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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "A race of noble Rat people from a land of eternal rain". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Bottomless Quiver (3.5e Equipment)  + (A quiver with an unlimited amount of +1 arrows inside.)
  • Vaelza (3.5e Race)  + (A race of Humanoid Slime Lifeforms from A Super-Earth covered in water, A Planet called Xeqrai)
  • Atargaian (3.5e Race)  + (A race of aquatic humans descended of a group of banished worshipers of an ancient deity.)
  • Goliath Lineage (5e)  + (A race of big humanoids related to giants.)
  • Firbolg (5e)  + (A race of big humanoids related to the fey.)
  • Safir (5e Race)  + (A race of blue-blooded, naturally psionic, four-armed elflike beings.)
  • Dionaea (3.5e Race)  + (A race of carnivorous plant-men with similarities to fly-traps and other flesh eating plants.)
  • Goliath Race (5e)  + (A race of competitive humanoids descended from giants.)
  • Vithui (3.5e Race)  + (A race of creatures who are born already dead.)
  • Novaen (3.5e Race)  + (A race of energy beings from beyond the stars. Novaen are powered by nuclear fusion, allowing them o feed on it for sustenance or to manifest great abilities.)
  • Peregrine (3.5e Race)  + (A race of exiled semi-bird men that yearn to fly.)
  • Dandyleon (3.5e Race)  + (A race of feline, flowery creatures which are glamourous as much as dangerous.)
  • Fowlen (3.5e Race)  + (A race of fey which resemble large chickens.)
  • Woodling (3.5e Race)  + (A race of fey who share many characteristics with plants.)
  • Vulpe (3.5e Race)  + (A race of foxes without the crippling and bizarre mechanical properties of the [[Red_Fox_(3.5e_Race)|red fox]], these foxes were awakened decades ago, and it bred true.)
  • R'aga (3.5e Race)  + (A race of frog-like plants, with an affinity for water and sticky, poisonous tongues.)
  • Apiz (3.5e Race)  + (A race of giant sentient bees from another world, these community minded helpers are on the run from the dangerous predators of their world.)
  • Human (MC Race)  + (A race of heroes and villains. They are made up of charismatic adventurers and diehard explorers willing to push the edge of the modern day tech available to them.)
  • Human, Mitahnese (3.5e Race)  + (A race of human descended from entities known as the Dragon-Kirin, the Mitahnese exhibit great vitality and inner strength.)
  • Doppelkreuzung (3.5e Race)  + (A race of human-doppelganger hybrids who suffer from a rare mutation making their ability to disguise very short-lived.)
  • Shadar-Kai (3.5e Race)  + (A race of human-like people in love with battle and pain, using it to feel truly ALIVE.)
  • Draconiel (3.5e Race)  + (A race of hybrids born from the bloodlines of ancient Angels and Dragons. Magical and Powerful, hearty defenders of truth.)
  • Karanoan (3.5e Race)  + (A race of immortal playful humanoid fey from the Karanoa, a misty lost forest.)
  • ATRuns (3.5e Race)  + (A race of mining constructs with variable builds and traits.)
  • Half-Rylvain (3.5e Race)  + (A race of mixed ancestry to [[SRD:Humans (Race)|Humans]] and [[Rylvain (3.5e Race)|Rylvains]].)