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Talk:Tome of Prowess (3.5e Sourcebook)/Arcana

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:There is no 'or', only 'and'. If a spell or effect is on multiple lists, it is all of them and you get the best applicable bonus and the most applicable information from your check result.
:Edit - Eh, this is probably worth an example. Let's use [[SRD:Obscure Object]], because it's annoying (and we'll ignore the Bard list for now). This can be identified with a DC 20 Arcana (Wiz 2 spell -> 16 + 2 x 2) or a DC 22 Thaum check (Clr 3 spell -> 16 + 2 x 3). If you just have one skill, you roll and check against the relevant DC. If you have both, the skills say to just roll once and add the bonuses separately to create two checks. So if you had a +5 to Arcana but a +8 to Thaum and rolled a 14, you'd have a 19 Arcana result and a 22 Thaum result that told you more information. - [[User:Tarkisflux|Tarkisflux]] <sup>[[User talk:Tarkisflux|Talk]]</sup> 18:12, 20 November 2017 (MST)

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