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Holyflame (3.5e Equipment)

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==Sacred Flame==
[[Summary::This weapon enhancement make a weapon burn with a holy flame which deal great damage against evil outsider.]] As an enhancement it deals +1d6 additional fire damage which stacks with the likes of [[SRD:Flaming|Flaming]] and similar effects. Against evil outsiders, the damage dealt by this enhancement increase to 2d6 and any fire damage dealt by the weapon becomes divine fire which ignores fire resistance and immunity.

This enhancement can be applied to a [[SRD:Flaming|Flaming]], [[SRD:Flaming Burst|Flaming Burst]], Sacred<sup>[[Publication:Libris Mortis|LbM]]</sup> or Sacred Burst<sup>[[Publication:Libris Mortis|LbM]]</sup> weapon as a +1 enhancement.

Moderate Evocation; CL 7th; [[SRD:Craft Magic Arms and Armor|Craft Magic Arms and Armor]], [[SRD:Flame Strike|''flame strike'']]; Price: [[Cost::+2]].

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