Spiritual Weapon (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Ghostwheel (talk)
Date Created: November 30, 2009
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Spiritual Weapon [General] Some warriors don't fight with the strength of their muscles, but with the strength of their convictions. Others allow the wisdom of their ancestors to guide their strike. There are even warriors who make pacts with the unknown, gaining foreknowledge of their opponents and striking with the cold precision of foreknowledge. The spiritual weapon feat adds support for these character ideas and many others by allowing you to build warriors who strike not with strength, but with a different ability score.Benefit: Choose one ability score (apart from Constitution) and weapon group. When wielding a weapon from that group, you use that ability score instead of your Strength modifier (or Dexterity modifier, with ranged weapons) for the attack and damage (when applicable) when making attacks with that weapon. For the purpose of this feat, unarmed attacks are considered to be part of the monk weapons group, and other natural attacks are considered part of the druid weapons group. Example: If you chose Charisma and the light blades weapon group and used two-weapon fighting with double shortswords, you would deal your Charisma modifier with your primary hand and one-half your Charisma modifier with your off-hand, rather than Strength.Normal: Strength normally governs the attack and damage modifiers for weapons wielded.Special: The bonus to attack does not stack with any ability or effect which allows one to add the same ability score as the one selected for this feat to attack rolls. The bonuses from this feat do not stack with any other ability that adds an ability score to attack or damage.

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