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[Tactical] Feats[edit]

Tactical feats were first presented in Complete Warrior. Feats with this type provides several thematically similar and rather specific options or abilities that generally require some setup or a specific weapon set to utilize.  

Tactical Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Advanced Dagger Mastery Your ability to use daggers is above and beyond others. Weapon Focus in daggers or dagger-like weaponry High
Advanced Sword Technique Gain additional combat options with any sword-like weapon. Must be proficient in at least one sword-like one or two handed weapon. Moderate
Advanced Whip Tactics Your whip is an extension of you, and lets you perform many stunts with it. BAB +1, Proficiency with whips High
All Range Style Fight with a ranged weapon and a melee weapon as a seemless whole. Two-Weapon Fighting, Combat Archery-CE or otherwise not provoking for ranged attacks. High
Armor Ablation You can use your armor to it maximum potential, at the risk of breaking it. Bab +1, proficiency with Light, medium and Heavy Armor alongside all shields (including tower shields) High
Art of the Hunt Gain several tactical benefits using the Ars Venatoria discipline. Survival 9 ranks, Survive the Hunt, Two Ars Venatoria maneuvers High
Axe King You have access to tactical maneuvers when using any kind of one or two-handed axe. Weapon Focus (any one or two-handed axe) High
Ballistic Mastery You know how to use crossbow and firearms very effectively. Precise Shot, Bab +1 or Dex 13, must be proficient with one exotic crossbow or firearm. High
Battle Juggler You have the power of juggling, and the ability to use it in battle. BAB +3, Perform (Juggling) 8 Ranks High
Battlefield Bully Bull rush related benefits. Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush High
Bestial Might Synergistic abilities for Stone Dragon and Tiger Claw. BAB +6, Balance 6 ranks, Jump 6 ranks, two Tiger Claw maneuvers, one Stone Dragon maneuver, and one Stone Dragon stance. High
Black Swan's Bravado Get some tactical maneuvers based on Hollywood movies. Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (Any Firearm), Base Attack Bonus +5 High
Bloody Maw Seducer You look very hot despite the alarming smile. Willing Deformity, Deformity Dark Beauty, Shark Teeth, Bleeding Strike High
Bloody Wyrm Brawler Style You're good with Dragon Claws, so why not extent that to their big brother? Weapon Focus (Dragon Claws), Weapon Focus (Dragonblood Arms), Combat Reflexes, Claws of the Wyrm Style Very High
Called Shot Make called shot for save or suck. Bab +3, must have at least one class level in a class that grants full attack bonus progression. Very High
Child of Thunder The legacy of the Thunderhead clan lives on through your impressive ability to shoot better than anyone else, and in situations where a lesser bowman would falter. Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, three Thunder Bolt maneuvers (at least one of which must be a stance), BAB +6 High
Claws of the Wyrm Style You are an expert at fighting with dragon claws. Weapon Focus (Dragon Claws) High
Cling On Gain some grapple options based on holding on for dear life. Clever WrestlerCW or Improved Grapple or Grab special ability Unquantifiable
Colossus Climber Large opponents pose no problem to you, as you bravely scale their bodies and stab at their undersides, making it difficult for them to hit you in the process. Climb 6 ranks, Balance 6 ranks, Improved Grapple. High
Combat Trickster You are an expert at disarming and feinting. Bab +1, Improved Disarm or Improved Feint High
Covering Grapple Grab your allies and use yourself as a human shield, or chuck them hella'va far! Improved Grapple High
Crippling Poker You hit people in major organs instead of just bruising them to death. Must be able to make unarmed attacks, Sleight of Hand 6 ranks, Heal 6 ranks Very High
Crossbow Assassin You are a deadly marksman with a crossbow. Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot or Weapon Focus (Any Crossbow) High
Cruel Frost You gain several tactical maneuvers related to the Dire Winter discipline. Cold Demeanor, Intimidate 6 Ranks, three Dire Winter maneuvers. High
Dancer of the Dais Gain several tactical benefits using the Dancing Goddess discipline. Eternal Dancer, Perform (Dance) 9 ranks, two dancing goddess maneuvers High
Dancing Sword Style You gain special benefits when wielding a bastard sword or longsword. Bab +1, Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword) or (Longsword) High
Dedicated Surgeon Access advanced healing and gain powerful new maneuvers usable with the heal skill. Heal 4 ranks, Int 15+ High
Demon's Nail Gain several tactical benefits using the Thousand Daggers discipline. Two thousand daggers maneuvers, Tumble 9 ranks, Art of Flying Daggers High
Desert Storm Electricity-based abilities. Three Desert Wind maneuvers, Tumble 9 ranks. High
Disguise in Plain Sight You can disguise even when people are directly looking at you. Disguise 4 ranks, Hide Skill 4 ranks Moderate
Double Weapon Specialist You are able to use double weapons to their fullest potential. Two-Weapon Fighting, proficiency in a double weapon. Very High
Dual Nunchucks Style This feat grant two tactical maneuvers when fighting with two nunchucks or nunchaku. Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (Nunchucks or nunchaku) High
Dual Spear Style You can wield a spear in each hand and gain special tactical maneuvers when doing so. Bab 3+, Weapon Focus (Any Spear), Two-Weapon Fighting High
Enlightened Fist Gain several tactical benefits using the Anima River discipline. Concentrated Defense, Concentration 9 ranks, two anima river maneuvers High
Entice Reaction You can entice reactions out of people real easy, in battle or out. Charisma 15, Bab +1 or Bluff 3 ranks High
Essentia Overreach Burn your soul from both ends for temporary power. None High
Expert Slinger You are good with various slings, like actually good and deadly. Weapon Focus (Sling or Battle Sling) High
FANtastic FAN FANatic I just Love my fans!! Proficiency with Bladed Fan and/or Gigas Bladed Fan High
Faithful Leader Synergistic abilities for Devoted Spirit and White Raven. BAB +6, one Devoted Spirit stance, one White Raven stance. High
Fist and Steel Style You are an expert at combining unarmed combat alongside weapon uses. Improved Unarmed Strike, BAB +6 High
Flame Dancer They say you're one hot dancer, but you know you're just on fire tonight. Fiery Burst (Complete Mage), Controlled Immolation, Improved Controlled Immolation, Must have used your Fiery Burst to set yourself on fire. Very High
Flying Fighter Access tactical maneuvers while flying. Bab +3, must have a fly speed, flyby attack High
Frost Warden They say you're as cold as ice... They're not wrong. Winter's Blast (Complete Mage), Polar Chill, Improved Polar Chill, Must have used your Winter's Blast on a target that fell prone because of your Polar Chill. Very High
Full Moon Stance You have practiced the art of iaido and can use it's style to perform defensive counters . Sense Motive 9 ranks, Weapon Focus (any one-handed slashing weapon), Quick Draw. High
Gravitomancer You have mastered enough of unseen shackles to be able to manipulate gravity itself. Two Unseen Shackles maneuvers, Knowledge (Math & Physic) 8 ranks, Gravity Control Very High
Greatshield Master You are extremely proficient when using a greatshield. Improved Shield Bash, Tower Shield Proficiency Very High
Guardian of the Forest The forest comes first. It is after all, the font of all life. Fey Skirmisher, Base attack bonus +4 High
Gunchuck Gun Fu You've mastered the use of gunchucks, and can become a whirling storm of pain. Weapon Focus (Gunchuck or Bladed Gunchuck), Two-Weapon Fighting or variant Very High
Harpoon Hero Gain several abilities for use with the Harpoon Gun. BAB +1, Proficiency with Harpoon Guns. High
Heart of Vigor Gain several tactical benefits using the Blood Feast discipline. Invigorated Blood, Heal 9 ranks, two blood feast maneuvers High
Hexing Doll Maker You create a doll of someone and shenanigan ensue! Craft (Dollmaking) 4 ranks, must be able to use invocations or hexblade curse., Knowledge (Arcana) 9 ranks Very High
Impendo Tradition You have been schooled in the ways of the extending of, adding to, or changing spells, in ways others would find difficult. Caster level 1, extend spell High
Improved Undead Graft Grant some improvement on the pale master's undead graft. Undead Graft (Weakening) Class Feature Very High
Instinctive Tactics Gain several tactical benefits using the Wild Moon discipline. Night Rage, Control Shape 9 ranks, two wild moon maneuvers High
Jet Fighter You can pilot a freaking jet and be good and awesome at doing so. Bab +14, Profession (Pilot) 17 ranks High
Kamaitachi Run by creatures unseen and attack them, delay damage, and cause Hide 8 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks, Spring Attack, Weapon Focus in any of the following weapons: Bite, Claw, Dagger, Kukri, Kama, Sickle, Scythe, or Unarmed Strike. High
Kappa Shell Style You can use a tower shield on your back effectively! Tower Shield Proficiency High
Kunai Claw Style Use shuriken as a melee weapon, with advanced throwing weapon options and improved range and abilities. Proficiency with shuriken Moderate
Lightning Shaper Being hit by electricity while the thunderstorm of your magic raged within was an en-lightning experience. Storm Bolt (Complete Mage), Conductivity, Improved Conductivity, must have attempted to redirect a lightning effect with Conductivity while your Storm Bolt was available. Very High
Mad Knife Fighting You are one hell of a knife fighter. Bab +3, Weapon Focus (Dagger or other form of knife), two thousand daggers maneuvers High
Mad Torcher Style Learn a couple of tactical maneuvers when fighting with a torch and another weapon. Two-Weapon Fighting, Bab +1 High
Magic Pot Fighting You can fight with a magic pot as a weapon. None High
Master Thrower Gain several tactical maneuvers with thrown weapons. Weapon Focus (Any Thrown Weapon) High
Master of the Blade Master the blade until you use your it with ease and swiftness. BAB 6+, Dex 15, Combat Reflexes, Weapon Focus (Any one-hand slashing weapon) High
Meldshaper Expert Gain abilities Essentia Fluctuation and Incarnum Marking. BAB +4, Essentia Pool 2, Ability to shape Soulmeld. Moderate
Melee Arrow Style Use arrows as melee weapons, and other melee options for the bow and crossbow. Must be proficient in at bows or crossbows, BAB +1. Moderate
Mental Gymnastics You're very good at making yourself think in specific ways at the drop of a hat. Thought Trick High
Mental Touch The practitioner of the way of the Mental Grip must understand that not only can he use his psionic abilities to aid his physical ones, he can use his psionic abilities to outright replace his physical ones. Psionic Meditation, Three Mental Grip maneuvers (at least one must be a stance), Base Attack Bonus +6 High
Meteor Masher You gain several tactical maneuvers while wielding a meteor hammer. Weapon Focus (Meteor Hammer) High
Might of Arms The best way to win is to be better than your opponent. Duh. BAB +6, Power Attack, two Iron Heart maneuvers, no Setting Sun maneuvers. High
Mordant Shadows Acid-based abilities. BAB +4, three Shadow Hand maneuvers. High
Mounted Combat, Variant You are trained to use a steed in battle. Ride 4 Ranks Moderate
Opportunity Reaction Convert your attacks of opportunity into various possibilities. Combat Reflexes, Dex 17 Unquantifiable
Parry Everything You hide behind your weapons, books, and anything else you can pick up Attack Blocker, Sleight of Hand 6 ranks, Spot 6 ranks High
Perfect Slinger You can toss sling bullets and if you had a sling. Weapon Focus (Sling) Very High
Power of Lag Learn the tricks of "Lag" BAB +4 High
Psycho Killer You are a psychotic killer. Bab +3, evil alignment, Weapon Focus with at least on the following: battle shears, dagger, great cleaver, industrial chainsaw, flayknife or woodcutter axe. High
Quick Fire You shoot real fast, you reload real fast and you can shoot all the arrows and maybe hit something. Bab +1, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot High
Ravening Beauty As an experienced adept of the Hollow Nymph discipline, you have discovered new ways to control and debilitate opponents with haunting grace, directing combat's sanguine flow ever closer to the endless thirsting void of your desire. Hungry Glamour, base attack bonus +6, two Hollow Nymph maneuvers. High
Red Wings of Glory Gain several tactical benefits using the Aerial Ace discipline. Two aerial ace maneuvers, Tumble 9 ranks, Variable Wing High
Sand Attacker You play dirty. Use sand (or similar material) to gain advantage in battle. Sleight of Hand 4 ranks Moderate
Shadow Fighting Open up combat options thanks to your shadow. BAB +3 or Hide 6 ranks Very High
Shield Marksman You are really good at throwing your shield at people. Bab 6+, Shield Thrower High
Shield and Spear Style Fight with a polearm in one hand and a shield in the other. Employ various circumstantial tricks with shield and spear. BAB +1, Shield Proficiency, Weapon Focus (any polearm) High
Shielded Killer You really know how to kill with a shield. Must be proficient with some sort of shield Very High
Shielded Master You gain several tactical maneuver when using shields. BAB +9, Improved Shield Bash High
Sky Brawl A set of grappling and unarmed maneuvers in the air. BAB +6, Dexterity 15, Aerial Grapple High
Sniping Specialist You are focused on injuring others hidden and from a distance BAB +5, Weapon Focus (any ranged weapon) High
Spread Ray You cans specifically target creatures in your lines, cones, and bursts to make sure they are struck dead. None Very High
Star Thrower You throw shurikens and daggers like a ninja. Proficiency with shurikens, sleight of hand 6 ranks, spot 6 ranks Very High
Sunfighter Strike your enemies with the power of the sun BAB +8, Blinding Maneuver High
Tactical Assistance You can assist other in finding special tactical maneuvers. Astonishing Tactics class feature, 2 [tactical] feats. High
Tactical Deflect Projectiles A tactical feat version of deflect arrows. Bab 6+, Combat Reflexes High
Thornbush Light weapon related benefits. BAB +8, Combat Expertise Moderate
Time Marches On Attacks for opponents who know how to avoid hitting themselves and falling down. Sense Motive 6 ranks, BAB +4, three Setting Sun maneuvers, one Setting Sun stance. High
Tormentor Of Souls You have learned to store copies of souls in trinkets, and how to stab voodoo dolls. Time to combine the two. Summon Ba, Voodoo Curse, Spellcraft 9 Ranks Very High
Tricky Fingers You can take things out of your pockets. Counts as Quick Draw and Rapid Reload for prerequisites. Sleight of Hand 4 ranks High
Unarmed Grapple Master Your training as a unarmed artist paid off and you can now do a lot of grapple oriented combat maneuvers. Improved Grapple, Effective Monk 5th or Effective Fighter 11th or knowing two or more 5th level setting sun maneuvers. High
Unbreakable Willpower You have unbreakable willpower, you can endure what no men or women endure before you. Iron Will High
Upgrade Construction Gain several tactical benefits using the Golem Heart discipline. Golem Heart Bond, Knowledge Arcana 9 ranks, two golem heart maneuvers High
Way of the Mirage Synergistic abilities for Desert Wind and Shadow Hand. Hide 9 ranks, Tumble 3 ranks, one Shadow Hand maneuver, one Desert Wind maneuver. High
Whirling Chopper Style You have several attack options when attacking with nunchucks. BAB +3, Weapon Focus (Nunchaku or Nunchucks) High
Whirlwind Staff Style Gain benefits when using quarterstaff or spears as double weapons. Weapon Focus (Any Spear or Quarterstaff), Whirlwind Attack Very High
Wolfblade Tactics You like dressing up in green and hitting people with a sword. Tumble 6 ranks, Weapon Focus with a one or two-handed slashing weapon Very High

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SummaryTactical feats were first presented in [[P
Tactical feats were first presented in Complete Warrior. Feats with this type provides several thematically similar and rather specific options or abilities that generally require some setup or a specific weapon set to utilize.
setup or a specific weapon set to utilize. +