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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "Multiple targets are transformed into alternate creatures.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Schizophrenia, Mass (3.5e Spell)  + (Multiple targets suffer conditions similar to schizophrenia.)
  • Derro (4e Race)  + (Murderously insane and cruel, combining the worst qualities of human and dwarf.)
  • Muscle Mesh (3.5e Equipment)  + (Muscle mesh is a fabric material made of artificial muscles, it is highly protective and highly adaptable for an extremely low weight.)
  • Mythic Beast (3.5e Race)  + (Mutable flavor and options to create a variety of non-humanoid mythic beasts as playable characters.)
  • Mutant (3.5e Template)  + (Mutant creatures which possess strange unique powers, formed by someone with the Craft Mutant feat.)
  • Arcane, Mutagen (3.5e Disease)  + (Mutates Arcane ability into Psionic Aptitude)
  • Starvation (3.5e Disease)  + (My Tummy Hurts!!!!!)
  • Phoenix Command Rules (3.5e Flaw)  + (My turn in combat took 37 minutes, but at least it was SUPER REALISTIC...)
  • Myosines (3.5e Race)  + (Myosines are humanoids with rodent-like features and sparse hair.)
  • Coutlsaur (3.5e Monster)  + (Mysterious guardians of jungle temples, descended from coutls and lizardfolk.)
  • Mousa (3.5e Race)  + (Mysterious spirits from the Plane of Dreams, they watch material beings with strange curiosity.)
  • Mystic Delver (3.5e Class)  + (Mystic Delvers are expert explorer, thieves, charmer and wizards. A happy mix between a rogue and a wizard not relying on backstabbing but rather on cunning and a few powerful spells (and a lot of weaker spells).)
  • Literate Mage (3.5e Prestige Class)  + (Mystic Theurge for the [[Wordmaster_(3.5e_Class)|Wordmaster]] or the [[Word_Wizard_(3.5e_Class)|Word Wizard]].)
  • Mystic Revenant (3.5e Template)  + (Mystic revenants are created when a creature dies of mystic rot, which is spread by mystic leeches and other mystic revenants.)
  • Disciple of the Spectral Tiger (3.5e Prestige Class)  + (Mystic shamans who have learned to bring predatory spirits into the world.)
  • Mystical Rain (3.5e Martial Discipline)  + (Mystical Rain is a discipline focusing on
    Mystical Rain is a discipline focusing on precision and the search for perfect perception. Masters of the discipline are said to be able to stop the rain around them through focus and shoot incredibly deadly arrows (Rain Shots and Perception Stance). Another key point of the style is the use of the Silver Arrows technique, a living arrow made of pure force seeking their target and even hitting them repeatably before passing out. The Mystical rain technique is all about the focus of one perception and the serenity of water.
    one perception and the serenity of water.)
  • Mystic Cenobite (3.5e Class)  + (Mystical monks of the sublime way, these martial adepts take the art of fighting to a spiritual, magical level.)
  • Moonshimmer Sand (3.5e Equipment)  + (Mystical sand found on rare and enchanted beaches, it glows under the darkness of a new moon.)
  • Supreme Counterspell (3.5e Epic Spell)  + (Mystically sense all magical energy being unleashed, and negate any spell by willing the magic to stop before it starts.)
  • Naiad (3.5e Race)  + (Naiads are a variety of fey nymph, found in and around freshwater bodies.)
  • Grim One (3.5e Class)  + (Named after the organization they below to, these mercenary-cultists cultivate shadow magic and use it to aid their attacks.)
  • Hecatoncheires (3.5e Race)  + (Named for the great hundred handed giants, these monstrosities wear the name proudly and with good reason.)
  • Ocanthus (3.5e Equipment)  + (Named for the planar layer it hails from, ocanthus is a black shard of ice which has been alchemically stabilized and forged into a weapon. Its nature makes it dangerously sharp, but extremely fragile.)
  • SM-20 Hisser Mecha (3.5e Equipment)  + (Named for the unique 'hissing' noise of their turbines in action, the SM-20 Hisser is a Gokian war mecha which occupies the role of heavy anti-personelle firepower against soft targets.)