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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 4-13-11
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Squall Devil (Termagant)
Size/Type: Large Outsider (Baatezu, Evil, Lawful, Menos)
Hit Dice: 9d8+36 (108 hp)
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30 ft, fly 60 ft (good)
Armor Class: 23 (+4 dex, +10 natural, -1 size), touch 13, flat-footed 19
Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+20
Attack: +1 Lance +16 melee (2d6+12, 20/x3) or Claw +15 melee (1d6+5, 20/x2) or Bite +15 melee (1d4+8, 20/x2)
Full Attack: +1 Lance +16/+11 melee (2d6+12, 20/x3) or Claw +15 melee (1d6+5, 20/x2) and Bite +10 melee (1d4+8, 20/x2)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Life Drain +2, Maneuver-Like Abilities, Rebuke Flying Beasts 7/day, Smell Magic, Summon
Special Qualities: DR 10/good, Darkvision 60 ft., Disruptive Field 30 ft. (DC 14), Ego, Extraordinary Health, Hinder Magic, Low-Light Vision, SR 19, Telepathy 100 ft.
Saves: Fort +10, Ref +10, Will +10
Abilities: Str 23, Dex 19, Con 19, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 18
Skills: Balance +6, Bluff +17, Diplomacy +23, Disguise +4 (+6 to act in character), Gather Information +6, Intimidate +23, Jump +8, Knowledge Local +15, Knowledge Nobility +15, Knowledge The Planes +15, Sense Motive +13, Spot +13, Survival +0 (+2 on other planes), Tumble +17, Use Magic Device +17
Feats: Flyby AttackB, Power Attack, Combat Reflexes, Stand Still, Run
Environment: Acheron
Organization: Solitary or Pair or Flock (3-9)
Challenge Rating: 9
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Always Lawful Evil
Advancement: 10-18 HD (Large), 19-27 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment:

The squall devil was shaped like a tall athletic man with skin of bronze, imposing figure, and black feathery plumage instead of hair. Its face had a hooked beak like a bird of prey, and four large wings black as adamantine spread from its back. Its pose was regal, but its behavior was that of a warmonger thirsting for blood.

The squall devil, also known as a termagant, are lawful evil outsiders found on Acheron who make up their infernal air forces. Egotistical and proud, squall devils fancy themselves leaders of lesser devils and men, using their silver tongues as much as their deadly lances. They are born from the souls of warmongers who used war for political gain. They are regal in statue, a perfect human example save for their heads which are those of various birds of prey. They possess four wings but only need two to fly, the other two usually posed to appear as a halo or mandala. Squall devils love to enter the material plane when they can, for there they pose as gods to foolish mortals, gaining their worship and adoration as he slowly leads them into depravity. Squall devils relish the sense of control over others, using them as chess pieces in their bloody war games.

They make up the bulk of airborne troops of the menos subtype, lower planar beasts who have a disruptive effect on magic. A squall devil is about 10 to 12 feet tall and weigh 300 lbs. They speak Abyssal, Auran, Celestial, Draconic, and Infernal.


Arrogant and proud, a squall devil usually sends mooks out to fight in its stead as it watches from above in relative safety. When minions prove to be not enough, it enters combat, making hit and run attacks, kiting opponents, and taunting them to the point of anger. Its maneuver-like abilities give it area attacks and dive bombing options galore. Their biggest weakness however is their ego, and they can let down their guard easily against a seemingly weak opponent.

Disruptive Field (Ex): An aura which radiates in a 30 foot radius out from the menos disrupts the flow of magic, psionics, and any other spell or spell-like ability. Any attempts to cast within one automatically fail as if they failed a Concentration check to cast defensively. It is not an antimagic field, and so magical effects originating from outside the field can still get in.

Ego (Ex): A squall devil adds its Charisma modifier to its Will saves. In addition, whenever effected by a spell or effect which has Will partial, the squall devil instead takes no damage on a successful saving throw.

Extraordinary Health (Ex): A menos always receives maximum hit points per hit die.

Hinder Magic (Ex): All magical damage or healing is hindered by 50%.

Life Drain (Ex): Any successful attack against a living creature deals at +2 extra damage (already accounted for), which is absorbed as 2 point of healing per attack.

Maneuver-Like Abilities (Ex): aerial evasion (counter), appeal to belief (strike), appeal to ridicule (counter), armored wing stance (stance), barrel roll (counter), claws of the roc (strike), clip the wings (strike), evasive maneuvers (counter), hide in the sun (boost), red cyclone (strike), rolling thunder strike (strike), scare tactics (strike), slippery slope (counter), taunt (strike), wings of thunder (stance)

Rebuke Flying Beasts (Su): A squall devil can rebuke and control flying beasts as a cleric of its character level. For the purposes of this ability flying beasts include any animal or magical beast with a fly speed.

Smell Magic (Su): Squall devils have scent against anything which would show up with detect magic and may spend three rounds studying the scent to gain information as per the spell.

Summon (Su): As a full-round action a squall devil can summon any creature with a fly speed that has a CR half its character level. The creature lasts for 1 hour before returning to its home plane. It may do this 3/day.

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AlignmentAlways Lawful Evil +
AuthorEiji-kun +
Challenge Rating9 +
EnvironmentAcheron +
Identifier3.5e Monster +
Level Adjustment+
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SizeLarge +
SubtypeBaatezu +, Evil +, Lawful + and Menos +
SummaryThe squall devil, also known as a termagan
The squall devil, also known as a termagant, are lawful evil outsiders found on Acheron who make up their infernal air forces. Egotistical and proud, squall devils fancy themselves leaders of lesser devils and men, using their silver tongues as much as their deadly lances.
er tongues as much as their deadly lances. +
TitleSquall Devil +
TypeOutsider +