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Personal Orbit (3.5e Maneuver)

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{{3.5e Maneuver
|name=Personal Orbit
|discipline=Unseen Shackles
|prereq=One Unseen Shackles maneuver
|initiation=Swift Action
|summary=You have a personal gravity field which allow you to make object drift around you.}}
You gain a personal orbit which grant the [[Floating (3.5e Equipment)|floating]] enhancement to all items in your possession with no attunement period, except instead of hovering around you they always drift slowly around you. If a ranged attack miss you, you may have the projectile or weapon orbit you as a nonaction, as long as it within your orbit size limit.

As a move action you may also place an object within 30 feet of you in orbit. An object you place in orbit slowly drift around you, it move with you when you move and does not require any action on your part to concentrate. At any point as a free action you may have the object drop out of orbit, gently floating toward the ground for 1 round before falling normally. You may have up to your [[Intelligence]] modified in such object orbiting you. If you have an object at least one size category larger than you orbiting you, you gain cover against the first attack made against you in a round.

{| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="zebra d20" style="text-align: left;"
|+ Table: Orbit Size Limit
! Initiator Level || Object Size Limit
| 5th-6th- || Small
| 7th-8th || Medium
| 9th-10th || Large
| 11th-14th- || Huge
| 15th-18th || Gargantuan
| 19th+ || Colossal

If you drop out of this stance, all object orbiting you drift 30 feet slowly toward the ground for 1 round before falling. You may catch any items which fall this way as a nonaction as long as you have the available hands.

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