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Shackle the Shackles (3.5e Maneuver)

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If you know the [[Jovian Steps (3.5e Maneuver)|''jovian steps'']] stance, your unseen shackles discipline weapon deal damage as if they were two size category larger and you gain a +8 stability bonus.
If you know the [[Personal Orbit (3.5e Maneuver)|''personal orbit'']] stance you gain the ability to have objects orbit you much like it, however you can grab objects one size category larger than normal. This grant your equipment the floating properties like the stance as well.
Finally you are constantly under the effect of [[SRD:Freedom of Movement|''freedom of movement'']] and become able to ignore any gravitational-based natural phenomena, such as the pull of a black hole. A notable exception is crossing the event horizon of a black hole, which still bone you.

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