13, Ability to Speak UtterancesHigh
Cyclonic SpellMetamagicBecome a master of winds by gaining more flexibility with Air spells.Ability to cast Air spells, Knowledge (nature) 4 ranks.Unquantifiable
DO YOU DOUBT THE INTEGRITY OF A BEING WHOSE MUSCLES CAN DO THIS?Skill, FighterYou can try to convince someone of your honesty by flexing your musclesBAB +3, STR 19, Bluff 6 RanksModerate
DabblerGeneralYour studies let you dabble in powers you would not normally possess.3rd level characterUnquantifiable
Dabbling WarlockGeneralYou have limited use of a single least or lesser invocation.Spellcraft 4 RanksUnquantifiable
Dagger FinesseFighterYour strikes are precise, relying on finesse to inflict damage.BAB +1, Weapon Focus (dagger/dagger-like weapon), Sleight of Hand 4 ranksHigh
Daily ExpertGeneralOnce a day you pick up a random new exciting thing to specialize in.Int 13High
Damage ResistanceFighterYour damage reduction become damage resistance.Augmented Damage ReductionHigh
Damage SpongeFighterGain temp hp equal to your Con modifier or your character level (whichever is lower) every round.Base Fort +2, Con 13High
Dampen AfflictionGeneralWhen afflicted by a few of the more crippling status effects, you can choose to take on a different effect instead.Con 13, EnduranceHigh
Dance EverywhereGeneralWhen you go places, you dance.1 rank Perform DanceLow
Dance of the DeadGeneralMake undead dance to your bardic music, thus eliminating the threat for now.Bardic Music (Suggestion), Knowledge Religion 5 ranksHigh
Dancer of the DaisFighter, TacticalGain several tactical benefits using the Dancing Goddess discipline.Eternal Dancer, Perform (Dance) 9 ranks, two dancing goddess maneuversHigh
Dancer of the MirageBardic, GeneralConfuse and hypnotize enemies with your dance.Fascinate feature, Perform (dance) 8 ranksHigh
Dancing Blossom StanceGeneralMonks fly through the air as if on wires, balance on a single mote of dust, and walk on water.Monk 4th, Balance 7 ranksModerate
Dancing Edge StyleFighterWhen you attack with a curved blade you can move.BAB +3, proficiency in any curved slashing weaponModerate
Dancing Sword StyleFighter, TacticalYou gain special benefits when wielding a bastard sword or longsword.Bab +1, Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword) or (Longsword)High
Dancing SwordsmanCombat, SkillDance around your enemies and poke them a whole lot. Inspired by Dashing Swordsman.NoneHigh
Dancing WizardGeneralYou dance like the rest of them (breastplate provides arcane spell failure), only more competently.Ability to cast arcane spells.High
Dancing and Stabbing WizardGeneralThe fluidity of your murderous stabs blend with the somatic components of your spells so well, it's like you've choreographed it.Dancing WizardVery High
Danger IntuitionGeneralDue to your senses, overall intuition, or just plain luck, foes seem to be unable to catch you unaware.NoneModerate
Daring ExileMulticlassRonin and SwashbucklerCW levels stack for Grace, dodge bonus, and Cheap Shot dice.Grace +1, Cheap Shot +2d6High
Daring MinstrelMulticlassYour bard and swashbuckler level stack for grace and spellcasting.Grace +1, Must be able to cast 1st level bard spellsHigh
Daring StepGeneralAs a swift action you may move to an adjacent square. This provoke an attack of opportunity.NoneLow
Daring SwordsmanGeneral, MulticlassSwashbuckler and warblade levels stack for initiator level and grace.Battle clarity, grace +1.High
Dark ArtsGeneralYour magic comes from powers from deep below, malignant and horribleAbility to cast spells, any evil alignment, Black MagicHigh
Dark AtonerGeneralYou retain all class features of an evil paladin while good or neutral aligned.AntipaladinPathfinderBlack KnightBlackguard or Paladin of Slaughter/Tyranny 1st, Non-Evil AlignmentUnquantifiable
Dark AwarenessGeneralRemoves the need for sleep, keeps you aware when unconscious.Character level 3rdHigh
Dark BrandMinion, VileYou pledge allegiance to the power of a powerful evil deity.Any evil alignment.High
Dark HandGeneralYou enhance one of your hand with a dark power, granting you dire abilities.Must be able to use a Undead Touch Attack or cast vampiric touchVery High
Dark HexHexYou make enemies you curse much more susceptible to your attacks.Hexblade's CurseVery High
Dark KnowledgeGeneralYou know things, and have been exposed to dark insight. This helps you against the horrors from beyond time and space.Int 13 or Wis 13 or Cha 13Moderate
Dark MageRacialYou no longer gain curse token from using evil magic.Accursed Mark racial featureModerate
Dark MasqueradeGeneralYou radiate an aura of good and do not detect as evil.Aura of EvilLow
Dark Minion SummonerGeneralYou are able to summon minions for the cause of darkness.Blackguard or AntipaladinPathfinderHigh
Dark SoulGeneralYou gain many traits of the undead but can never become one.Tomb-Tainted SoulLbMVery High
Darkened SightCurseYou gain unlimited darkvision which can pierce some magical darkness, but also gain daylight blindness.NoneHigh
Darker PowersGeneralYou inflict more madness and may inflict a much more insidious form of madness.Dark Insight Score, must possess the ability to inflict madness.High
DarklurkerGeneralEvade magical detection within shadows.DarkstalkerLoMHide 13 ranksHigh
Darkmoon's Chosen OneMinionThe blessing of Sir Moon allow you to move through space easily.Favored by a Kingseeker (Sir Moon)High
DarksiderFury, VileYou have a dark side which grant you power, at a cost.3 HDs or Rage Class FeatureHigh
Darkvolt WarlockGeneralYour eldritch blast is imbued with the power of lightning.Eldritch Blast 1d6High
DashFighterYou are able to quickly move around the battlefield, dashing from place to place with superior speed.DodgeHigh
DaywalkerUndeadYou are resistant to sunlight despite your race's weakness.Must be vulnerable to the light of the sun.High
DeaconGeneralYou gain bonuses associated with your faith.Knowledge (Religion) 4 RanksLow
Deadly BlastGeneralReroll 1s on Eldritch BlastDex 15, Eldritch Blast 4d6High
Deadly Bull RushFighterWhen you shove creatures around, you can smack them and throw them.BAB +1High
Deadly OverrunFighterYou are able to overrun better and faster and deal damage while doing so.BAB +1High
Deadly RiposteGeneralYou have trained extensively in exploiting an ineffective enemies opening in combat.DodgeImproved Initiative, Death Blow, Tumble 5 ranks, Escape Artist 5 ranksVery High
DeadtouchedGeneralYou count as an undead for the purpose of prerequisites, gain a +1 natural bonus to AC and reduce precision damages.Tomb-Tainted SoulLM feat or otherwise healed by negative energyModerate
Deafening Song-CEGeneralUse bardic music to render your opponents deaf.Perform 6 ranks, bardic music class featureHigh
Death From AfarFighterYour deadly aim allows you to take out helpless targets from range with nary a sound.BAB +3, Point Blank ShotPrecise ShotHigh
Death's ArbiterGrimYou may absorb damage taken by an ally instantly if it would otherwise kill him.Grim TransformationKnowledge (religion) 6 ranksHigh
Deathblast SpellMetamagicIf your spell kills an enemy, they become a waiting proximity mine waiting to explode!NoneHigh
Deathless Energy Drain ImmunityMonstrousYou regain the immunity to Energy Drain from when you became a Redeemed Undead and gained the Deathless SubtypeRedeemed UndeadModerate
Debris SpellMetamagicArea effect spells leave behind a field of difficult terrain which damages creatures passing through it.NoneHigh
Deceptive StrengthMonkSurprise your enemies with your incredible might and small bodySmall size or less, BAB +3High
Declare SmiteGeneralYou declare you intention to smite, causing evil to experience true fear.Ability to use Smite Evil or a similar abilityHigh
Dedicated BodyguardFighterYou use maneuver-like abilities to be an extremely efficient bodyguard.Martial Lore 4 RanksModerate
Dedicated SteedFighter, MulticlassMulticlassing paladins and other classes which provide special mounts, they can now have their other classes now count to determining the power of the mount.Special mountLow
Dedicated SurgeonTacticalAccess advanced healing and gain powerful new maneuvers usable with the heal skill.Heal 4 ranks, Int 15+High
Deep BreathMonstrousYou can take a deep breath to make a very destructive breath weaponDragon Race, Breath Weapon, Character level 8+Very High
Deep DivinationGeneralYou have have the ability to dig deeper than normal with your divination.Must be able to cast augury or divination or their psionic equivalent.Unquantifiable
Deep FreezeGeneralYou deal more cold damage than normal and cause creatures to freeze.NoneHigh
Deep MindPsionicYou have more power known and power points.1st level OnlyVery High
Defense of OpportunityFighterShut down Attacks of Opportunity in your reach.BAB +1, Combat ReflexesHigh
Defense of the AmazonFighterYou have wondrous deflection talents.Bab 6+, Deflect ProjectilesCodex Deflect BlowHigh
Defensive PrecisionFighterReduce the penalties taken while fighting defensively.NoneLow
Defensive RollGeneralYou are especially quick, and can dodge blows that would kill another person.Reflex +6, Dexterity 15High
Defensive StrikeFighterBy defending yourself expertly you may make sudden strikes against opponents that attack you.Combat ExpertiseDodgeHigh
Definitive DisassemblyGeneralYou can destroy a machine with a single, precise blow.Knowledge (Engineering) 11 RanksVery High
Deflect BlowFighter, MonkDeflect arrow except for melee!Dexterity 13, improved unarmed strike or proficiency with tower shields.High
Deflect ProjectilesFighterYou can deflect ranged attacks with ease, even reflecting back attacks from weaker opponents.Improved Unarmed StrikeHigh
Deflection BarrierReserveYou gain the benefits of missile deflection and a bonus on Reflex save while having the listed spell available.Must be able to cast protection from arrows or mental barrierHigh
Deformity, Acid BloodVile, DeformityYour blood has grown caustic and corrosive, and eats through flesh and stone, burning like fire as it drips from your body.Evil Alignment, Deformity (Blood), Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, Agile IntestinesDeformityUse your disgusting entrails as tools for various usesDeformity (Wicked Guts)Moderate
Deformity, AtrophyVile, DeformityYou are disturbingly thin, to the point that your muscles can barely support your weight, and the slightest wind can actually blow you away.Evil Alignment, Deformity (Gaunt)BoVD, Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, Black BloodVile, DeformityYou blood is black like oil, and thick like sludge, seeping out of your wounds and your pores like some grotesque infection.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDDeformity (Blood)High
Deformity, BloodVile, DeformityYour body is constantly bleeding from your pores, making it appear as though you are constantly sweating out your own blood.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDModerate
Deformity, BulkyVile, DeformityYou made yourself stronger, if less agile.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, Dark BeautyVile, DeformityThanks to dark magic, pacts and maybe natural good look. You made yourself a being of true beauty, although still disturbing you are aesthetically pleasing.Evil Alignment, Cha 12+, Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, Digesting SalivaDeformityYour stomach mouth gains an acidic biteStomach MouthModerate
Deformity, Empty EyesVile, DeformityYour eyes appear to be made out of black onyx: blank, empty, sightless globes, set in red, slightly bleeding sockets, that seem to gaze into the soul itself.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, Face VariantVile, DeformityYou scarred your face in a way that make you hideous and/or extremely fearsome.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, FacelessVile, DeformityYou lack a face, and where it would be, is instead a blank, featureless plane, devoid of emotion.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDVery High
Deformity, FrozenVile, DeformityYour body is as cold as ice, muscles and ligaments stiff with frost and your heart stuttering around ice crystals, as the icy cold blossoms out around you.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDVery High
Deformity, Gaping CrushDeformityCapture enemies into your belly to crush themDeformity (Wicked Guts)High
Deformity, GastroshotDeformitySpit out semi-digested food as an attackDigesting SalivaModerate
Deformity, HiveDeformity, VileYou are host to insects.Con 13, Willing DeformityBoVDUnquantifiable
Deformity, HooksVile, DeformityHooks of bone and flesh have grown across your entire body, sinking deep into your flesh and causing you excruciating pain at all times.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, LiefeldDeformity, VileYour body contorts into a twisted mockery of human proportions.Willing DeformityBoVD or the Badly Drawn flawVery High
Deformity, Malformed BeakDeformityYour mouth is deformed to resemble the shape of a small beakMust have a mouth, Willing DeformityBoVDModerate
Deformity, Numb BodyDeformityConvert lethal damage into non-lethal damage, and become immune to pain effects.Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, Patchwork BodyDeformityYou can put yourself back together if dismembered, or use others body parts to replace your own.Willing DeformityBoVDModerate
Deformity, Preying TalonsDeformityYou have vicious talons instead of normal feetMust have feet, Willing DeformityBoVDModerate
Deformity, ShudderingDeformity, VileYour random spasms are probably the result of nerve damage.Willing DeformityBoVDLow
Deformity, Stomach MouthDeformityObtain a gaping mouth onto your belly areaWilling DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, ToughnessVile, DeformityYou gain extra hit points.Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, Warded SkinVile, DeformityYour skin is full of strange runes, wards and line that may or may not glow dimly. These act as ward and potent protection against holy effects.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, Wicked GutsDeformityTransform your exposed intestines in a weaponWilling DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, Winged ArmsDeformityYour arms are feathered or have membranes, at the cost of losing your handsCharacter Level 6, must have arms, Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deformity, WitheredDeformity, VileYou withered yourself, being more dexterous and able to act as a smaller creature.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVDHigh
Deft OpportunistFighterThe mere presence of a foe may provide an easy opening.Combat Reflexes, +12 BABHigh
Deft ShotFighterTake 10 on ranged attacks.BAB +4, Spot 4 ranksVery High
Deft SwingFighterTake 10 on melee attacks.BAB +4, Spot 4 ranksVery High
Delayed SpellMetamagicMake the poor bastards think they're off the hook, only to crush them once most opportune.NoneHigh
Delta StreamMonstrous, WeatherThe mysterious air current blows on regardless![Air] subtype or Knowledge (nature) 6 ranks and speak Auran.High
Delving TricksterGeneralYou gain extra delving tricks, for maximal trickery.Delving Trick class feature.High
Demogorgon's InsanityMinionYour touch spreads the madness at the heart of Demogorgon's being.Servant of the Obyrith OR Thrall to Demon (Demogorgon)High
Demon's NailFighter, TacticalGain several tactical benefits using the Thousand Daggers discipline.Two thousand daggers maneuvers, Tumble 9 ranks, Art of Flying DaggersHigh
Demonic FuryFuryYour rage unleashes your inner demon, granting you the use of one or more [Fiend] feat.Rage class feature (or analogous)Moderate
Demonic ResistanceAbyssal HeritorYou brush off lightning as if you were a demon.Chaotic alignmentHigh
DemonologistGeneralYou gain a +2 bonus on knowledge checks related to demons and other chaotic evil outsiders, and bind them to your service easier.Knowledge (The Planes) 4 RanksLow
Depraved PhysiognomyVileThe corrupt powers that seep through your body and mind have stretched and deformed your body, forcing you into a shape more to their liking.Evil alignment.Moderate
Desert DwellerGeneralYou are protected against intense heat.1st level OnlyLow
Desert ShamanismGeneralYour spells are more powerful when casted in deserted environments.Ability to cast spells, Knowledge (nature) 4 ranks.High
Desert StormTacticalElectricity-based abilities.Three Desert Wind maneuvers, Tumble 9 ranks.High
Desperate SpellGeneralWhen you are pushed, you are able to cast a powerful and extremely quick damaging spell.Spell Focus (Evocation)High
Despotic FurorFuryYou're really persuasive when you're angry.Rage ability or similar anger-based temporary rage.High
Destabilizing ImpactFighterTake a penalty up to -8 to apply a penalty to others attack rolls.Bab +1High
Destined by HeraMinionYou had to pick Hera, did you?Favored of HeraUnquantifiable
Destiny By DesignGeneralYou know how to stack destiny's deck.Hexblade's Curse, must not have any luck feats.High
Destroyer's PalmGeneralYou can destroy the body of defeated opponents, bypass regeneration andMonk 15th, Stunning FistVery High
Device DabblerGeneralYou gain the ability to craft and maintain special magic items.1st Level Only, Int 15+Unquantifiable
Device KnowledgeGeneralYou know your way with all things mechanical.NoneLow
Devil PreparationGeneralBy learning dark culinary techniques, you have learned to consume the flesh of devils, demons, and other infernals, absorbing their taint and some of their power.Character Level 10, Must have eaten the flesh of a Devil or DemonVery High
Devilbond PyromancerGeneralYou are a pyromaniac with sinister power.Capable of using least ignitions, must not have the fire-bound warlock feat.Very High
Devilish TricksterGeneralYou are a sadistic little trickster, enjoying seeing other suffer either physically or psychologically.Non-Good alignment, must be able to use at least two delving tricks.High
Devoted ArrowGeneralWhen using devoted spirit, you can heal people with ranged attacks.Precise Shot, Must be able to initiate Devoted Spirit that heal yourself or allies (such as Crusader's Strike or the Martial Spirit stance).Low
Devoted ExtremistMulticlassPaladin and Soulborn level stack for Smite damage and Special mount progressionSmite (any one alignment), Smite OppositionModerate
Devoted PaladinMulticlassCombine paladin and crusader levels for a stronger, devoted whole.1st level paladin, 1st level crusaderToBHigh
Devoted TemplarGeneral, MulticlassCrusader and paladin levels stack for initiator level and smite damage.Divine grace, steely resolve.High
Devour the SoulFiendAs a fiend, you gain nourishment from devouring souls.Must have one level of a Fiend classHigh
DexterousGeneralYou have figured out how to use tools and weapons despite the lack of specialized tool using hands or appendages.Inhuman form, or otherwise lacking tool-using hands or appendages.Low
Dexterous BowmanshipRacialYou're an elf who is even better than normal with a bow.ElfHigh
Dexterous Fortitude-CEGeneralUse your slippery mind class feature on Fortitude saves.Dex 20, Slippery mind class feature.High
Dexterous Will-CEGeneralUse your slippery mind class feature on Will saves.Dex 20, Slippery mind class feature.High
Diabolic DiscipleMinionYou bind yourself to a Archdevil of Hell, gaining some power over their portfolio.Any evil alignment, must swear allegiance to the chosen archdevil before a representative of that devil with at least CR 11High
Diehard, GrimoireFighterYou continue fighting after taking enough punishment that would make most of your peers fall, though at lowered strength.BAB +1High
Diligent Martial StudyFighterRemove the limitation on the Martial Study feat.Martial Study (3 times), BAB +15, Martial Lore 4 ranksLow
Dimensional Body StorageGeneralIf you have an artificial body part, or are artificial already, you gain the ability to store and use arm or handheld items within.Construct or otherwise possessing at least one artificial body part (such as by a graft)Moderate
Dire VimGeneralWhen very low on health, hit harderDanger Vim, 18 constitution, 18 strength or dexterityVery High
Direct Undead ControlNecromantic CreationTake control of undead in your control pool, empowering them with your abilities and spirit.Must be able to control undead via spells or rebuking.Unquantifiable
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapGeneralYou can offer a discount on your Deeds since you get to do so many.Ability to do at least 10 Deeds per dayHigh
Disciple of TiamatMetabreathYou can channel the breath weapon of Tiamat.Dragonblood Subtype or Dragon Type, Evil AlignmentHigh
Disciple of the DarkVileYou gain phenomenal dark evil powers by drawingBlack Disciple or Dark BrandVery High
Disciplined ChargeFighterUse a martial strike during a charge.BAB +3, One martial strike.High
Disciplined CleaveFighterUse a martial strike during an extra cleave attack.BAB +6, One martial strike, Power AttackCleaveVery High
Disciplined TalentGeneralYou have the ability to manifest discipline powers.1st level onlyHigh
Disciplined TripFighterUse a martial strike during a trip attempt.BAB +3, One martial strike, Improved TripVery High
Disciplined WillFighter, Combat FormYou delay the effects of spells to keep on fighting.Combat Focus, Wis 13, Base Attack Bonus +3High
Disdain of the JudicatorGeneralDeal more damage and more efficiently against criminalsKnowledge (local) 4 ranksHigh
Disguise PreparationGeneralYour disguises work better with assistance.6 ranks DisguiseLow
Disguise in Plain SightTacticalYou can disguise even when people are directly looking at you.Disguise 4 ranks, Hide Skill 4 ranksModerate
Disguised CharacterGeneralYou are two persons in one bodyCharacter Level 15, Disguise 19 ranks or the ability to transform in another form, Disguised Class.Unquantifiable
Disguised ClassGeneralSwitch between different sets of classesCharacter Level 10, Disguise 14 ranks or the ability to transform in another form, Disguised Feats.Unquantifiable
Disguised FeatsGeneralAs a second identity or an additional style, you gain two sets of featsCharacter Level 6, Disguise 10 ranks or the ability to transform in another form.Unquantifiable
Dismiss CastingGeneralAny spell you cast can be dismissed, and you can dismiss as a move action.NoneLow
Dismiss the UnrealGeneralYou are so perceptive you can almost always see through illusion.Spot or listen 15 ranks, Skill Focus (Spot or Listen), Base will bonus +7Unquantifiable
Disobedient PsycheGeneralResist mental influence at the cost of taking Wisdom damage.NoneHigh
Dispater's SheenMinionYour skin takes on a glistening metallic luster, a barrier capable of protecting you from harm.Diabolic Disciple (Dispater)Very High
DispersionCombat, FighterReflect damage reduced damage.Damage reduction of any kind/source.High
Disruptive SmiteGeneralYou hold a particular hatred for undead.Ability to Smite Evil or analogous ability, Knowledge (religion) 6 ranks.High
Disruptive SunderFighterYou cause magic items you sunder to blow up in large magical explosion.Improved SunderHigh
DissolveGeneralYour acid spells and abilities are much more effective.NoneHigh
Distracting BarrageFighterYou use your ranged attacks to worry foes.Rapid ShotHigh
Distracting ButtGeneralYour butt is distracting. Others have problems flanking you.Dexterity or Charisma 13+Low
Disturbing PresenceFighter, VileYour intimidating actions drives others to madness.Evil Alignment, Intimidate 4 ranksHigh
Disturbing SadistVileYou gain the ability to use Intelligence on Intimidate as well as making creature you demoralize at bay from you. You also become immune to fear and pain, and mostly incapable of receiving moral bonus or penalties.NoneHigh
Dive DriveGeneralA feat for King of Racers that allows your astral car to swim, and protect its users while swimming.Astral Car class feature, All Terrain Wheels, 10 HDHigh
Divergent TraditionsGeneralYou choose a class and alter one of its key ability scores.1st level onlyHigh
Divetongue CastingGeneralThose who speak Divetongue can vocalize, but not cast, underwater. This feat allows Divetongue to be the vocal components for spells, and thus permit underwater casting.Ability to speak Divetongue, (Primary Casting Score) 13Low
Divine Air MasterySalient AbilityGain bonuses in combat when you and your opponent are airborne.Divine Rank 1, Minor Air Domain portfolio, fly speedHigh
Divine ArcanistGeneralyou have been blessed by your divinity with the power to pull directly from the sunlight or the stars pure arcana magic, through your divine abilitiesLevel 1 of the launcher, devotee of a deity with the dominion of the sunHigh
Divine ArcherySalient AbilityShoot from really really far, spray a volley of arrows, and ignore cover and concealment with your shots.Divine Rank 1, BAB +20, Dex 29, Far ShotPoint Blank ShotHigh
Divine Armor MasterySalient AbilityAny armor you wear acts as if you're not wearing armor at all, and what armor you do wear is improved.Divine Rank 1High
Divine BardSalient AbilitySing out for miles, quickly, and even effecting things normally not effected. You can even countersong on the fly.Divine Rank 1, Inspire Courage +4High
Divine Battle MasterySalient AbilityYou can attack wide groups of tempo, attack without penalty to attack rolls, and rearrange your bonus feats on a whim.Divine Rank 1, Fighter 20thHigh
Divine BlastSalient AbilityFire blasts of energy out to a great distance.Divine Rank 6, Cha 25High
Divine BlessingSalient AbilityGrant half your ability score to others.Divine Rank 1High
Divine CeleritySalient AbilityWhenever you're hasted, you gain superior benefits.Divine Rank 1High
Divine ChampionGeneralYou are the chosen one of a deity, gaining the ability to call upon your patron's power and being generally more attuned to your deity's portfolio.True BelieverMiCVery High
Divine CohortGeneralYou have a spiritual bond with a extraplanar animal, and your deity allows you to call it to your side.Must select a devoted alignment, able to cast divine spellsHigh
Divine ContainmentEpicSometimes, you gotta take 'em down a notch. Capture, kill, or just to teach a lesson, you know how to make immortals stay put.Spark SnufferVery High
Divine CreationSalient AbilityCreate magic items, or even creatures with your divine mastery.Divine Rank 16, Craft 33 ranks, Create Object salient ability, Create Greater Object salient abilityHigh
Divine DodgeSalient AbilityPerfect dodge. It's almost like you're playing Exalted.Divine Rank 1, Dex 29, DodgeHigh
Divine DruidSalient AbilityChange shape in a wildshape as a swift action each round for the duration.Divine Rank 1, Wildshape (Huge Elemental)High
Divine Druid-CESalient AbilityGet Colossal and the ability to change into Magical BeastDivine Rank 1, Wildshape (Huge Elemental)High
Divine Earth MasterySalient AbilityGain bonuses in combat when you and your opponent are groundborne.Divine Rank 1, Minor Earth Domain portfolioHigh
Divine Fast HealingSalient AbilityGain fast healing (or additional fast healing) based on your divine rank.Divine Rank 1, Con 25High
Divine Fire MasterySalient AbilityGain bonuses in combat when you are and your opponent are on fire!Divine Rank 1, Minor Fire Domain portfolioHigh
Divine GlibnessSalient AbilityYou are immune to things which detect your lies, and your silver tongue can sway the wills of others.Divine Rank 1, Bluff 23 ranks, Cha 25High
Divine Hammer StyleGeneralYour hammer is enhanced by your divine might.must be capable of casting 1st level divine spells, Weapon Focus (Any hammer-like weapon such as a Warhammer or Greathammer)High
Divine InspirationSalient AbilityGive your divine aura additional options.Divine Rank 1, Divine Aura, Sense Motive 23 ranks or Cha 29High
Divine InvincibilityDivineYou gain incredible resistance for a single moment, allowing you to shrug most blows and effects.Divine VigorCW or True BelieverMICHigh
Divine MonkSalient AbilityYou suffered through monk, but now you're the god of monks, and it shows.Divine Rank 1, Monk 20thHigh
Divine PaladinSalient AbilityImprove your paladin abilities with intense divine power.Divine Rank 1, Effective Paladin 20thHigh
Divine RadianceSalient AbilityRadiate light and dispel darkness, shoot lasers, and become immune to dazzling and blindness.Divine Rank 1, Minor Sun domain portfolioHigh
Divine RageSalient AbilityStay in rage forever, and gain access to stronger more potent rage powers and resistances.Divine Rank 1, Mighty RageHigh
Divine RangerSalient AbilityGain both combat styles of a ranger, additional favored enemy bonuses, and blindsight against your favored enemy.Divine Rank 1, Ranger 20thHigh
Divine RogueSalient AbilityYou can dodge out of any trap, determine how much loot you have with an instant, sneak attack oozes, constructs, you name it, slide out of sight, and even evade death!Divine Rank 1, Improved Evasion, Sneak Attack 10d6High
Divine ShieldSalient AbilityGain a shield to absorb attacks.Divine Rank 1, Cha 19High
Divine Skill FocusSalient AbilityBecome a master at any one skill, doing it faster and harder and ignoring the dangers of failure.Divine Rank 1High
Divine Sneak AttackSalient AbilitySneak attacks deal divine damage and apply against those who provoke attacks of opportunity or who are weaker than you. You can even deal nonlethal damage in any ratio you wish.Divine Rank 1, Sneak Attack 10d6High
Divine Spell FocusSalient AbilityGain +2 DC to the spell of your school, an bonus on caster level checks, and ignore evasion and mettle.Divine Rank 1, Greater Spell FocusSpell FocusHigh
Divine StalkerMulticlassYou have learned to meld together your sacred skills with those of the hidden blade to make yourself a truly terrible opponent.Sneak Attack +2d6, Turn UndeadVery High
Divine StormSalient AbilityYour alignment manifests as a powerful maelstrom which destroys those opposite to you and protects you in divine energy.Divine Rank 11, any alignment subtypeHigh
Divine Water MasterySalient AbilityGain bonuses in combat when you and your opponent are underwater.Divine Rank 1, Minor Water Domain portfolio, swim speedHigh
Divine Weapon FocusSalient AbilityTake 10 on attack rolls once a round, 20 with a full attack action, and never fumble again.Divine Rank 1, Greater Weapon FocusWeapon FocusHigh
Divine Weapon SpecializationSalient AbilityAdd divine rank to damage with your chosen weapon, forcing concentration checks and hitting even when you might miss.Divine Rank 1, Greater Weapon SpecializationWeapon SpecializationHigh
Dodge ImprovedGeneral, FighterYou are adept at dodging blows and you improve your dodging skills with time.Dexterity 13Moderate
Dodge, AarnottFighterYou are skilled at dodging attacks.Dexterity 13High
Dodge, BalmzGeneralDodge danger better.Dexterity 13High
Dodge, CodexGeneralYou are good moving out of the way.Dexterity 13 or Bab +1High
Dodge, MS VariantFighterA better, more usable version of the PHB feat.BAB +1 or Dex 13High
Dodge, Sulacu VariantFighterYou gain a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class and Reflex saves.Dex 13.Moderate
Dodge, SwiftFighterThe faster you are, the easier it is to dodge attacks.Dex 13+Moderate
Dodgy Sort of FellowSubsidyWhen you leave the room, people look at your back and say "He's a dodgy sort of fellow, ain't he?" But only in reference to the fact that you won the battle without being hit.NoneModerate
Dolor EmpowerGeneralsacrifice your health for the ability to break through enemy defenseseldritch blast class feature, ability to use invocations, charisma 16High
Dominating EgoGeneralWhen it comes to ego battles, you always come out on top.Base Will +5Very High
Dominating Sneak AttackAmbushTrade sneak attack damage to temporarily dominate your enemySneak Attack +9d6High
Dominions of the InfernalGeneralWhen you call, armies of those you have defeated are forced to answer in service.Must have the signature summon ability of the great Fiendish Houses, must have a Leadership scoreVery High
Don't Shoot the Pianist!GeneralDance around all the projectiles, weapons and spells, while keeping the music going.Bardic Music class feature or equivalent, Dodge or equivalent, Perform 4 ranksHigh
Donkey KickFighter, RacialWhen threatened, Onocentaurs can unleash a devastating kickBAB +6, Strength 23, Onocentaur (3.5e Race)Power AttackImproved Natural AttackModerate
Doppelganger CohortFighterYou gain a cohort who is the same levels as you, but half strength.Fighter level 6thUnquantifiable