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* '''Due to upcoming mandatory changes to site layout and functionality being imposed by wikia, a large number of admins and users have determined that it is in the best interests of the wiki to change hosts. This was largely discussed in chat, and it's possible that some users are not aware of the changes. If this is the first you've heard about a wiki move, or have not had your questions about the move answered, please check out [[Forum:We're_Moving|this forum article]].
* We have merged with DnD wikia! Their articles have been imported, and we have created a new [[Canon:Main|Canon]] section for them and general setting information. If you'd like to help with the process of bringing them into the new section (and we would like you to :-) ), please see [[DnDWiki:Introduction]] and [[Dungeons and Dragons Wiki:DnDWiki import]].
* We have a freshly written [[Dungeons_and_Dragons_Wiki:Image_Policies|image policy]]! Due to consistent confusion and problems regarding uploaded images, all users should read it. Yes, even you.
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* Our first major hosted Open Game Content book has finally been uploaded -- the [[Publication:Dread Codex|Dread Codex]]!
* The [[3.5e Mundane Weapons]] page has a shiny new look! Check it out, and add some of your own!
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* We now have a framework for [[3.5e Maneuvers|martial maneuvers]]! Check out the first uploaded discipline, [[Chthonic Serpent (3.5e Martial Discipline)|Chthonic Serpent]]!

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