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Warmage Fix (3.5e Class)

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{{quote|Of course you should fight fire with fire. You should fight everything with fire.}}
Soldiers do not fight alone. This is true not only in the literal sense that armies contain more than one person, but in the broader sense that no army contains ''just '' soldiers. Armies need food, weapons, shelter, transportation, and any number of other things. But beyond those mundane needs, any army that wishes to be taken seriously needs magic. Who provides this magic varies from army to army, but nations with dedicated armies will usually develop magical traditions dedicated to the art of war. The practioners who are part of these tradtions are known as warmages.
While all warmages posses a basic facility for casting spells that harm their enemies, enhance their allies, or provide logistical support, different cultures train their warmages in their own specialized techniques. Warmages in service to necromantic powers are often encouraged to learn the unholy arts of the Uttercold. Some armies deploy specialized warmage corps dedicated to raining down destruction on their foes, while others specialize their warmages towards small-unit support roles. Of course, not every warmage is a member of an army. Some have discovered that while their techniques are useful on the battlefield, they are equally prized among adventures.
'''7th Level:''' ''[[SRD:Control Weather|control weather]]'', ''[[SRD:Gate|gate]] (travel only)'', ''[[SRD:Greater Scrying|greater scrying]]'', ''[[SRD:Mage's Magnificent Mansion|mage's magnificent mansion]]''
'''8th Level:''' ''[[SRD:Greater Prying Eyes|greater prying eyes]]'', ''[[SRD:Meteor Swarm|meteor swarm]]'', ''[[SRD:Storm of Vengeance|storm of vengeance]]'', ''[[SRD:True Creation|true creation]]''
'''9th Level:''' ''[[SRD:Foresight|foresight]]''

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