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Virtuoso (3.5e Feat)

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|skill0=You gain a +3 bonus on [[SRD:Perform Skill|perform]] checks, you also have an ear for music and gain a +3 bonus on [[SRD:Listen Skill|listen]] check but it only apply to music (such as detecting the source of a song, or recognizing a particular tune).
|skill4=You gain count your class level as two level higher for the purpose of determining the ability to [[Minstrel (3.5e Class)/Virtuous Performance List#Captivate Audience|Captivate Audience]] as a [[Minstrel (3.5e Class)|Minstrel]] effect of your class levelbardic music. If you already have do not possess levels in [[Minstrel (3.5e Class)|Minstrel]] a class which grant bardic music, you gain ''Captivate Audience'' the ability to Fascinate as a Virtuous Performance knownbard once per day. |skill9=You can make a special performance as a 1 round swift action, using one of your bardic music attempt for the day. You make a DC 25 [[SRD:Perform Skill|perform]] check, if you succeed you may either cause one creature within 60 feet that can hear you to fall under the effect of [[SRD:Crushing Despair|''crushing despair'']] or [[SRD:Good Hope|''good hope'']] for 5 rounds (will negate, DC is [[charisma]]-based). You may affect more creature with this ability, increasing the DC by 2 for each additional creature you wish to affect. : This ability count as ''Inspire Courage'' for the purpose of meeting prerequisites and effects which interact with it.
|skill14=While performing you are under the effect of [[SRD:Sanctuary|''sanctuary'']], it break if you attack as normal.
|skill19=Once per day if you make a DC 40 [[SRD:Perform Skill|Perform]] check as a 1 round action you replicate the effect of [[SRD:Limited Wish|''limited wish'']]. This is a supernatural ability.

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