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Seer (3.5e Class)

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{{quote|Would you like to know a secret?}}
It is the nature of people to seek out knowledge. Seers are spellcasters whose magic is specialized towards supporting and continuing this search. They bend time and space to seek out the things that others have concealed. Some are driven to find a solution to a particular problem, while others simply seek knowledge for knowledge's sake. The tendency of ancient wizards to leave magical knowledge at the bottom of tombs filled with traps and monsters makes adventuring a common career choice for seers.
'''{{Anchor|Outside Time}}:''' At 16th level, the seer no longer ages and no longer has to make Will saves to avoid insanity from casting contact other plane.
'''{{Anchor|Sudden Quicken}}:''' At 20th level, the warmage gains Sudden Quicken ([[Publication:Complete Arcane|Carc]]) as a bonus feat. If she already has the feat, she can choose a different metamagic feat. She does not need to meet the prerequisites for Sudden Quicken, but must meet the prerequisites for any substituted feat.
==={{Anchor| Seer Spell List}}===
The warmage spell list has been modified. A number of evocation spells have been reduced in level, and a number of other spells have been added.
'''0th Level:''' ''[[SRD:Detect Evil|detect alignment]]'', ''[[SRD:Detect Magic|detect magic]]'', ''omen of peril'' ([[Publication:Spell Compendium|SpC]]), ''[[SRD:Read Magic|read magic]]''

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