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<option>{{:Ranger, Tome (3.5e Class)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Dash (3.5e Feat)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Blood of Stone (3.5e Feat)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Dungeonomicon (3.5e Sourcebook)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Strong Grip (3.5e Feat)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Simplified Races (3.5e Variant Rule)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Shadow Magister (3.5e Class)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Races of War (3.5e Sourcebook)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Gentleman Explorer (3.5e Class)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Primeval Dragons (3.5e Monster)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Waypoint Style Teleportation (3.5e Variant Rule)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Adjusted Accuracy (3.5e Feat)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
<option>{{:Strong Grip (3.5e Feat)/Favorite Blurb}}</option>
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