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Seer (3.5e Class)

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'''5th Level:''' ''arcane fusion'' ([[Publication:Complete Mage|CM]]), ''[[SRD:Commune|commune]]'', ''[[SRD:Contact Other Plane|contact other plane]]'', ''dimension jumper'' ([[Publication:Complete Mage|CM]]), ''[[Offensive Timewarp (3.5e Spell)|offensive timewarp]]'', ''[[SRD:Permanency|permanency]]'', ''[[SRD:Prying Eyes|prying eyes]]'', ''[[SRD:Telepathic Bond|telepathic bond]]'', ''[[SRD:Teleport|teleport]]'', ''[[SRD:True Seeing|true seeing]]'', ''[[SRD:Word of Recall|word of recall]]''
'''6th Level:''' ''[[SRD:Contingency|contigency]]'', ''[[Curse of Aeons (3.5e Spell)|curse of aeons]]''^, ''[[SRD:Greater Arcane Sight|greater arcane sight]]'', ''[[SRD:Greater Dispel Magic|greater dispel magic]]'', ''[[SRD:Legend Lore|legend lore]]'', ''[[Moment of Prescience, NW (3.5e Spell)|moment of prescience]]''^, ''scry location'' ([[Publication: Complete Scoundrel|CS]]), ''[[SRD:Vision|vision]]''
'''7th Level:''' ''[[Fracturing Teleport (3.5e Spell)|fracturing teleport]]'', ''[[SRD:Greater Scrying|greater scrying]]'', ''[[SRD:Greater Teleport|greater teleport]]'', ''[[SRD:Mage's Magnificent Mansion|mage's magnificent mansion]]'', ''stun ray'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Temporal Acceleration|temporal acceleration]]*''
*: Originally a psionic power. If the power can be augmented, treat it as if it had been augmented by 1 point for every caster level above the level at which the spell is learned (so a 18th level seer would gain two rounds of time from temporal acceleration). For effects that care about spell school, these spells are treated as Divinations.
^: New or modified spell described below.
===New Spells===

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