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Magic-Infused Bombs (5e Alternate Class Feature)

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|benefit1name=Magic-Infused Bombs
|benefit1desc=As an action , you may draw a small object (such as a marble), infuse it with magical power, and throw it. You may choose where the object lands at a location within 60 feet before of you where it explodes, forcing each . Each creature within a radius of 10 feet of where it lands the location has to make a Dexterity save against your Spellcasting spell save DC. A target takes 1d6 force damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. You may can do so a number of times equal to your Proficiency bonus, and regain expended uses at the end of a long rest.
You may activate this ability without expending a use by instead spending a spell slot. In this case, the force damage dealt by this ability is equal to a number of d6 equal to twice the expended spell slot's level. The maximum level spell slot that may be expended on this ability is equal to the highest-level spell you know granted by the artificer class.

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