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RatedOppose.png Undead_Knave opposes this article and rated it 0 of 4.
Initially, I thought that this was higher than a Low feat (looking at the history, it was actually changed to be a Low feat years after it was made). It looks like what it's intended to do is allow a Warforged to wear whatever kind of armor they want, which is fair enough. That being said, it functionally gives Craft Magic Arms and Armor for any armor because they can put it on, enchant it and take it off. Even if removing the armor removed the enchantment, this would still be an issue. Craft Magic Arms and Armor is not a Low feat, even if only limited to a single suit of armor, let alone one that you can ensure is being worn (at all times). It also just makes the armor masterwork for free for no reason.

If you remove the free Craft feat and the free masterwork. I will agree that this is a Low feat that should exist and change my rating accordingly. Likewise, if you change it back to not being a Low feat, I will again, change my rating.