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RatedFavor.png Leziad favors this article and rated it 4 of 4!
This feat turns a lot of nonviable PrC, such as the Black Flame Zealot or the Pale Master, into reasonable options.
RatedFavor.png Spanambula favors this article and rated it 4 of 4!
"Thou shalt not lose caster levels. No, not even for that." is one of the painful rules of playing casters. This helps with that. Do casters already get nice things? Sure. But paying a feat tax to be able to do something interesting without slicing your spellcasting hamstrings is not an unreasonable trade.
RatedDislike.png Ghostwheel dislikes this article and rated it 1 of 4.
I feel that non-caster levels are a good way to balance PrCs. This removes that entirely.
DislikedGhostwheel +
FavoredLeziad + and Spanambula +