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[Spelltouched] Feats[edit]

Spelltouched feats allow a character to interact with magic cast at them in unexpected ways. They were originally presented in Unearthed Arcana. Additional spelltouched feats can be found in that work, while homebrew spelltouched feats appear below.  

Spelltouched Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
A Shard of Eternity You gain a +1 Inherent Bonus to all ability scores. Must have been exposed to a wish spell. Unquantifiable
Absorb Ally You can absorb fallen allies, taking their dying energy to empower yourself. Must have been exposed to death knell, 13 HD Unquantifiable
Adaptive Eyesight You gain several benefits to your vision. Exposure to darkvision spell. Moderate
Air Dash You temporarily gain a fly speed and gain the ability to Hyperjump. Dodge, must have been subjected to fly. Very High
Armor Channeling Gain a scaling enhancement bonus to any armor you wear. Exposure to magic vestment spell. High
As Young As You Feel You appear to be whatever age you want. Must have been exposed to disguise self. Moderate
Aura of Decay Everything around you withers away. Must have been subjected to desecrate. Low
Bound Castle You are bound to a structure, and its presence is entirely dependant on your own well being. either Craft Wondrous Item or LandlordSBG, Exposure to mage's magnificent mansion, 9 HD Unquantifiable
Conjure Ally You are capable of summoning a single creature known to you, who persists longer than most. 3 HD, exposure to a summon monster spell Unquantifiable
Dramatic Slowdown You can pull off dramatic slowdown at just the right time, resulting in stronger attacks and more reliable actions. Must have been exposed to a slow spell, Perform Acting 5 ranks. High
Dream Devourer You can devour the dreams of other creatures and you are baneful to dreamborn creatures. Exposure to a dream spell. High
Enchanted Weaponry Any weapon you have has an enchantment bonus of +1 (or +1 better). Exposure to a magic weapon or greater magic weapon spell. High
Energy Resistance You gain Energy Resistance 10. Exposure to a resist energy spell. Moderate
Enhanced Ability Gain a scaling enhancement bonus to one ability score of your choice. 4 HD, Exposure to ability increasing spells such as bear's endurance. High
Feathered Glide Your mastery of feather fall allow you to glide with ease, like Mario. Exposure to a feather fall spell. Low
Flame Dancer They say you're one hot dancer, but you know you're just on fire tonight. Fiery Burst (Complete Mage), Controlled Immolation, Improved Controlled Immolation, Must have used your Fiery Burst to set yourself on fire. Very High
Frost Warden They say you're as cold as ice... They're not wrong. Winter's Blast (Complete Mage), Polar Chill, Improved Polar Chill, Must have used your Winter's Blast on a target that fell prone because of your Polar Chill. Very High
Geomancy Form a magic circle which enhances magic. Caster level 3rd, Knowledge Geography 6 ranks, exposure to an [Air], [Earth], [Fire], and [Water] spell Very High
Ghostly Body You become partially incorporeal. Must have a corporeal body, must be exposed to an ethereal jaunt spell. High
Ghostly Hands You can levitate and wield items near you instead of near your hands. Must have been exposed to telekinesis. Moderate
Greater Ocular Laser Your Ocular Laser grow in power. Ocular Laser Very High
Heat Vampire You absorb heat as healing and may drain the heat from your very opponents. Exposure to chill touch spell. High
Hidden Wing You can hide your wings, it's like they weren't even there. Must have wings, exposed to an alter self spell. Low
Improved Accurate Jaunt You can cross distances and planes quickly just by walking. Accurate Jaunt, 9 HD High
Improved Bladeproof Skin Swords and spears just bounce off you due to your scaling DR/bludgeoning. Bladeproof Skin, 8 HD High
Improved Breadth of Knowledge You gain half your level to all Knowledge skills, even if you have no ranks. Breadth of Knowledge, 3 HD High
Improved Conductivity Gain evasion (or improved evasion) against electricity effects, and shock others for even more damage. Conductivity, 5 HD High
Improved Controlled Immolation You can be set on fire and burn forever. You even have a little resistance to fire. Controlled Immolation High
Improved Eyes to the Sky You can see who is scrying on you, and scry right back! Eyes to the Sky, 7 HD High
Improved False Pretenses When you succeed on a compulsion effect, the enemy opens up their inner thoughts to you. False Pretenses, 3 HD High
Improved Ineluctable Echo Ineluctable Echo now applies to [Sonic] spells as well. Ineluctable Echo, 3 HD High
Improved Life Leech You gain fast healing while draining the life out of others, and can now suppress Life Leech... sort of. Life Leech, 5 HD High
Improved Live My Nightmare Even those that save against your Live My Nightmare feat might end up terrified. Live My Nightmare, 8 HD High
Improved Magically Aloft You gain the power of flight! 6 HDs, Magically Aloft Very High
Improved Momentary Alteration The alteration is no longer momentary, you can now assume the alternate form for unlimited duration. Momentary Alteration, 5 HD High
Improved Naturalized Denizen You always count as being a native on whatever plane you're on. Naturalized Denizen High
Improved Omniscient Whispers You can use your Omniscient Whispers once a day, and can reroll random divination chances to fail. Omniscient Whispers, 9 HD High
Improved Personal Invisibility You are constantly naturally invisible. Personal Invisibility, 9 HD Very High
Improved Photosynthetic Skin You gain even better natural armor, and can eat sunlight. Photosynthetic Skin, 6 HD High
Improved Polar Chill You can spread your Polar Chill out as a free action for 1 round per level per day, and can skate while you do so. Polar Chill, 5 HD High
Improved Residual Rebound You can partly rebound destructive energy on any successful save. Residual Rebound, 3 HD High
Improved Stench of the Dead Those who persist in your stinking aura will become nauseated. Stench of the Dead, 9 HD High
Instantaneous Quickening While under the effect of haste you can go much faster than normal. 7 HD, Exposure to the haste spell. Very High
Ionize By dint of being exposed to electricity, you have become a living battery, and live familiarly with electricity. Able to cast Ionic Generator spell, Spellcraft 4 ranks, Must have been exposed to the Ionic Generator spell every day for a week High
Ionize - Amplified The electricity flowing through your body goes deeper into your muscles and nerves. Ionize - Charged, Able to cast Ionic Generator spell, Must have been exposed to the Ionic Generator spell every day for three months, Spellcraft 12 ranks High
Ionize - Charged Accustomed to electricity, your body has become a real electric charger. Ionize, Able to cast Ionic Generator spell, Must have been exposed to the Ionic Generator spell every day for a month, Spellcraft 8 ranks High
Ionize - Overwhelmed The electrical impulse that you received has completely penetrated your organism until reaching your brain and all your vital organs. Ionize - Supercharged, Uncontrollable Magic Overload, Able to cast Ionic Generator spell, Must have been exposed to the Ionic Generator spell every day for a complete year, Spellcraft 20 ranks. High
Ionize - Supercharged The months spent in contact with electricity make you a veritable ionic prodigy, and this erudition gives you access to new possibilities. Ionize - Amplified, Able to cast Ionic Generator spell, Must have been exposed to the Ionic Generator spell every day for six months, Spellcraft 16 ranks High
Jetform You turn into a jet. must have a fly speed, must have been affected by the polymorph spell., Craft Construct or Craft (technology) 12 ranks High
Lighter Than Air You float naturally, but its not under your control. Must have been affected by a levitate spell, 1st level only. Low
Lightning Shaper Being hit by electricity while the thunderstorm of your magic raged within was an en-lightning experience. Storm Bolt (Complete Mage), Conductivity, Improved Conductivity, must have attempted to redirect a lightning effect with Conductivity while your Storm Bolt was available. Very High
Magical Resistance The spell doesn't work as well on you the more times they use it against you. None High
Magically Aloft You float constantly. Exposure to the fly, levitate or similar spell, 3 HDs Very High
Maintain Minor Transfiguration Maintain helpful Transmutations for longer, but weakened. Exposure to any [Transmutation] spell with a non-permanent or instantaneous effect. Low
Medusa's Eye You gain the power to partly petrify your opponents. Exposure to a flesh to stone spell. High
Ocular Laser You can fire a powerful heat ray from your eyes. Exposure to a scorching ray spell. Very High
Partial Lycanthrope You have a human form. Anthro Subtype, Exposure to human form spell Moderate
Personal Invisibility You are naturally invisible, some of the time anyway. Exposure to invisibility spell Very High
Plane Hopper Shift through the planes after building up a charge. Concentration 8 ranks, Knowledge The Planes 4 ranks, Exposure to plane shift spell. High
Prismatic Spirit You eventually become immune to prismatic spells, while using the light to your own advantage. Exposure to any [Light] or "prismatic" spell. Moderate
Regenerative Cells You have the ability slowly regenerate from your wounds. Exposure to a regenerate spell. High
Residual Growth Grow a little taller. Get Soft Ability Damage Reduction (Strength) 1. None Low
Revert Location You can go back to your previous location in an instant. Must have been exposed to time altering or teleportation effects of at least 3rd level. Very High
Secret Equipment You can hide your equipment under a glamour. Exposure to a disguise self spell, Sleight of Hand 6 ranks Moderate
Shades of Death You become much like a living corpse, gaining many benefits of undeath without most of the drawback. Exposure to a finger of death or slay living spell. Very High
Shroud of Resistance Gain a scaling resistance bonus to all your saves. Exposure to resistance spell. High
Sparkle Sparkle You release sparkly fairy dust. It's dazzling! Exposure to glitterdust. Low
Spider Mutant You have the ability to create spider web, either from your ancestry or through accidental transmutation. Drow Race OR must have been exposed to baleful polymorph (spider) or similar spell Moderate
Spore Burst You release a cloud of harmful spores that hurt people and leave a hazard. Exposure to goodberry. Moderate
Summon Motorcycle You can summon a bike out of nowhere. Craft (Mechanic) 4 Ranks, Exposure to mount spell. Moderate
Sustained by Shadow You link yourself to the plane of shadow and become sustained by it. Must have been exposed to a shadow walk spell. High
Swim Through Fog You can easily swim in fog like it was water. Exposure to solid fog spell. Must possess a swim speed. Moderate
Teleport Vehicle When you teleport while riding a vehicle, you can take the vehicle with you. Ability to cast a [Teleportation] effect. Moderate
Temporal Reflex Your exposure to time magic has twisted the way you benefit from such magic. Must have been exposed to a Haste spell or similar, BAB +5 Very High
Touch of the Destroyer You are able to utterly destroy the body of those who oppose you. Exposure to the disintegrate spell. Moderate
Undying Cells You no longer truly die at -10, although you may be out of commission for a long time. Regenerative Cells Very High
Warped Speed You go really really fast. Exposure to the haste spell. High
Weapon Channeling Gain a scaling enhancement bonus to any weapon your wield. Exposure to greater magic weapon spell. High
Witch Transformation You can weight as much as a duck and even turn into one. Witchblessed or Exposure to baleful polymorph spell, 5 HD Very High

Scaling Spelltouched Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Magically Aloft, Scaling You are under the effect of a magical effect that make you gently float in the air. Exposure to a levitate or fly spell. Very High
Scaling Ocular Laser A scaling version of the Ocular Laser feat. Exposure to a scorching ray spell. Very High
Soul of Entropy Your existence is antithetical to life itself. Gain auras of decay and doom. Exposure to a [Death] effect. Very High

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SummarySpelltouched feats allow a character to interact with magic cast at them in unexpected ways. They were originally presented in Unearthed Arcana. +