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|name=Product of Infernal Dalliance
|summary=One of your recent ancestors mated with an infernal creature, and now the tainted blood of a Lower Planar creature flows in your veins. Though you can resist the call of your evil heritage, it manifests itself in an inheritance of fiendish power.
|benefit=You may take any feat with the &#91;Fiend&#93; subtype. In addition, you radiate faint evil, have either two claws or one bite natural weapon, and have Cold Resistance 5 or Fire Resistance 5. When this feat is gained, you also gain the <nowiki>[</nowiki>[[SRD:Devil|baatezu]]<nowiki>]</nowiki>, <nowiki>[</nowiki>[[SRD:Demon|tanar’ri]]<nowiki>]</nowiki>, [[ yugoloth]], or [demodand] subtype.
|special=Can only be taken at 1st level.

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