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Seer (3.5e Class)

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|4th||class="left" | +2 || +1 || +4 || +4
| class="left" | ''[[#Arcane sightSight|arcane sightArcane Sight]]'', [[#Sneak Attack|Sneak Attack]] +2d6
|14th||class="left" | +7/+2 || +4 || +9 || +9
| class="left" | ''[[#Celerity|celerityCelerity]]''
'''{{Anchor|Advanced Learning}}:''' At 3rd level and each odd-numbered level thereafter, the seer gains additional spell knowledege. She may select either one divination spell of any spell level which she can cast from any list, or one spell of any school of a level up to one less than the highest level she can cast from the sorcerer/wizard list. Divination spells are added to her list at the level they appear on the list she choose them from, other spells are added to her spell list at the level they appear on the sorcerer/wizard list.
'''''{{Anchor|Arcane sightSight}} '' (Sp):''' At 4th level, the seer can see the auras of magic around her. She is under the effect of a permanent ''[[SRD:Arcane Sight|arcane sight]]'' (caster level equal to her caster level). If dispelled, this effect returns the next time she regains her spells. In addition, if she ever learns arcane sight she can cast it on others as if it had a range of touch and make it permanent with permanency.
'''{{Anchor|Additional Swift Action}}:''' At 6th level, the seer can take an additional swift action each round. Like a normal swift action, this action can also be used as an immediate action. At 12th level, the seer can take a third swift action each round, and at 18th level they can take a fourth.

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