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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "A deathdealing ranger is essentially an assassin-ranger hybrid.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Curved Greatsword (5e Weapon)  + (A curved greatsword is balanced for finesse, while retaining the bulk of a greatsword.)
  • Katana (5e Weapon)  + (A curved longsword found in certain territories.)
  • Marksman's Carbine (3.5e Equipment)  + (A custom-made magically enhanced [[Assault Carbine (3.5e Equipment)|Assault Carbine]].)
  • Cutting (3.5e Equipment)  + (A cutting weapon deals 1d6 extra slashing damage, and you can choose to convert all your weapon damage into slashing damage as a free action.)
  • Duskdagger (3.5e Equipment)  + (A dagger made from shadow, this strikes incredibly fast.)
  • Silverlight Blade (3.5e Equipment)  + (A dagger which grows when used in combat into a powerful reach weapon.)
  • Poison (3.5e Other)  + (A damage type for HP damage dealt by poison.)
  • Terry's Instantaneous Dance Floor (3.5e Spell)  + (A dance floor that can seriously mess up people with metamaic investment.)
  • Bender of Time (3.5e Class)  + (A dangerous controller of the element of Time, Benders of Time can slow down enemies and speed theirselves up.)
  • Shocktouch (3.5e Equipment)  + (A dangerous enhancement placed upon armor that deliver a powerful shock.)
  • Bogan, the Tumultuous Force (3.5e Vestige)  + (A dangerous supernatural martial artist fr
    A dangerous supernatural martial artist from ancient times, he embraced power through intense emotion and fury. He grants his binder the ability to use telekinetic power, shoot lightning, cloak their intentions, deflect projectiles, and wield a magic blade.
    lect projectiles, and wield a magic blade.)
  • Sylvan Occultist (3.5e Class)  + (A dangerous wielder of inherited power. Uses prepared spontaneous casting.)
  • Occult Inhabiting (3.5e Invocation)  + (A dark and mostly forgotten invocation allowing you to take the vessel of the dead for your own use.)
  • Dark Bairn (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (A dark bairn is a witch chosen as a child,
    A dark bairn is a witch chosen as a child, lacking a familiar but possessing a mark on their body where they draw their powers. Most dark bairns are taken as a child to be given as offering, but survive the process with a dark mark on their body where their sacrificial wound would be. Some dark bairns are chosen by their patron as a child, drawn to the wood by a strange voice where they vanish for a time and return with an odd mark on their body. They grows into adults with strong connection with an unseen force, granting them strange abilities. A dark bairn has an innate connection through their patron, but not one under the patron's control. Some dark bairns rebel from their unwilling covenant, using power stolen from their patron to thwart them. All the while others embrace the connection, and study the art of witchcraft in isolation.
    study the art of witchcraft in isolation.)
  • Berserker Blade (3.5e Equipment)  + (A dark blade which can consume the rage of it user.)
  • Tyra Blade (3.5e Equipment)  + (A dark blade which can consume the rage of it user.)
  • Elderein (3.5e Equipment)  + (A dark bronze-like material, Elderein is about on the same quality level as steel. The surface of refined elderein is decorated with strange patterns which are said to be related to the star above.)
  • Gnarled Hexing Staff (3.5e Equipment)  + (A dark cursed staff which taint spells cast through it.)
  • Time Bender (3.5e Class)  + (Time benders, beings with the unorthodox power to alter the flow of eternity. Few time benders survive to master their profession without the help of a fetch: a specially crafted [[SRD:Homunculus|homunculus]].)
  • Osahar Ini-herit (3.5e NPC)  + (A dark form stands in the shadows just on the edge of vision, it seems to be shifting from one form to another, the only thing remaining fix being it's eyes, eyes that look as though they could pierce your very soul.)
  • Dark Hexer (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (A dark hexer is a hexblade who completely eschewed the art of combat, instead focusing on throwing curse around.)
  • Dark Puppeteer (3.5e Template)  + (A dark puppeteer is an incorporeal undead controlling its own zombified body.)
  • Inverted Defiled Symbol (3.5e Equipment)  + (A dark unholy symbol which protects a vampire from running water.)
  • Data (3.5e Equipment)  + (A data weapon is made of digital energy, dealing more damage to some construct and has several abilities.)
  • Daal Ilos (3.5e Location)  + (A dead kingdom, frozen and forgotten.)