Steam-Powered Armor (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: November 21, 2016
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Steam Armor.jpg
A Bolton Kingdom riot guard in steam-
powered armor.

Steam-Powered Armor[edit]

These huge suits clad in angular gilded brass plating are powered by strange steam-based technology.

Steam-Powered Armor (Heavy)
Size Humanoid
Weight Hit
Small 8000 gp 16000 gp +10 80 lb. 60
Medium 8000 gp 16000 gp +10 160 lb. 60
Non-Standard Sizes
Fine 4000 gp 8000 gp +5 16 lb. 60
Diminutive 4000 gp 8000 gp +5 16 lb. 60
Tiny 4000 gp 8000 gp +5 16 lb. 60
Large 16000 gp 32000 gp +10 320 lb. 60
Huge 32000 gp 64000 gp +10 800 lb. 60
Gargantuan 64000 gp 128000 gp +10 1280 lb. 60
Colossal 128000 gp 256000 gp +10 1920 lb. 60
Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Arcane Spell
+0 -10* 70% 10
Base 20 ft. 30 ft. 40 ft. 50 ft. 60 ft. 70 ft. 80 ft. 90 ft. 100 ft.
Armored 10 ft. 15 ft. 20 ft. 25 ft. 30 ft. 35 ft. 40 ft. 45 ft. 50 ft.
Don Don Hastily Remove
10 minutes2 2d4+2 minutes1 2d4+2 minutes1
  1. If the character has some help, cut this time in half. A single character doing nothing else can help one or two adjacent characters. Two characters can't help each other don armor at the same time.
  2. The wearer must have help to don this armor. Without help, it can be donned only hastily.

*Only while powered (see below). When the armor is unpowered, maximum Dexterity bonus is reduced to -2 and armor check penalty is doubled.

The riot police of the early industrial Bolton Kingdom is known for these massively heavy suits of armor, which consists of hugely thick underpadding covered in angular plates of fanciful gilded brass. Modeled after the crusaders of old, the steam-powered armor is a symbol of much-reviled authority. Steam-powered actuators boost the wielder's physical strength, making them juggernauts in open-field combat while the addition of steam-based weaponry makes for highly effective mob suppression.

The steam-powered armor needs a steady influx of pressurized steam to function. To this end, it's outfitted with a steam boiler bolted to the armor's back. The boiler is fed by coal, of which it can hold 20 pounds. 1 pound of prime heated coal can sustain the armor for 5 minutes, allowing the armor to work for 100 minutes on a full tank. The steam-powered armor is always masterwork; price and benefits are subsumed in the above statistics. Refueling and stoking the boiler requires outside help and requires 5 minutes.

The steam-powered armor grants the following benefits when worn, on top of its general protective capabilities:

  • You gain damage reduction 5/piercing and resistance to cold 10.
  • While the armor is powered, you gain a +2 bonus to Strength and a -2 penalty to Dexterity, and only half of the armor's weight counts towards your carrying capacity. Treat these as racial modifiers. When the power goes down, the Strength bonus disappears, and the Dexterity penalty becomes -6.
  • The armor's gauntlets are fitted with pressure release valves. As a standard action, you may release a 15-foot cone of boiling steam in front of you. Any creature caught within the area must make a Reflex save or be affected by the boil ability of a medium steam elemental. All save DCs involving this ability are 10 + ½ character level + the armor's raw enhancement bonus. Every use of this ability reduces the armor's remaining runtime by 10 minutes. The armor renders you immune to boil damage.
  • Steam-powered armor is very, very noisy. Apply double armor check penalty to any Move Silently checks.

For an additional 4,000 gp, the boiler of a steam-powered armor may be modified to hold a small steam elemental. This creates a 10 horse power steam engine that will never need to be refueled or stoked, and allows the armor to run indefinitely so long as the steam elemental isn't set free or otherwise dismissed or banished.

Craft (armorsmithing and engineering) DC 35. Market Price 8,000gp.

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Arcane Spell Failure70% +
Armor Bonus+10 +
Armor Check-10* +
AuthorSulacu +
Cost8000 gp +
Craft DC35 +
Identifier3.5e Equipment +
Max Dex Bonus+0 +
RatingUndiscussed +
SummarySuper-heavy armor powered by steam. +
TitleSteam-Powered Armor +
TypeHeavy +
Weight160 lb. +