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Seer (3.5e Class)

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{{#set:Summary=Fixed List Divination Caster
|Minimum Level=1
|Base Attack Bonus Progression=Poor
|Fortitude Save Progression=Poor
|Reflex Save Progression=Good
|Will Save Progression=Good
|Class Ability=Arcane Spellcasting
|Class Ability=Spontaneous Spellcasting
|Class Ability Progression=Full
{{#set:Allowed Alignments=Lawful Good}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Lawful Neutral}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Lawful Evil}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Neutral Good}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Neutral}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Neutral Evil}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Chaotic Good}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Chaotic Neutral}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Chaotic Evil}}

{{quote|Would you like to know a secret?}}

It is the nature of people to seek out knowledge. Seers are spellcasters whose magic is specialized towards supporting and continuing this search. They bend time and space to seek out the things that others have concealed. Some are driven to find a solution to a particular problem, while others simply seek knowledge for knowledge's sake. The tendency of ancient wizards to leave magical knowledge at the bottom of tombs filled with traps and monsters makes adventuring a common career choice for seers.

<noinclude>===Making a Seer===</noinclude><includeonly>====Making a Seer</includeonly>

{| class="zebra d20"
<div>{{Anchor|Table: The Seer}}</div>
Hit Die: d6
! rowspan="2" | Level
! rowspan="2" | [[BAB|Base<br/>Attack Bonus]]
! colspan="3" | [[SRD:Saving Throw|Saving Throw]]s
! rowspan="2" | Special
! colspan="10" | [[#Spells|Spells per Day]]
! [[SRD:Saving Throw#Fortitude|Fort]] || [[SRD:Saving Throw#Reflex|Ref]] || [[SRD:Saving Throw#Will|Will]]
! 0 || 1<sup>st</sup> || 2<sup>nd</sup> || 3<sup>rd</sup> || 4<sup>th</sup> || 5<sup>th</sup> || 6<sup>th</sup> || 7<sup>th</sup> || 8<sup>th</sup> || 9<sup>th</sup>
|1st|| class="left" | +0 || +0 || +2 || +2
| class="left" | [[#Spells|Spells]], [[#Armored Mage|Armored Mage]], [[#Sneak Attack|Sneak Attack]] +1d6
|2nd|| class="left" | +1 || +0 || +3 || +3
| class="left" | [[#Twist Fate|Twist Fate]]
|3rd|| class="left" | +1 || +1 || +3 || +3
| class="left" | [[#Advanced Learning|Advanced Learning]]
|4th||class="left" | +2 || +1 || +4 || +4
| class="left" | ''[[#arcane sight|arcane sight]]'', [[#Sneak Attack|Sneak Attack]] +2d6
|5th||class="left" | +2 || +1 || +4 || +4
| class="left" | [[#Advanced Learning|Advanced Learning]]
|6th||class="left" | +3 || +2 || +5 || +5
| class="left" | [[#Additional Swift Action|Additional Swift Action]]
|7th||class="left" | +3 || +2 || +5 || +5
| class="left" | [[#Advanced Learning|Advanced Learning]], [[#Sneak Attack|Sneak Attack]] +3d6
|8th||class="left" | +4 || +2 || +6 || +6
| class="left" | [[#Fade From View| Fade From View]]
|9th||class="left" | +4 || +3 || +6 || +6
| class="left" | [[#Advanced Learning|Advanced Learning]]
|10th||class="left" | +5 || +3 || +7 || +7
| class="left" | [[#Instant Magic|Instant Magic]], [[#Sneak Attack|Sneak Attack]] +4d6
|11th||class="left" | +5 || +3 || +7 || +7
| class="left" | [[#Advanced Learning|Advanced Learning]]
|12th||class="left" | +6/+1 || +4 || +8 || +8
| class="left" | [[#Additional Swift Action|Additional Swift Action]]
|13th||class="left" | +6/+1 || +4 || +8 || +8
| class="left" | [[#Advanced Learning|Advanced Learning]], [[#Sneak Attack|Sneak Attack]] +5d6
|14th||class="left" | +7/+2 || +4 || +9 || +9
| class="left" | ''[[#celerity|celerity]]''
|15th||class="left" | +7/+2 || +5 || +9 || +9
| class="left" | [[#Advanced Learning|Advanced Learning]]
|16th||class="left" | +8/+3 || +5 || +10 || +10
| class="left" | [[#Outside Time| Outside Time]], [[#Sneak Attack|Sneak Attack]] +6d6
|17th||class="left" | +8/+3 || +5 || +10 || +10
| class="left" | [[#Advanced Learning|Advanced Learning]]
|18th||class="left" | +9/+4 || +6 || +11 || +11
| class="left" | [[#Additional Swift Action|Additional Swift Action]]
|19th||class="left" | +9/+4 || +6 || +11 || +11
| class="left" | [[#Advanced Learning|Advanced Learning]], [[#Sneak Attack|Sneak Attack]] +7d6
|20th||class="left" | +10/+5 || +6 || +12 || +12
| class="left" | [[#Improved Instant Magic|Improved Instant Magic]]
'''Class Skills ([[Skill Points::6]] + [[SRD:Intelligence|Int]] modifier per level, &times;4 at 1st level)'''<br/>
{{3.5e Skills|Concentration,
Decipher Script,
Gather Information,
Knowledge (any),
Move Silently,
Sense Motive,
Sleight of Hand,
Speak Language,

<noinclude>====Class Features====</noinclude><includeonly>=====Class Features=====</includeonly>

'''Weapon and Armor Proficiency:''' The seer is proficient with light armor, shields and simple weapons.

'''{{Anchor|Spells}}:''' A seer casts arcane spells, which are drawn from the seer list. The seer automatically knows all the spells on the seer list, as well as a selection of additional spells from her Advanced Learning ability. If she gains access to new spells through effects such as Prestige Domains, she automatically knows those spells as well. She can cast any spell she knows without preparing it ahead of time. The seer's spell DCs and bonus spells are determined by her Wisdom score.

The seer recieves the same spells per day as a sorcerer of her level.

Unlike most spontaneous spellcasters, it does not take a seer any longer to cast a spell modified by a metamagic feat.

At the DM's discretion, the seer may exchange spells on the seer list for other divination spells of the same level from the sorcerer/wizard list.

The seer is treated as a wizard who has specialized in the school of divination for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

'''{{Anchor|Armored Mage}} (Ex):''' Seers recieve specialized training that allows them to cast more effectively in armor. A seer ignores the arcane spell failure chance of any armor with which she is proficient.

'''{{Anchor|Sneak Attack}}:''' As the [[SRD:Rogue#Sneak_Attack|rogue ability]], except that the seer gains additional damage dice at 4th level and every three levels thereafter.

'''{{Anchor|Twist Fate}} (Sp):''' At 2nd level, the seer's precognitive abilities allow her to nudge the timeline away from outcomes that are disfavorable to her. Whenever a d20 is rolled within line of sight of the seer, she may elect to have two d20s be rolled instead and take the result of her choice. The seer may not use this ability more than once per roll, or a total number of times per day greater than her class level plus her Wisdom modifier. This ability is used before the outcome a roll is known.

'''{{Anchor|Advanced Learning}}:''' At 3rd level and each odd-numbered level thereafter, the seer gains additional spell knowledege. She may select either one divination spell of any spell level which she can cast from any list, or one spell of any school of a level up to one less than the highest level she can cast from the sorcerer/wizard list. Divination spells are added to her list at the level they appear on the list she choose them from, other spells are added to her spell list at the level they appear on the sorcerer/wizard list.

'''''{{Anchor|arcane sight}} '' (Sp):''' At 4th level, the seer can see the auras of magic around her. She is under the effect of a permanent ''[[SRD:Arcane Sight|arcane sight]]'' (caster level equal to her caster level). If dispelled, this effect returns the next time she regains her spells. In addition, if she ever learns arcane sight she can cast it on others as if it had a range of touch and make it permanent with permanency.

'''{{Anchor|Additional Swift Action}}:''' At 6th level, the seer can take an additional swift action each round. Like a normal swift action, this action can also be used as an immediate action. At 12th level, the seer can take a third swift action each round, and at 18th level they can take a fourth.

'''{{Anchor|Fade From View}}:''' At 8th level, the seer can make Hide checks without cover or concealment and while being observed, and the penalty she takes for attempting to Hide while taking other actions is reduced by half (round down).

'''{{Anchor|Instant Magic}}:''' At 10th level, the seer can draw on her lesser magics with only a moment's effort. She gains [[SRD:Quicken Spell|Quicken Spell]] as a bonus feat, and it is automatically applied to any eligible spell she casts without increasing the spell slot used to cast it, provided that the spell's adjusted level is not higher than the highest level of spell she can cast. At 20th level, this applies to any eligible spell she casts of 8th level or lower.

'''''{{Anchor|celerity}}'' (Sp):''' At 14th level, the seer can pull time into the present, enabling her to act at a moment's notice. She may use celerity (PHBII) as a spell-like ability at will, though not more than once per round.

'''{{Anchor|Outside Time}}:''' At 16th level, the seer no longer ages and no longer has to make Will saves to avoid insanity from casting contact other plane.

'''{{Anchor|Sudden Quicken}}:''' At 20th level, the warmage gains Sudden Quicken ([[Publication:Complete Arcane|Carc]]) as a bonus feat. If she already has the feat, she can choose a different metamagic feat. She does not need to meet the prerequisites for Sudden Quicken, but must meet the prerequisites for any substituted feat.

==={{Anchor| Seer Spell List}}===
The warmage spell list has been modified. A number of evocation spells have been reduced in level, and a number of other spells have been added.

'''0th Level:''' ''[[SRD:Detect Evil|detect alignment]]'', ''[[SRD:Detect Magic|detect magic]]'', ''omen of peril'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Read Magic|read magic]]''

'''1st Level:''' ''[[SRD:Augury|augury]]'', ''benign transposition'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Comprehend Languages|comprehend languages]]'', ''distract assailant'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''golem strike'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''grave strike'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Identify|identify]]'', ''nerveskitter'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Precognition|precognition]]*'', ''snake's swiftness'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''sniper's shot'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''true casting'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:True Strike|true strike]]'', ''vinestrike'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]])

'''2nd Level:''' ''baleful transposition'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), [[SRD: Detect Thoughts|detect thoughts]], ''dimension hop'' ([[Publication:Player's Handbook II|PHBII]]), ''know vulnerabilities'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Locate Object|locate object]]'', ''mass snake's swiftness'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Object Reading|object reading]]*'', ''[[SRD:Recall Agony|recall agony]]*'', ''[[SRD:Rope Trick|rope trick]]'', ''[[SRD:Status|status]]'', ''[[SRD:See Invisibility|see invisibility]]'', ''swift fly'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''swift haste'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''swift invisibility'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Tongues|tongues]]''

'''3rd Level:''' ''[[SRD:Analyze Dweomer|analyze dweomer]]'', ''[[SRD:Arcane Sight|arcane sight]]'', ''[[SRD:Detect Scrying|detect scrying]]'', ''[[SRD:Dispel Magic|dispel magic]]'', ''[[SRD:Divination|divination]]'', ''[[SRD:Greater Precognition|greater precognition]]*'', ''[[SRD:Haste|haste]]'', ''[[SRD:Hypercognition|hypercognition]]*'', ''[[SRD:Locate Creature|locate creature]]'', ''scattering trap'' ([[Publication:Player's Handbook II|PHBII]]), ''[[SRD:Scrying|scrying]]'', ''[[SRD:Slow|slow]]'', ''[[SRD:Speak with Dead|speak with dead]]'', ''unluck'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]])

'''4th Level:''' ''[[SRD:Arcane Eye|arcane eye]]'', ''assay spell resistance'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Dimension Door|dimension door]]'', ''[[SRD:Discern Location|discern location]]'', ''[[SRD:Foresight|foresight]]'', ''[[SRD:Legend Lore|legend lore]]'', ''[[Maddening Visions (3.5e Spell)|maddening visions]]'', ''[[Stasis Field (3.5e Spell)|stasis field]]''

'''5th Level:''' ''arcane fusion'' ([[Publication:Complete Mage|CM]]), ''[[SRD:Commune|commune]]'', ''[[SRD:Contact Other Plane|contact other plane]]'', ''dimension jumper'' ([[Publication:Complete Mage|CM]]), ''[[Offensive Timewarp (3.5e Spell)|offensive timewarp]]'', ''[[SRD:Permanency|permanency]]'', ''[[SRD:Prying Eyes|prying eyes]]'', ''[[SRD:Telepathic Bond|telepathic bond]]'', ''[[SRD:Teleport|teleport]]'', ''[[SRD:True Seeing|true seeing]]'', ''[[SRD:Word of Recall|word of recall]]''

'''6th Level:''' ''[[SRD:Contingency|contigency]]'', ''[[Curse of Aeons (3.5e Spell)|curse of aeons]]'', ''[[SRD:Greater Arcane Sight|greater arcane sight]]'', ''[[SRD:Greater Dispel Magic|greater dispel magic]]'', ''[[SRD:Legend Lore|legend lore]]'', ''moment of prescience''^, ''scry location'' ([[Publication: Complete Scoundrel|CS]]), ''[[SRD:Vision|vision]]''

'''7th Level:''' ''[[Fracturing Teleport (3.5e Spell)|fracturing teleport]]'', ''[[SRD:Greater Scrying|greater scrying]]'', ''[[SRD:Greater Teleport|greater teleport]]'', ''[[SRD:Mage's Magnificent Mansion|mage's magnificent mansion]]'', ''stun ray'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Temporal Acceleration|temporal acceleration]]*''

'''8th Level:''' ''greater arcane fusion'' ([[Publication:Complete Mage|CM]]), ''[[SRD:Greater Prying Eyes|greater prying eyes]]'', ''[[Maddening Visions, Mass (3.5e Spell)|mass maddening visions]]'', ''[[SRD:Recall Death|recall death]]*'', ''[[SRD:Temporal Stasis|temporal stasis]]''

'''9th Level:''' ''greater dimension jumper'' ([[Publication:Complete Mage|CM]]), ''[[SRD:Time Stop|time stop]]'', ''[[SRD:Timeless Body|timeless body]]*'', ''temporal echo''^, ''prescience''^

&#42;: Originally a psionic power. If the power can be augmented, treat it as if it had been augmented by 1 point for every caster level above the level at which the spell is learned (so a 18th level seer would gain two rounds of time from temporal acceleration). For effects that care about spell school, these spells are treated as Divinations.

^: New or modified spell described below.

===New Spells===

<onlyinclude>{{3.5e Spell
|desc=Fear, Mind-Affecting
|lvl=Seer 9
|comp=V, S
|casttime=1 standard action
|dur=Until you regain spells
|summary=This spell works like ''[[Moment of Prescience, NW (3.5e Spell)|moment of prescience]]'', except that it can be activated once per round.}}

This spell works like ''[[Moment of Prescience, NW (3.5e Spell)|moment of prescience]]'', except that it can be activated once per round. You may not have multiple ''[[Moment of Prescience, NW (3.5e Spell)|moment of prescience]]'', ''[[SRD:Greater Precognition|greater precognition]]'', [[SRD:Precognition|precognition]], or ''prescience'' effects active on you at once.

<onlyinclude>{{3.5e Spell
|name=Temporal Echo
|lvl=Seer 9
|comp=V, S
|casttime=1 standard action
|dur=1 round/level
|summary=By partially detacting yourself from the flow of time, you create an echo that mimics your actions.

By partially detacting yourself from the flow of time, you create an echo that mimics your actions. Each turn after the first, the echo takes whatever actions you took in the previous turn. You are still considered the caster of any spells, and you may change the targets of abilities the echo uses. The echo cannot itself cast ''temporal echo'', and cannot act during accelerated time (such as the effect of a ''[[SRD:Time Stop|time stop]]'' or ''[[SRD:Temporal Acceleration|temporal acceleration]]'').

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