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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "Alien beings from the astral plane who embody emotions.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Wrap-Around Attack (3.5e Maneuver)  + (Against this strike, target's Shield bonus to AC becomes a Shield penalty to AC.)
  • Graceless Aging (3.5e Flaw)  + (Age penalties, no age bonuses)
  • Elderitch Blast (3.5e Invocation)  + (Age your foes unnaturally)
  • Aged Drakescales (3.5e Equipment)  + (Aged drakescales is the [[SRD:Mithral|mithral]] equivalent of [[SRD:Dragonhide|dragonhide]].)
  • Publication:Dread Codex/New Spells/Age Other  + (Ages a creature 1d10 years.)
  • Swearing Gesture (3.5e Maneuver)  + (Aggravate existing curses and increase its potency.)
  • Aurochs (5e)  + (Aggressive bison-like creatures favored by [[SRD5:Orc|orc]]s)
  • Tearing Wounds (3.5e Maneuver)  + (Aggrivate pre-existing wounds, possibly making them fatal.)
  • Just a Flesh Wound (3.5e Skill Trick)  + (Ah losing your arm isn't so bad, just gotta keep your head cool. Oh the head is gone too.)
  • ZK-23 Energy Shield (3.5e Equipment)  + (Ah, Energy Shields for the rest of us. Or at least, the Xeno.)
  • Jennaerik (3.5e Race)  + (Ah, the Jennaerik! The race of true Dragon
    Ah, the Jennaerik! The race of true Dragon Disciples with a knack for thieving skills. The Jennaerik were once Kalimna, the predecessor of humans and elves, but were left weaker after the Khoradt wars, a twenty-year struggle with the elves over the lands north of Kha'Dumm. Terrified and without a home, they fled the forest of Khorad and into the desert, where a kindly, purple-scaled family of dragons took them under their wing. The once great race thus evolved into the Jennaerik, and those who reach adulthood vow to win back Khoradt or die. However, many do the latter in the attempt of the former before ever reaching manhood...
    the former before ever reaching manhood...)
  • Ki Bullet (3.5e Spell)  + (Aimed bolt of ki strikes target.)
  • Wyvernkin (3.5e Race)  + (Akin to Dragonborn, Wyvernkin are a race of humanoids with a draconic appearance. They come in many colors, and produce the same potent venom that wyverns do.)
  • Alafax (3.5e Deity)  + (Alafax is the god of war and tyranny, he seeks only to conquer and rule.)
  • Alakazam (3.5e Monster)  + (Alakazams are often tapped to serve as lib
    Alakazams are often tapped to serve as libraries. Their unique mental structure allows them to categorize all information they ever receive during their lives and recount it perfectly at any later date. Their ability to understand the past, present and future allows them to advance their goals in a methodical manner that often seems insane to others. Alakazams are frequently misunderstood, and rarely bother to allow emotions or explanations to slow down their activities.
    xplanations to slow down their activities.)
  • SRD:Augmented Alchemy  + (Alchemical creations are made quicker and more effectively.)
  • Alchemical Storage (3.5e Equipment)  + (Alchemical storage weapons can store up to three alchemical items at a time, and release them on an opponent as a free action on hit.)
  • Aqueous Slipskin (3.5e Equipment)  + (Alchemically treated leather formed from the skin of aquatic creatures, aqueous slipskin has water simply run off it with no friction or resistance.)
  • Skeletal Alchemist (5e)  + (Alchemist's skeleton)
  • Flame Alchemist (3.5e Class)  + (Alchemists are those who know how to transmute things into other things. This type of Alchemist can transmute all sorts of things into Fire.)
  • Book of Elements (3.5e Sourcebook)/Elementals with Class  + (Alchemists use magic by mixing rare and ma
    Alchemists use magic by mixing rare and magical components. They make potions, oils, grenades, and all manner of other items, providing invaluable services to other adventurers. When drawn to adventure, they apply their unique talents, a combination of esoteric knowledge of magical components and a strong throwing arm, to solve problems, whether with subtle poisons or with a loud bang.
    r with subtle poisons or with a loud bang.)
  • Alchemist (3.5e Class)  + (Tome of Element Alchemist)
  • Algollied (3.5e Elder Evil)  + (Algollied, the Melody of Death, a sentient song whose presence drives its listeners mad.)
  • Scrolls of Forbidden Lore (3.5e Sourcebook)/Algollied, the Melody of Death  + (Algollied, the Melody of Death, a sentient song whose presence drives its listeners mad.)
  • Invader Agent (3.5e NPC)  + (Alien Men in Black)