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I can understand why you wanted to not be useless against immune enemies, but it just feels a tad silly. Leads to situations such as you being able to harm a fire elemental with fire.

If wanting to buff the feat, it would be better to do something about the second part, turning ones into twos is really weak, and normally makes so little difference. Also it has the problem of being even more terrible for sorcerers with empower.

One possible change is for it to instead of having it work like it does now, that it could perhaps have limited usages per day of empower, or maybe synergize with empower in some way rather than be rendered irrelevant.

Another option is to maybe have the second part be able to convert a spell's damage to the elemental type chosen for the feat a certain number of times per day. It would especially be a boon for elements with fewer spells so you could sling Cold Missiles or Acid Balls etc. :-)