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Oath of Blood (3.5e Spell)

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This spell is the most powerful of ''geas'' spells, able to permanently bind the target creature to a particular task or service so long as it doesn‘t include suicide or other acts that by their very nature would result in certain death. Even if the caster of the spell dies, the subject is still bound to its effects until the service is complete, potentially even further complicating the task at hand. The spell’s effects cannot be removed by any means except the completion of the orders given or the ultimate destruction of the subject (see below). The compulsion to follow the caster’s will immediately changes the subject‘s alignment to lawful if it wasn‘t already.
Each day after falling victim to this spell, the The subject must make efforts to follow the instructions provided by the spell or take 3d6 points of damage and become [[SRD:Sickened|sickened]]. This damage stacks and cannot be healed by any means so long as the target lives and the task remains incomplete, but the sickening effect is lifted if the subject resumes acting towards their instructions. If the caster of the spell wishes, they may teleport the ''geased'' individual to their side once per day (as the ''[[SRD:Refuge|refuge]]'' spell); the subject may make a Fortitude save using the spell’s normal DC to resist the teleportation.
Should the subject of the geas be slain, they automatically rise as a [[Revenant (3.5e Template)|revenant]], falling further under the control of the caster.
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