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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of values that have the property "Summary" assigned.

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  • A Renaissance-Equivalent World of magic and limited technology  +
  • A creature with one of its parents as a pixie.  +
  • Basically, I gestalted the five core NPC classes and wrote the result up as a PC class.  +
  • Not all elves have the natural gift of magic. You never hear about them. Well, here they are.  +
  • On the Astral Plane lie sources of incredible power, dead deities, a society has found a way to tap into these divine beings strength this is there story.  +
  • Specialist-sorcerer specializing in necromancy, cold, darkness, and death. Uses a scythe for some spellcasting, Gets bonuses when attacking plants.  +
  • !Deprecated! Agile and quick warforged  +
  • !Deprecated! Artificer that specializes in the storing information.  +
  • !Deprecated! Brute warforged  +
  • !Deprecated! Creates temporary magic weapon with extra elemental damage  +
  • !Deprecated! Specialized warforged  +
  • !Deprecated! This origin is from a divine source. This subclass is deprecated. It was replaces with [[Divine Soul (5e)]].  +
  • "And her special ability is somehow not dying while only wearing ''less than half'' the armour of the other guys."  +
  • "And you will know my name is the LORD when I lay my vengeance upon thee."  +
  • "Are you fighting with a stick? That sword's at least going to break like one."  +
  • "At first, we believed it a dragon made of obsidian. We made a mistake."  +
  • "Attack dog" construct in the shape of an animal  +
  • "Barrow wight" is a template that can be added to any sentient creature with an organic body and a culture with death rituals and has recently died either by a barrow wight’s energy drain ability or naturally  +
  • "Be wary of the desert, young one, for it is inhabited by hats."  +
  • "Blessed is he who shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness."  +
  • "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly."  +
  • "Ghoul" is a template that can be added to any sentient creature with an organic body and a soul who was killed by a ghoul and affected by its Create Spawn ability, or who ate the flesh of creatures of its type in life and recently died  +
  • "Go ahead. Try it. I dare you."  +
  • "Hand me my wallet. It's the one that says "Badass motherfucker" on it"  +
  • "He's dead, Jim."  +
  • "Inertia" isn't a term you understand. Also, you run really fast.  +
  • "It turns out this is the legendary volleyball of ancient lore, able to take down kaijus." Weaponized items aren't normally weapons, but you've made them into one anyway.  +
  • "Skeleton people" who aren't actually undead, or skeletons to be exact.  +
  • "The Dark god of judgment, Lures only a blink away, Gods Trimble and fear the Wrath Velkor serves as his Lawful judgment brings them to there knee's, Before there destruction." - Priest of a dead deity  +
  • <When you teleport you can leave a taunting image behind.  +
  • <Your knowledge is so vast it can seem almost limitless.  +
  •    +
  • ''"Carry on about your day, citizen. Big Ape is watching you."''  +
  • ''"Evil will always triumph, because Good is dumb."''  +
  • ''"Oops. Uh... I can pay for that."''<b
    ''"Oops. Uh... I can pay for that."''
    The flip side of Powerful Build, characters with this flaw were huge and ungainly from birth. They accidentally crushed their toys, broke furniture, ripped their clothes and never really learned to function properly in a world sized for people smaller than they are.
    a world sized for people smaller than they are.  +
  • ''"So you're six feet tall and trying to adventure with a 40-foot sword. How's that working out for you?"''  +
  • '''''Adepts of the element of earth-- the natural world their home.'''''  +
  • '''''Cast down from the ancestral charts of the Slithering One's rule-- vengeful killers and dutiful defenders.'''''  +
  • '''''Efficient hunters of the wilderness-- keen as the forest floor beneath their feet.'''''  +
  • '''''Individuals who keep the elements underneath their fingertips-- spreading their knowledge upon the vastness of the worlds.'''''  +
  • '''''Legendary guardians of the precursor traditions-- relics of nature.'''''  +
  • '''''Masters of the darkness-- mysterious individuals whom invoke the shadows of the world.'''''  +
  • '''''OH GODS!!!! I CAN'T SEE S***!!!!!!!'' Do you hate eyes or something?!?!?'''  +
  • '''''Sentia: Where nothing is at is seems, and everything is as it should be.'''''  +
  • '''''Spiritual leaders of the natural and divine worlds-- embraced by the power granted to their good will.'''''  +
  • '''''Spiritual leaders of their ancestors-- powerful guides and invokers of sacred divine rituals.'''''  +
  • '''''The knowledge of the halflings aren't put to waste-- the elves put these skills to good use.'''''  +
  • '''''Travellers of dawn to dusk, they leave no land behind.'''''  +
  • '''''Warriors of their kind, they strive for survival in any way they can-- even if bloodshed is necessary.'''''  +