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Racial Traits[edit]

I'm not pleased with the current racial traits. For starters, I greatly dislike giving out +4 Anythings for LA +0 races. While it can be done, I always feel like it is an area for easy abuse. If I cut the +4 Dexterity down to a +2, I'd also cut one of the -2 Whatevers. Which one I'm not sure. The other problem area is the spell-like abilities. I would simply prefer to chop out expeditious retreat if it wasn't so in tune with the concept. Per-day abilities for races are usually limiting; 1/day and it's less fun to have it and more "management problem". How does moving it to 1/minute for dancing lights and daze and then adding in a totally separate ability instead of expeditious retreat (something that scales slowly with levels... perhaps 10 feet per 4 HD or something to keep it usable at higher levels) sound as a fix? Any input on this would be welcome. If not, I'll resolve it myself eventually. --Ganteka Future 19:38, February 13, 2010 (UTC)

Well, if you don't wanna give the race a +4 Dexterity, why not give it +2 dexterity and a semi additional +2 dexterity, like +2 to reflex saves, or +1 dodge bonus to AC, or something to make the dexterity boost more useful, like the Weapon Finesse feat or the ability to use dexterity for damage. Course, if you did that, you would likely want to give them fewer racial ability score penalties, yeah, or maybe add on another ability score boost, like +2 intelligence, cause of their mischeivious nature, and how they can come up with all manner of pranks to pull. For the expecitious retreat, make it be just a static boost to speed as the sprightling gains HD, and just forget about the SLA. --Mock Turtle 03:33, February 14, 2010 (UTC)