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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "High school all over again--this time in the Planes!". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Herculean Creature (3.5e Template)  + (Herculean Creatures are incredible strong creature that result from the union of a God and mortal (or at least non-deity immortal).)
  • Aeie (5e Campaign Setting)  + (Here is a summary of Aeie.)
  • Wassail (3.5e Spell)  + (Here we come a-wassailing among the leaves
    Here we come a-wassailing among the leaves so green;
    Here we come a-wandering, so fair to be seen.
    Love and joy come to you, and to you our wassail, too.
    And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year
    And God send you a Happy New Year.
    you a Happy New Year<br />And God send you a Happy New Year.)
  • Aasimar-Gr7mm (5e Race)  + (Here's our missing planetouched, tieflings can't have all the fun can they?)
  • Heritage (3.5e Feat Type)  + (Heritage feats represent power drawn from your ancestry.)
  • Spira (3.5e Deity)  + (Heroic god of freedom, liberation, and battle, Spira encourages creatures to do the impossible and kick reason to the curb, exceeding their base limitations and evolving into something better.)
  • Hetap NEON (3.5e Equipment)  + (Hetap has a new hip series, with delicious flavors like "Red Hot", "Solar Gold", "Ecto Green", "Nuclear Blue", and more!)
  • Hev Shamark (3.5e NPC)  + (Hev Shamark. Youngest of four and first s
    Hev Shamark. Youngest of four and first son of Kilik Shamark. A native of the Midland's and hero to the Midlandian People. Hev joined the Midlandian Alliance Guild when he turned eighteen. Upon his third assignment Hev single-handedly defeated a Crystal Mountain's Troll, saving a gypsy caravan from certain doom. Ever since Hev's heroic deeds have made him a famous commander of the idealistic Midlandian Alliance Guild.
    the idealistic Midlandian Alliance Guild.)
  • Hevier (3.5e Race)  + (Hevier are humans who have been touched by undeath, and where positive energy fuels man, negative energy fuel the Hevier.)
  • Blood Armor (3.5e Equipment)  + (Hewn from blood red leather that gives the impression that it was colored such by the death of many foes, the blood armor inspires fear and awe into onlookers, and augments the force of presence of any savage warrior that wears it.)
  • What's That? (3.5e Spell)  + (Hey, did you just see that? Too late, made you look, you just provoked an [[SRD:Attack of Opportunity|AoO]]! Mwahahahaha!)
  • Imperial Marksmanship (3.5e Flaw)  + (Hey, those ARE the rebels you're looking for! Too bad you can't seem to hit them...)
  • Yseam the Maintainer (3.5e Vestige)  + (Hidden in the depths of space and time, an unfeeling analytical mind waits and watches. When its influence is felt upon the world, everything will be reset as it should be.)
  • Cunning Fox Camouflage (3.5e Maneuver)  + (Hide in plain sight)
  • Hide In The Sun (3.5e Maneuver)  + (Hide in the sunlight, concealing you from attacks.)
  • Greathide (3.5e Equipment)  + (Hide made from unusually thick skins, its more protective but also much heavier. Greathide has several options available to it depending on material.)
  • Obscure Murder (3.5e Spell)  + (Hide the evidence of your murder, making those pursuing an investigation have a much harder time.)
  • Hide I- Hide (3.5e Phrase)  + (Hide the target from divination; foes have to make caster level checks.)
  • Distracted Foe Misses the Thief (3.5e Maneuver)  + (Hide while observed.)
  • Unassuming Ogre Walk (3.5e Maneuver)  + (Hide while observed.)
  • Secret Sickness (3.5e Spell)  + (Hide your illness and symptoms under an illusion, but you remain infected.)
  • Cloak of Lies (3.5e Maneuver)  + (Hide yourself in an illusion of an object, from which you can observe and make sneak attacks from.)
  • Suppress Power Level (3.5e Spell)  + (Hides your life signs, making some detection and targeting impossible.)
  • SRD5:High Elf  + (High Elves are natural wizards.)
  • Glass Shield (3.5e Equipment)  + (High risk high reward, a glass shield armor grant formidable protection at the cost of making any actual hit devastating.)