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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

The template is for outputting complete class ability effect lists. It will list a header for the class and any level that contains results. It will not output anything if nothing exists for a particular level, so you can toss this on a page without worry about creating dead space. When something is later added, it will be added to the page and auto-generate a header if appropriate.


{{3.5e Class Ability Effects by Level
|class= The class you want to display the list for
|abbrv= The abbreviation used for the class in the spell description (optional parameter)
|type= The type of class ability you are generating a list for. Ex: Spell, Incantation, etc. }}


Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

0th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Adam's Apple Agony: Adam's Apple expands suddenly, causing damage.

Altimeter: You always know what altitude you are at compared to sea level.

Azore's Invisible Ink: This spell renders nonmagical writing invisible for the duration of the spell.

Azore's Speaking Tome: Targeted book or scroll reads its contents aloud.

Azore's Trick Candle: This spell alters a small source of flame so that it resists being put out.

Belarpithorpe's Self-Illusion: There is a disappointing lack of illusions that affect the caster. This seeks to remedy that some.

Belladone's Curse of Inconvenience: Minor curses which are really annoying, and mostly temporary.

Challenging Hand: A sharp, resounding slap to challenge any opponent and get their attention while fazing them for a moment.

Charm of Apathy: Makes one person apathetic to you.

Cold Touch: Cause pain to a touched creature with a cold touch.

Colorize: Change the color of something using a material pigment.

Cook: Cook food to make a delicious meal.

Create Jelly: You create enough jelly to feed one person for one meal, the jelly can have any flavor that you want.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Dazzle Ward: Ward against bright light with some cool eye protection.

Decency: Willing target sees veil over nude creatures.

Detect Disease: You determine whether a creature, object, or area is diseased.

Detect Mineral: Detect a particular mineral or element in the ground.

Detect Radiation: Detect radioactive material at range.

Detect Virgin: A favorite of princess-kidnapping dragons, suspicious kings with princesses, evil cultists looking for sacrifices, and juvenile wizards in school. Detects if a creature is a virgin.

Detect Voltage: You can detect the electrical networks around you.

Discern Birthdays: Reveals birthdays

Discern Lighting Level: Determine how bright of light is shining on you

Ell's Dramatic Action: Target's actions appear more awesome, possibly photoshopped even.

Ell's Magic Timepiece: Object divines exact local time.

Extract Spell: Magically pull a spell from one storage device into another.

Fan: Generates a small local wind to cool you off and blow away gases.

Force Stool: Create a chair made of force to sit on.

Fragile Shield: You get a one-use force shield that might just save your life.

Hindsight: Tells you whether certain actions will bring good or bad result, but only after the event has already transpired.

Holt's Backhanded Slap: You use a hand made of force to slap your target senseless.

Holt's Energy Booster: Temporarily relieve fatigue, become tired after spell ends.

Hotfoot: You give them the ol' hotfoot, forcing the target to move or take damage.

Incubate: This spell regulates the temperature, humidity, and environmental effects of a "nest".

Instant Spittake: Always have a drink on hand to spit out in shock and surprise.

Jelly Flavor: You give any food or drink the consistency and flavor of jelly.

Ki Push/Mage Push: Bolt of force pushes creature 5'.

Know Distance: You can determine the distance away something is.

Lavation: Wash away the filth.

Lesser Dispel Magic: As dispel magic, but +0 on check and fewer options.

Lesser Refresh Magic: As refresh magic, but +0 on roll and fewer options.

Luminescent Jelly: You make normal jelly glow like a torch.

Mantissa's Banana Peel: Makes a location slippery.

Mantissa's Theft Avenger: Mantissa didn't think things through before researching this spell. But then, she never does.

Obedient Light: Creates a tiny, floating ball of light.

Obscure Text: Obscure text under blurring, pixelization, or black bars.

Poof: POOF! A puff of smoke briefly obscures you.

Popping Rune: Minor rune goes off with a pop of force.

Power Word Dazzle: Deal the most powerful status effect: Dazzling!

Practice Incantation: This cantrip does absolutely nothing, but is useful for fledgling spellcasters who are just learning the ropes or veteran mages looking to show off the skills they have developed.

Prismatic Point: You generate a fine point of light that inflicts damage of various types.

Rag Doll: You loosen the targets muscles which gives them a nice massage... and makes them easier to bind.

Refrigerate: Cools objects, and keeps them as such.

Repel Liquid: Cover an object or a person in a liquid repelling substance.

Safety Goggles: You gain protection against splash damage and resist the effects of alchemist and poison mishaps.

Sense Spiders: You can sense the location of all spiderkind within 60'.

Simple Image: A simple version of silent image more for show and trickery, as everyone can tell it is a fake.

Sponge: A magical sponge absorbs liquids, as well as releasing them.

Spook: Spook someone with this simple cantrip. Prepare in a 1st level slot to do it as a swift action, or 2nd level as an immediate action.

Summon Rope of Spidersilk: Summons a length of Spider Silk.

Summon Stray: Summons a stray cat (or similar animal). No, you can't control it. It is useless.

Wall of Text: Covers surface with text that dazzles those who search or read.

Weakening: Weakens a single object, making it easier to break.

Whoopee: Enchanted object lets loose a thunderous farting noise when disturbed.

1st-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Aarnott's Epidemic: The target comes down with a disease of your choice, which with some coaxing can be accelerated rapidly.

Acid Bomb: This spell creates a sphere of acid that flies towards the target.

Alter Gravity: Increase or decrease gravity on a target.

Alter Spell: You alter a spell with a metamagic effect.

Ancestral Weapon: You create a weapon wielded by your ancestors and imbued with their strength.

Ashe's Mind Lance: Deal damage, interrupt spell.

Asterfete's Return Scrying: One scrying sensor that appears in the area also becomes a window back to its source.

Astral Fugue: Travel to the astral in your sleep, allowing you to continue activities such as crafting while resting.

Atmospheric Visualizer: You can visualize the sky as if it was clear and at any time.

Bel's Ambush: Reduce a creature's initiative so you and your allies can go first.

Biogel Mimic: Create a biogel mimic, a harmless creature that duplicates organic flesh to the point of being an effective simulacrum for it.

Blossom of Razors: Your foe's organs cut them apart from the inside.

Boiling Sphere: You conjure a hovering, superheated, steaming, boiling sphere of water that occupies a 5 foot square.

Bond of the Obnoxious Commander: A spirit of an ancient legend of war guides your martial maneuvers.

Bot Interface: Conjure a phantom console which you can use to interact with the Bot subtype.

Call Minion: Call a humanoid with 1 HD or less to perform a task for you.

Chaos Blaze: A highly random fire spell that can hurt a lot or barely do anything, who knows.

Color Spray: A re-balanced version of color spray.

Color Spray, Eiji: Another re-balanced version of color spray.

Cone of Cold, Lesser: The little brother of cone of cold, a reliable spell for low-level casters.

Cone of Melted Butter: Exactly what it says on the the tin.

Conjure Tools: Summon a masterwork tool for your purposes.

Corpse Puppet: Briefly make a skeleton or zombie under your control. Cheaper than animate dead, but only for a short time.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Death's Door: Touched creature can survive at up to –20 hit points.

Desolate, Lesser:

Detect Heat: You detect heat sources visually.

Detect Laws: Determine the rules in the nearest settlement.

Detect Parentage: Disc determines if subjects are parent and child.

Detect Power Level: You sense the presence of life force in an area.

Devilish Spew: You breath a cone of fire and brimstone all over the place.

Dimensional Transference: The target's weapons go through portals to make attacking more or less efficient, depending on your desires.

Disappointing Runes: Minor rune goes off with a plip of daunting disappointment.

Discern Portal Destination: Find the destination of a portal

Dry Ray: Water evaporates before your eyes, dessicating creatures and drying objects.

Dust Bomb: Throw a ball of dust and grit which obscures vision and reveals invisible beings.

Dust to Dust: Destroys corpse.

Dyfen's Induce Pleasure: With a simple touch you cause the target to experience intense physical or psychological pleasure, temporarily disabling them.

Ell's Great Effort: You gain a bonus to a future roll.

Ell's Handy Homunculus: You bring a handy homunculus to life.

Elush's Leaden Investiture: Fills the targets' bodies with lead, making any kind of movement very difficult. ToP-compliant.

Elush's Limb Calcification: Begins to transform key muscles in the target's legs to stone, making movement difficult if not impossible.

Encrypt/Decrypt: Encrypts or decrypts a volume of text

Enfluffen: You make things fluffier! Poof poof poof!

Erzebet's Skull Bomb: Throws a skull, explodes for damage, slow.

Fanservice: You provide some fanservice. This is rather distracting.

Fire Potency: You create a strong link between yourself and the elemental plane of fire.

Fireball, GT Variant: With muttered words, the spot you point at bursts into flames.

Fireproofing: Coat an object in a thin magical patina that protects it from fire damage.

Flee: You run from the scene with your tail between your legs.

Focus Shield: Generate a barrier which raises your AC and ablates incoming damage, but must be actively maintained.

Frighten: Subjects within cone flee for 5 rounds.

Gaban's Scorching Embers: Burn face and burn the ground.

Galea's Drenching Orb: Throw a ball of water that puts out fires.

Gazer Laser: Your eyes shoot lasers uncontrollably. Is this awesome?

Gossamer Thread: Create a thread that binds a target. To them, it is strongest steel.

Gust Bellow: Project a 15 ft cone of wind in front of you, a sort of long lasting but short range gust of wind.

Half Shot: Far Shot? No, try half shot, and cut those ranges in two!

Helpful Lick: You lick someone's face and they feel better.

Holt's Hemorrhaging Hematoma: You incite internal bleeding in a target, causing them to take damage and become more vulnerable to physical attack.

Holt's Interposing Hand: You create a massive hand of force that grants cover to a creature of your choosing.

Identify Symbol: Gain 5 + your caster level as a bonus on checks to identify symbols for what they are.

Inscribe: Writing implement writes on its own

Ishara's Enticing Directive: Tell one creature to give you object, creature approaches, gives over.

Jelly Floor: This spell turns the floor into a thick layer of bouncy jelly.

Jelly Orb: An orb of magical jelly flies from your hand to its target.

Kiden's Curse of Calling: A curse which cause illusory hallucination.

Kiden's Harassing Spirit: Summon a spirit to annoy and possibly kill people if you invest enough into it.

Leaping Lightning: A bolt of lightning jumps from creature to creature.

Leather Seed: Let a tree grow to create leather or let it consume the insides of a dead creature, leaving only its skin.

Lesser Bamf: Short-range limited teleportation once per round.

Light Laser: Shoot a beam of light, deal damage and possibly blind.

Lightning Bolt, GT Variant: With muttered words, the spot you point at bursts into flames.

Lightning Spear: 40' line deals 4d4 electricity damage, +1d4 per two levels over first (max 8d4).

Lockstep: Sets your base land speed to 30 ft. Useful if you would be slower otherwise.

Love Ward: A favorite of adventurers, bards, and sorcerers in magic college. This spell protect you against the negative side effects of lovemaking.

Mage Armor, Swift: Grant a +4 armor bonus to AC. Protection against incorporeal attacks.

Magic Probe: Enhances a focus into a magical probe, allowing you to gauge temperature, pressure, lighting conditions, and basic knowledge from the viewpoint of the probe.

Mantissa's Ostrich Flight: Places caster in extremely secure hiding place. Does not provide egress from hiding place.

Mantissa's Superquintessential Archdweomer: Gives targets strong impression of being under some unknown effect.

Mastercrafting: Turn a non-masterwork item into a masterwork item.

Naked Invisibility: As the invisibility spell, but only affects your body.

Nealan's Erotic Touch: Touch a target to force them to, ahem, 'lose concentration'.

Nealan's Unbuckling: Instantly removes armour (or other clothing) from a target.

Object Insight: Gain some insight on the nature of objects and the lore surrounding them.

Orb of Light: Mobile ball of light provides illumination.

Parachute: Create a parachute to slow your fall. Longer lasting than feather fall, but only for one person and with a few downsides.

Paranoia Haunt: Cause a creature to be treated as being flanked, and render them more susceptible to further fear effects.

Pathfinder: Obtain a vision of the correct path to take, shortening overland movement times, improving tracking, and teleporting with greater accuracy.

Phantom Palm: Make an incorporeal touch attack, and age your opponent briefly.

Pizizzap's Annoying Allergen: An annoying allergy that troubles a victim for a short period of time.

Poison Breath: Exhale a cone of quickly-dissipating poisonous gas.

Polish: You cause a stone or metal surface to become extremely smooth and polished.

Position Drift: Every round, the target's position changes ever so slightly in one direction.

Possessed Hand: Cause a creature's hand to be possessed and work against their self interest.

Power Word Ignition: A non-enchantment power word that lights objects on fire.

Power Word Pain Variant: Take damage over time, based on your remaining hp.

Predict Stability: Predict the stability of your plane of existence

Protection from Alignment, Variant: A remake of protection from alignment.

Punish Violence: If the afflicted target attacks, they take non-lethal damage.

Quantum Lock: Lock an object in place, though it can be moved with sufficient strength.

Quickwind Shield: Protect yourself from projectile attacks as an immediate action with a brief small-scale wind wall.

Ray of Rope: Get over here! Lasso the enemy in and drag them closer!

Ray of Winter: You project a ray of cold that deal damage and potentiality slow down opponents.

Reattach: Reattaches a severed limb.

Regal Presence: Your knowledge of nobility gives you a commanding presence none can ignore.

Restructure, Lesser: As lesser vigor, but for unliving creatures and objects.

Retort: Gain a barrier which damages those who strike you in combat.

Ride the Nightmare: Caster teleports randomly while asleep.

Rockfist: You encase your fist in rocks, allowing you to deal intense damage on a successful hit.

Sasha's Searing Light: Channel light to your hand to create a damage dealing ray.

Searing Hand: You deliver a relatively powerful burning touch, possibly causing it target to catch in flame.

Secret Sickness: Hide your illness and symptoms under an illusion, but you remain infected.

Sky Eye: Project a sensor above your head up to 20 ft/level high, to gain a superior vantage point when viewing.

Sobering Skeletal Stillness: Creature with skeletal structure is unable to move.

Solar Paneling: Attach a sunlight absorbing panel to an object or creature, giving it power, sustenance, or able to charge a focus component.

Soundblast: Soundblast deals 1d6 points of sonic damage, +1 per caster level and possibly deafen a target.

Sparklers: Shoot fireworks that make a bright flash and loud noise.

Spew Acid: 20' cone deals 4d4 acid damage, +1d4 per two levels over first (max 8d4).

Sreip's Haste Vision: You can move your eyes and process their input incredibly fast, enhancing your vision and protecting you from certain effects.

Sticky Hands: You find your hands glued to your weapon, everything you touch won't wash off!

Sting Dart: Fire a poison stinger that injures and leaves painful sore welts.

Stun Volt: A stunning shock deals damage and may stagger your opponent.

Summon Bot: Summon a Bot to fight for you. Cast it in a higher level spell slot for a stronger effect.

Summon Construct: Summon a construct.

Summon Elemental: Summon an elemental.

Summon Spider I: Calls spider to fight.

Suppress Influence: Suppress the influence and sign or one or more vestige, however doing so prevent the binder from using the vestige's powers.

Surfing Disc: Create a floating disk you can surf upon.

Talk Like a Pirate: Avast, mateys! When yer crew be babblin' landlubber nonsense, use this spell to bring 'em back to the talk of the salty seas.

Tasha's Tomb Tainting: Area loses special type, and may be considered desecrated.

Terrain Arcana: Enhance the ground with a constant magical effect, which grants its benefit or penalty to anyone standing on that square.

Terry's Sonic Beatdown: A mediocre sonic spell that shine when metamagic is applied to it.

Tholan's Pointed Digits: Turn your fingers into darts and shoot them at the enemy.

True Dodge: The counterpart to true strike, this makes it easy to dodge one single attack.

Unlock Spell: You unprepare spells, making them empty spell slot which may be filled later.

Unstable Enlargement: As enlarge person but much faster to cast. And a lot less reliable.

Warforged Heart: Gain some of the traits of a living construct.

Weightless Object: Attended object becomes weightless.

Withstand Energy: Grant resistance to one element based on caster level.

Yau Wei's Engorged Grip: Make a creature's hands grow abnormally large. They can use larger weapons, but the hands are clumsy and take penalties.

2nd-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Ablative Jacket: Create a magical vest which grants a bit of temporary hit points.

Acid Sheath: Cover yourself in acid, resist acid damage, hurt attackers.

Aetherion Orb: Blast of aetherion energy that targets a single creature

Albedo Armor: Gain snow armor which reflects light and ablates fire.

Analyze Object: A greater form of identify which works on non-magical objects and delivers a more detailed mundane information.

Arcane Key: Create a key that can automatically open an arcane lock for its holder.

Ashe's Spell Seizure: Ray that strips away spells.

Asterfete's Scry Trace: Hijack a divination sensor to see who sent it.

Bamf: Lets you teleport short distances once per round.

Bang Rounds: Create cherrybomb-like caltrops to either throw out immediately as explosives, or set as a trap.

Big Head Mode: The subject's head grows disproportionately large, granting sensory bonuses, but also encumbering them.

Biting Mist: A fog bank that slowly digests everything inside it.

Blood Brothers: You take the target's blood and transform into a creature of his type and vice versa.

Bond of the Harden Crusader: Learn to model your martial techniques with magic.

Bone Spurs: Generate painful bone spurs over your body. They hurt you, but they hurt the enemy more.

Borrowed Life: Temporarily raises one creature from the dead as a pseudo-zombie using the caster's own life force.

Bouncy Jelly Boots: Target's feet are covered with jelly, providing a boost to movement and jumps.

Cain's Curse of Covetousness: Designate an object, which attracts creatures and causes them to fight over it.

Cloth Shape: Like wood shape but for cloth objects.

Cone of Searing Wax: Fire a cone of searing wax to damage your opponents and immobilize them.

Congealing Consumption: Creatures within the area of effect become nauseated.

Continual Shade: A black continual flame which radiates darkness.

Covert Transposition: Two target creatures swap positions and assume each other's likenesses at the same time.

Create Wooden Door: Create a wooden door fit for a hallway, or up against a wall.

Creeping Darkness: Muffle your presence, and phase out within the darkness.

Cryospray: Release a constant stream of freezing cold which can ice over your opponents.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Dark Symmetry: Subject becomes unable to move, unless mimicking caster's movements when the caster desires.

Dense Weapon: Make a weapon very dense, increasing damage but making you unbalanced after attacks.

Dire Wound: The affected target appears to be much worse off than they think, causing them to change their tactics.

Dispater's Tower: Surround yourself with protective iron walls, even though it hampers your own ability to attack.

Dyfen's Violent Flashback: You cause a creature to experience extremely realistic flashbacks, possibly wasting his or her action.

Earthshaking Growl: Keeping your tail low and growling from deep in your throat, you make the ground rumble and shake, knocking people over.

Ekbom's Egotistical Episode: Target becomes obsessed with themselves and prioritizes maintaining their own well-being above all else.

Ekbom's Imaginary Insects: Target hallucinates insects all over their body and attacks themselves.

Elemental Augmentation: Enhance yourself so that when you cast an elemental spell, you gain additional bonuses in that round.

Elush's Eye-Blasting Explosion: Convert enemy's eyes to acid, explode outward.

Erupting Firebolt: You fire a bolt of flame which explodes and deals fire damage within a versatile area of effect.

Essence Rip: Tear away part of your target's Essence.

Expeditious Invisibility: Gain the benefits of invisibility and expeditious retreat, but at reduced duration.

Eyebeams: With a steely glare, you fire laser beams from your eyes.

Faith's Reactive Nest: Creates a web, summons spider, traps others.

Fertilize: Heal swarms, flourish crops, contaminate areas, and cover objects in vines.

Fire Breath, Lesser: Breathe a cone of fire for 1d4 damage/caster level

Fire Path: Release a gout of flame that leaves burning puddles behind.

Flame Breath: You gain a limited breath weapon dealing moderate fire damage.

Float: Gain a hover speed (perfect) equal to your land speed.

Focus Radiance: Focus nearby light onto a single point, damaging and possibly dazzling or blinding foes.

Focus Spell: Increase DC of next spell cast.

Force Bit: You create a "force bit" which can attack for you, or give defensive bonuses.

Form of Death: Target gains qualities of an undead creature.

Frostbite: A simple spell used to lock enemies in Ice.

Gaban's Chaos Firelance: Gaban's Chaos Firelance is a channeled spell calling extreme heat and magical power into the form of a single fire spear.

Galea's Reverse Merform: Turn a creature into a reverse mermaid.

Headache: Give you target a pounding headache for a few rounds.

Heavy Weapon: Make a weapon unusually heavy, which could be a boon or a bane.

Heroics: You gain the benefit of a single feat.

Hostile Levitate: A offensive version of the levitate spell which can deal heavy damage but last a short time.

Human Form: Target assumes appearance and form of a humanoid.

Hypnotic Light: You create hypnotic lights, allowing you to enthrall your target.

Ice Crystal Phalanx: You create a line of freezing cold which leaves sharp ice crystals in its wake.

Ilyre's Conspicuous Combustion: A flashy version of combustion created by a pyromaniac sorcerer who wanted to make setting things on fire more interesting.

Impossible Cover: When using this spell you can gain total cover from objects which otherwise are too small or thin.

Increase Susceptibility: You make your hapless victim more susceptible to diseases.

Inflict Psychosis: Inflict one or more psychosis effects.

Instantaneous Portal: You create a short-lived portal for transportation.

Investigate Portal: Learn about a portal's operation and what's on the other side

Invisibility, Grimoire: A different kind of invisibility for High-level games.

Jelly Aura, Lesser: Covers target in jelly, halving bludgeoning damage.

Kiden's Combustive Torch: A powerful and utilitarian version of produce flame.

Kinetic Forcefield: Take control of the kinetic power.

Last Cast: Determine what spell was cast last from a spellcaster or item.

Last Word: deal damage and silence target.

Lesser Animate Dead: As animate dead, but you don't have control...

Lesser Baleful Polymorph: baleful polymorph's little sibling

Lesser Imbue Sentience: Imbue a non-living object with primative sentience for a short time.

Lesser Item Morph: Turn your opponents into inanimate objects.

Light Weapon: Make a weapon unusually light, which could be a boon or a bane.

Mad King's Concussive Orb: An undulating orb of force that explodes after a short time, stunning those within range. Can be cast from a higher slot to alter its power.

Mad King's Kinetic Orb: An orb of volatile force that explodes, flinging things away from it.

Magic Eye: Inscribe a magical eye on a surface and see through it with concentration.

Magic Option: An orbiting magical sphere that generates magic missiles when you attack.

Mark of Summoning: Places a mark on a creature or object that allows the caster to summon it to him with summoning magic.

Nealan's Disturbing Image: Creates a copy of the most disturbing image the target can imagine in front of them.

Nealan's Erotic Gaze: Makes those that you stare at 'lose concentration' at a distance.

Noncompliance: Make yourself immune to compulsions for one round.

Ohm's Electrified Equipment: Electrify metal armor or weapon, either helping or hindering the wielder.

Path of the Lost: Direct lost souls in a ranged attack that deals more damage to more insidious opponents.

Phase Face: Look through a wall by pressing your face into it.

Pizizzap's Bothersome Allergen: A bothersome allergy that troubles a victim for a short period of time.

Poison Needle: Conjure a poison dart to throw at your enemy.

Portal Party: You create portals around you that creatures can run through.

Power Word Shove: A non-enchantment power word, it shoves creatures and objects away.

Power Word The Game: You shout "The Game" at somebody, instantly making them believe they have lost whatever game they were playing.

Prismatic Edge: Enhance your weapon with prismatic power, each round brings new destruction!

Pronounce Doom: Words and gaze kill one subject.

Quick Crafting: When you cast this spell, any crafting you do goes three times as fast!

Reject Earth: You inject a great deal of kinetic energy into a surface, which immediately blasts anything on top of it into the sky!

Risky Rebounding Reaver: You shoot a sphere of force that can be reflected back at you, but you can also reflect it. Each rebound increases the stakes.

Ritual of Resizing: Resize an item, typically a weapon or armor, or refit an armor to your use.

Rock Paper Scissors: Summon up a rock, paper, or scissors to attack your foe.

Scan: Identifies creatures, and maybe their abilities as well.

Seeker Bee: Summon a ethereal honeybee that seeks out its target, then returns to you to rely instructions on how to get there.

Self Bolt: You stick your tail straight in the air and bring down the lightning.

Sense No Evil: If exposed to a gaze attack, sonic effect, or pain effect and similar while under this spell you can briefly turn off that sense to save yourself.

Shape Cloud: Shape fogs and clouds, allowing you to make passages as needed.

Share Perception: See as someone else sees, colors by their perceptions

Shimmering Forcefield: A spell which create an invisible barrier around the caster and protect her from harms.

Shylock's Revenge: With a touch you drain the fat from a creature, transferring it to yourself, simultaneously crippling an opponent and safeguarding yourself.

Siege Travel: Turn a siege weapon into an unconventional form of transportation.

Soul Trap: Traps the targeted creature's essence into a soul gem when it dies.

Soundproof: You create a perfectly soundproof region, which blocks the transmission of noises from the interior to the exterior or vice-versa.

Spell's-Eye View: See from the perspective of your spells.

Spinning Slots: Create a random slot machine, whose various results produce many magical effects.

Sterilize: Destroy weak creatures, including swarms, instantly.

Still Invisibility: Become invisible forever, provided you never move.

Sudden Weakness: You cause a creature to take a large penalty to strength and possibly fall prone.

Summon Construct: Summon a construct.

Summon Monster: Summon an encounter of monsters.

Summon Motorcycle: Summon a warforged cycle to ride into the sunset.

Summon Spider II: Calls spider to fight.

Summon Spider Swarm: You summon a swarm of spiders, which attacks all other creatures within its area.

Summon Sweaty Strongmen: Summons a musclebound humanoid to carry stuff for you, and other small tasks.

Suppress Power Level: Hides your life signs, making some detection and targeting impossible.

Swarm of Minions: Summon two minions per level, who act like a sort of swarm providing small but consistent damage.

Tarn's Violent Prophet: Let a divine spellcaster lose all control and just smite the infidels!

Tesla Coil: Conjure a metal torus that shocks nearby creatures each round.

Tholan's Painful Transfer: Forcibly take information from a target.

Tomb Tile Tessellation: Area becomes eligible to become a Tomb, and gain the effects of such a space.

Totemic Power: A replacement of the Animal's X spells, designed to be useful even at later level.

Trailing Arcane Mark: This arcane mark leaves an easily traceable magical trail in its wake.

Tremors: You cause earth to shoot up and hit people.

Vile Strike: Your next attack in the round deals vile damage.

Voluntary Coma: Alter your body to have reduced metabolic needs, or enter a state of false death.

Voodoo Doll: You stab a duplicate of the target with special needles, and the target suffers for it.

What's That?: Hey, did you just see that? Too late, made you look, you just provoked an AoO! Mwahahahaha!

Witchslap: If a creature approaches you from afar, you slap them out of the way.

3rd-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Acceleration Ring: You create a barrier which accelerates allies and projectiles passing through, and hampers opponents moving through it. With time, you can use it to launch yourself far distances.

Acid Rain: You conjure a cloud of acidic precipitation that melts down whatever is caught inside.

Adipose Armor: Gain great defenses, but become heavily encumbered.

Aetherion Burst: Burst of aetherion deals damage in a 15-ft. cone

Alien Limb: The enemy grows a violent tentacle which immediately attempts to slaughter its unwilling host.

Animate Objects, Variant: A remake of the animate objects spell.

Anthropomorphize Animal: Make an animal more humanoid.

Arcane Bane: Ray weakens ability for creature to use magical abilities.

Arcane Grace: Armor interrupts your casting less.

Ashe's Transformative Counterspell: You create a barrier that dispels magical effects.

Babble: Curse a creature to never be understood again.

Belladone's Curse of Stolen Boons: You curse a creature so that the next beneficial spell that is cast upon them affects you instead.

Belladone's Fiendish Defender: Summon a fiendish warrior, though they are contained to an area.

Binding Contract: Make a powerful magical contract between two creatures.

Bio: Target takes 1d6 damage/level (max 10d6), 2 Constitution damage.

Bolster Spirit: Bravery and morale surges through you, carrying you towards victory in battle.

Brown Note: It was only a matter of time before someone devised a spell to make people crap themselves.

Channeled Fireball: A channeled version of the fireball.

Chaos Beam Blossom: You spin around shooting lasers in all directions indiscriminately.

Chill Object: Can chill cloth, wood, metal, stone, water, earth, air - and fire.

Cloudshape: Become a fog

Cold Intolerance: Affected creatures are convinced they are freezing to death, taking Dex damage and perhaps dying.

Concussive Blast: Create a shockwave that knocks targets away.

Cone of Steam: Release a burst of superheated steam, leaving a cloud of mist in its wake.

Corpse Bomb: A nearby corpse or corpse creature explodes for 1d8 damage/caster level.

Coward's Reprieve: Escape into extradimensional maze.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of Acting Manually: Curse your opponent with incompetence, so that they cannot focus on seeing and walking or other multiple tasks at the same time.

Curse of Cacophonous Chorus: You curse the target to be hounded by a terrible noise almost 24/7. They simply cannot concentrate.

Data Mine: The more you knoooow.... the more this spell will hurt.

Defiance: Harden your body against foes, or make them regret outnumbering you.

Density: Either enlarge and weaken an object, or shrink and harden.

Destructive Bark: You slam your tail downwards, smack the ground, and bark, destroying and deafening all in your path.

Devastation Inhalation: With a gigantic breath, you release an earth-shaking belch and a gout of acidic gas.

Dibonation: Lets you critical hit or sneak attack creatures normally immune to such.

Dimension Shift: Close-range noncombat teleport

Directional Shielding: A six sided barrier appears around you, ablating damage and providing protection against flankers.

Discern Ancestry: Determine if a creature has a specific ancestor.

Dragon Roar: Roar with the might of a dragon, instilling fear in your weaker foes.

Dull Weapon: This minimizes the damage on a weapon.

Dyfen's Mind Corrosion: You cause the mind a creature to quickly deteriorate based on the action they take.

Ectoplasmic Strangulation: You create hand, claws and other appendages from ectoplasm and send them out to attack and harass your foes.

Ell's Erratic Lifespark: Give life to an object, which projects to move around randomly and without purpose.

Empower Royal Kiss: Give aristocrat the ability to break an enchantment with a kiss

Enhance Potion: This spell raises a potion's caster level among other possibilities.

Enlarge Item: The target object grows four size categories larger than before.

Erzebet's Soul-Flensing Ligature: Grabs target's soul, positive damage in area, daze.

Essence Inhalation: Inhale a part of your target's Essence.

Essence Ward: A spell that wards the target from Essence damage.

Expanding Breath: Extend the range of your breath weapon, or shape it into a line or a cone.

Explosive Runes, Variant: A remake of explosive runes, make it less cheesy and more usable in battle.

Fallacy: Use logical fallacies to distract and aid in social checks.

Fang Attack: You shoot your fangs at people.

Feather: Lightens the target's load.

Fight or Flight: Target has a fight or flight response and is panicked and/or enraged.

Firestar: A variant of fireball, it is stronger and concussive but is easily telegraphed.

Flak Burst: You project a cone of high-speed metal projectiles, particularly effective against mirror images.

Flameshape: I am the Human Torch!!

Force Fence: You create a weaker miniature wall of force to act as a barrier.

Frog Touch: Reshape weak or weakened creature into harmless animal

Frostfire Spray: Release two cones of fire and cold damage. If you overlap them it becomes more difficult to resist.

Fuse Weapons: Fuse two weapons together into a new transforming weapon.

Fustigate: Improve blunt weapons

Gale Force: Generate a large blast of wind shaped in various forms.

Gnawing Maggots: Causes ravenous maggots to sprout from the target's body, causing bloody lacerations.

Graviton Implosion: Pull targets together to a single point.

Greater Endure Elements: Endure elements now will protect you from any temperature extreme, and allows you to perform acts of physical endurance.

Heat Object: Can heat cloth, wood, metal, stone, water, earth, air - and fire.

Hijack Spell: Steal one spell.

Hollow Point Ray: A bullet of force pierces the target, then explodes outward in a wave of shrapnel.

Holt's Extra Hands: You gain extra hands.

Holt's Forceful Hand: As Holt's interposing hand, except the hand can also pimp slap enemies.

Hypnotism, Greater: A more powerful version of hypnotism.

Icarus Wings: Grow a pair of wax wings to fly, but don't fly too close to the sun or...

Impale: Impale your enemies into the air, then watch them fall.

Infectious Affliction: When you are afflicted by a status effect, your body becomes a carrier capable of passing the effect off to another by touch.

Invert Motion: Reverse the direction creatures move in, causing them to move in unexpected ways.

Ionic Generator: Turn your body into an electric battery.

Jack-o'-lantern Bomb: A necromantic fireball that can seek it target and deal negative energy damage.

Jelly Legs: Target's legs become gelatinous, limiting its mobility.

Jerri's Random Self Polymorph: You decided to turn yourself into a random hodgepodge of things. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Lesser Teleport: As teleport, but with greater failure chance, longer casting time, and increased components.

Locate Portal: Find a portal within 1 mile/caster level

Lycanthropy: Target takes on the form of an animal or magical beast.

Mage Drain:

Magic Hovermissile: Magic missile hovers, waiting to distract the target at a key moment.

Magic Missile Battery: Spam magic missile at the darkness!

Magic Volley: Summon a swarm of magic missiles, which protect you and you can release as an immediate action.

Mantis Shrimp Spear: Conjures a spear that attacks faster than the eye can follow, generates shockwaves underwater.

Mass Backstab: Backstab everyone at once, dealing your sneak attack damage!

Merform: Turn into a mer-creature, able to swim and breath water but having a hampered time on land.

Overfluff: Cause a furry creature to grow excessive hair, to their detriment.

Pearl Shape: You alter the shape of an object made of pearl.

Persistent Summon Monster: As the summon monster spells, but when your summons die they come right back!

Piercing Evocation: Make your evocations effective against magical defenses.

Planar Deportation: A minor version of Dismissal and Banishment.

Pogonip Bomb: Creature a small of pressurized cold energy that deals damage to one target, then detonates into a fog cloud.

Power Word Break: A non-enchantment power word that sunders both attended and unattended objects.

Practice Field: Create sphere that allows creatures to deal nonlethal damage.

Prismatic Armor: Don a suit of prismatic armor, whose AC changes each round.

Protection from Radiation: Protect yourself against the harmful effects of excessive radiation and [Light] effects.

Puppet Dance: You gain control over a subjects physical movements.

Rebirth from Stone: Gives new life to petrified creature

Refresh Magic: The antithesis of dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Restore Essence: Tear away part of your target's Essence.

Restructure: As vigor, but for unliving creatures.

Restructure, Mass Lesser: As mass lesser vigor, but for unliving creatures.

Rien's Spontaneous Regression: This spell's target regresses to a more pleasant time, entering a euphoric, stupor-like state.

Sasha's Switcheroo: You create portals around you that creatures can run through.

Sawtooth Blade: Turn a normal weapon into a chainsaw weapon, or improve chainsaw weapons.

Scorching Column: Generate columns of flame which can move on their own and take attacks of opportunity.

Scramble Time: Reroll initiative, maybe this time you will get lucky!

See Through Fog: See through fogs, smoke, and gases as if they weren't there.

Shadow Jelly: You create an illusory mass of jelly to block progress.

Shards of Winter: Shards of ice pierce an area

Sibling Rivalry: Target grows jealous of allies and attacks them.

Snowman Sentry: Make a snowman which will alert you when creatures come near, and let you see and hear through it.

Solidify: Metal objects touched become nigh-indestructible and rustproof.

Spell Shield: Creates a magical barrier that protects against incoming spells.

Summon Construct: Summon a construct.

Summon Elemental: Summon an elemental.

Summon Kamikaze Fiend: Summon a "kamikaze fiend" to act as a minion. As the name implies, they seem most effective when their self destructing on your opponents.

Summon Sharkgun: Summon a sharkgun, a gun that fires sharks! This is silly.

Summon Spider III: Calls spider to fight.

Suppress Enchantment: As break enchantment except temporary.

Tasha's Tomb Transport: Transports caster and others from one tomb to another.

Temper: You temper materials, making them unnaturally rugged.

Temper Weapon: This maximizes the damage on a weapon.

Terrify Into Submission: Frighten weak or weakened creature into trusting you

Tonguebite: Prevent your foes from talking, lest they bite their tongue.

Train Link: Links multiple creatures or objects in a "train", moving at the speed and patterns of its lead.

Transfixion: Improve a piercing weapon

Traver's Tongue Serpent: Subject's tongue transforms into a snake.

True Darkness: Creatures true darkness in area

Uncontrolled Mentality: Render yourself immune (and then resistant) to mind-affecting effects, but drive yourself mad in the process.

Vampiric Protection: A Vampire no longer has to worry about the sun as long as this spell is active.

Vera's Bewildering Conversation: Causes others to see/hear the caster saying different things.

Wall of Paper: Form a wall of paper that blocks line of sight and line of effect, but is very easy to breach.

Watershape: Turn into water, passing through cracks and being amorphous.

Wei Yu's Oceanic Shield: A strong abjuration spell that protect both against incoming attacks and fire. Additionally it can be used offensively in desperate sitaution. Look really cool too.

Withering Glare: Briefly ages target.

Zone of OSHA-Compliance: Creates a bubble around you in which nothing can go wrong. Trust me.

4th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Airtight Architecture: Render a structure airtight and free from the hazards outside. Just don't open the door.

Alhazarde Lance: A bolt of energy which only harms extraplanar beings and outsiders. On a critical hit, it might dismiss them as well.

All in the Family: Spread a condition, buff, or debuff to all members of the same type closeby.

Antimagic Ward: Shields a creature from magic at the expense of denying its own magic.

Arcane Space Program: Launch yourself into orbit, traveling long distances rapidly.

Arcane Theft: Touch attack steals magical capabilities.

Artificial Life: Create positive energy undead

Blacksun Midnight Blade: You create a blade made of darklight, a powerful weapon dealing magical damage and especially damage to creatures weak to light.

Bolt of Bones: You conjure a line of bone, which damage creatures and create skeletons.

Borrowed Life, Greater: Temporarily raises one creature from the dead as a pseudo-vampire using the caster's own life force.

Boulder Cannon: Fire a large high speed boulder that knocks everything in its way down.

Burden: Weighs the target down with a magical load.

Cat Pile: So many kittens! They're all so adorable! Crush your opponents under kittens, and make them fascinated.

Chill Horde: Summon several Small Ice elementals to freeze something or someone.

Cold Gem: Gem radiates progressively stronger waves of cold.

Colors Trap: Conjures painted symbols of various colours that affect creatures in all sorts of different ways.

Concealing Sphere: Create a bubble where the events inside are unseen by those on the outside.

Cone of Rubble: Create a blast of rubble that stays behind as difficult terrain.

Create Anchor Sigil: Create or strengthen an anchor sigil more quickly than if you used the normal ritual

Create Corpse: Creates a fake corpse of a pre-existing creature, which can fool others who do not make the Disguise check.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of Qwop: You make the target unable to control their body right. They will need extreme dexterity just to walk right again.

Curse of Spell Allergy: Those affected go into sneezing and coughing fits when around magic.

Curse of the Silent: The target will lose hp and spells until it casts a spell.

Density Control: Increase or decrease the density and size of an object.


Detect Survivors: You hunt down those pesky little survivors that try to hide from you.

Devil's Pact: You bargain with a powerful devil to bring a fallen companion back to life.

Dig Your Own Grave: You command the opponent to dig their own grave, and they do so. If permitted to complete the task, they shall soon die.

Disable Vehicle: Disable to use of one or more powered vehicles for the duration.

Dragon's Breath: You bequeath upon a target the breath of a dragon.

Emotional Switch: Cause a morale penalty to become a bonus, or vice versa.

Enchant Item: Magically enchant weapons, shields or armor.

Enlarge Monster: Enlarge Person for everyone!

Erupting Firebolt, Greater: A stronger version of erupting firebolt.

Escape Pod: You generate an orb not unlike resilient sphere, which rockets you away to safety.

Explosive Runes Cannon: You fire a cluster of explosive runes with either explode on a creature or are readied to be detonated.

Explosive Runes Field: A remake of explosive runes field, which make it more in line with it replacement.

Exsanguinate: You immediately rip the blood right out your targets.

False Teleport: You teleport! Except that was a lie, you're actually just invisible.

Fear, Revision: scare people into flight, fight or freezing.

Field of Blades: You make it rain swords.

Flame Breath, Greater: You gain a powerful fire breath weapon for the spell's duration.

Flame Pillars: Cause multiple random pillars of fire to spring up around you.

Flamewind Spikes: You wave your tail in a spiral, then shoot out several beams of fire from the tip.

Flying Deathscythes: Surround yourself in spinning animated sickles which attack your enemy.

Freeze Mind: Freeze a creature's thought processes, dazing them and then rendering them into a zombie-like mental fugue.

Galea's Energy Corona: Surround yourself in a damaging corona of magic.

Galea's Shark's Swiftness: Allies in burst may move and attack instantly.

Ghostly Chant: Why wait for a spell with a long casting time to finish, when you can have magic finish casting itself?

Graviton Lance: Creates a line of gravity force that nearby creatures will fall after.

Greater Invisibility, Grimoire: An improved version of the Grimoire Invisibility spell.

Greater Invisibility, Variant: A different kind of invisibility for High-level games.

Greater Reject Earth: As reject earth, but a much larger area centered on you.

Ice Spike: You conjure up a super-sharp icicle to impale an enemy from below.

Icicle Lance: Create a spear of ice which you can wield as a weapon, and snuff out [Fire] effects.

Illusory Eyes: You can see, even if you have been blinded, by projecting a mental illusion of your surroundings.

Incendiary Jelly: Jelly within the spell's area turns into gelatinous fire.

Insidious Suggestion: Like suggestion but much more subtle and insidious.

Ishara's Inactivity Incantation: For every action the target of this spell takes, they must save or forgo an identical action on their next turn.

Ishara's Instant Infarction: You cause a blood clot in a target's arm, leg, or similar appendage.

Jelly Aura, Greater: Covers target in jelly, halving bludgeoning damage and providing DR 3/-.

Jelly Thoughts: Target creature desires jelly to the exclusion of all else.

Leidenfrost Shell: Cover yourself in a protective shell of water, warding off fire damage.

Life Arcana: Heal summoned creatures and extend their duration

Life Lock: Seal off an area, and the only way out is defeating a creature whose life force is the key.

Lion's Roar:

Look Out Below!: Create a false bridge that is perfectly real and able to support weight — until you decide that it isn't.

Magic Missile Sentry: Create a glowing sentry which fires magic missile spells in your stead.

Maintenance: Your possessions become unwilling to leave your side.

Mark of the Shadowstalker: You may use teleportation spells to arrive the exact location of the marked creature or object.

Microwave Box: You entrap a creature in a cube and slowly cook them alive with microwave.

Mimic Morph: Turn into an object and ambush your opponents as a deadly mimic! With this you can wait as long as you need too.

Minor Wish: A tiny Replica of the Wizards greatest achievement Wish

Minute Meteors: You launch small but explosive meteors from your hand.

Misspell: Target's spells go awry in a humorous and rarely useful fashion.

Monstrous Form: Target assumes the form of a monster.

Motskalla's Magic Trigger: Creates a contingent effect upon an object or location that triggers a specific spell when conditions are met.

Nerve Overload: You cause the nerve of all creature within a burst to become extremely sensitive.

Null Teleport Zone: A teleport variant with significantly less tactical utility.

Obedience: Any order given to the target is treated as a suggestion spell.

Objectmorph: Polymorph into an object! Now you can be the gazebo of legend!

Overwhelming Will: You announce your intent, resisting effects which would prevent your goal. On the next turn, your attack strikes with additional power and flash!

Persistent Invisibility: As invisibility but the effect is re-applied each round. Not as strong as greater invisibility, but longer lasting.

Phosphorus River: Release a line of fire which you can concentrate on for up to 5 rounds, and slowly turn in place.

Ploishing: Ploishing: The act of falling out of the world. Use it to throw your enemies out of the battlefield, or transport yourself away.

Polymorph Other, Tome: Target is transformed into an alternate creature (revised polymorph).

Polymorph Self, Eiji: You are transformed into a creature of your choosing. The same as Tome Polymorph Self, but clarified.

Polymorph Self, Tome: You are transformed into a creature of your choosing.

Positive Endurance: Protect your target from the plane of positive energy

Power Word Immobilize: A power word spell that causes a creatures movement speeds to be reduced to 0 ft.

Profanity: An all-purpose Word of X spell, opposing the selected alignment.

Pursue Warp: A spell that makes it extremely difficult to escape foes by warping, and potentially dangerous as well.

Rapid Unplanned Disassembly: Break down a vehicle, with spectacular results if they're in motion.

Ray of Dark Sacrifice: Drain the life out of your friends to fuel your death lasers.

Read In My Voice: Transform yourself into the written word, to be released later when read by another.

Reduce Monster: Reduce Person for everyone!

Restrain: Holds a creature or object in place.

Retributive Discharge: You resist, absorb, and eventually release electrical damage onto your opponents.

Rocks Fall: The DM's angry, rocks fall you die. This spell ensures the eventual death of those cursed with it.

Rolling Fireball: Produce a burning wheel which runs over opponents and eventually explodes.

Schizophrenia: Target suffers conditions similar to schizophrenia.

Scramble Programs: Cause all affected bots to lose all programs.

Second Coming: The target creature becomes an undead if they die while under the effect of this spell.

Sedah’s Counterspell of Superfluous Detail: A counterspell that adds erroneous rules and excessive detail to another’s spell – thus making the other’s spell unusable for a time. All who use the spell in the region are also affected.

Shadow Nemesis: Summon a copy of a creature, which immediately attempts to kill its original. However, the copy only has 1 hp.

Shrinking Curse: You curse a creature to shrink and shrink until they no longer exist.

Skeleton Self: Summon your own skeleton to fight for you. Be careful not to let your body get hurt.

Solar Flare: A blinding flash of light erupts from your body.

Soul Contract: Create a contract to claim someone's soul on death

Spellburke: Suppresses one or more of the target creature's spell-like or supernatural abilities for the duration of the spell.

Spicule Barrage: Generate flame spheres which attack, and then explode into columns of flame.

Spitting Swarm: This spell has two functions. One lets you spit forth summoned swarms. The other curses a target to spill swarms from their mouth.

Stifle: Lengthens the casting time of spells and special attacks of target creature to a full-round action.

Stormclouds of Dark Omens: Alter the weather to be dark, gloomy, and ripe for storms.

Summon Construct: Summon a construct.

Summon Spider IV: Calls spider to fight.

Summon Stalkers: Summon a pack of creepy perverts, cannibals, sadists, and other undesirable characters to follow somebody around and make their life utter hell.

Swarm Thermoball: Conjure a swarm of bees (or dire bees), then watch them encapsulate a creature and burn them to death with their own bodies!

Taunt: Taunt creatures to attack you.

Tazer Beam: Zap a creature with an electrical pulse that overloads their muscles, robbing them of the ability to do anything but feebly convulse for a short time.

Temporary Teleport: Teleport, but it doesn't last and you are shunted back shortly after.

Tholan's Attribute Theft: Switch one ability score with that of this spell's target.

Time Jump: Use limited time travel forwards as a means of teleportation.

Ur Lightning Bolt: A lightning bolt which can reflect off walls and shock water.

Vampire Skin: You gain the benefits, and dangers, of vampire skin. Can be used as a buff or a curse.

Wall of Crabs: Form a wall of crabs, providing a pinching danger to those passing by.

Wall of Thunderbolts: A wall of lightning that benefits allies and hurts enemies who pass through.

Warp: A teleportation spell with a limited list of possible destinations (that can be added to) and an effect delay. Intended to replace teleport.

White Chains of Corpora: These ephemeral chains force those that it binds to take corporeal form.

Wild Teleport: It's teleport early, but with no control over your destination.

5th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Absorb Undead: Absorb your undead minions into your body, empowering you, or dismiss it to summon your army back to your command. Also serves as a form of death throes.

Aetherion Blast: Blast of aetherion detonates in a 20-ft.-radius spread

Analyze Event: You enhance a crystal orb to record a 360 scene for you in full detail.

Analyze Teleportation: Learn details of where your foes teleported to, without going there yourself.

Animate Graft: Animated graft attacks its owner.

Assassin's Escape: When you attack, you teleport back to safety.

Awaken Mediocrity: Turn one target into an ordinary peasant.

Baleform Burst: This spell transforms several nearby targets into an animal of the caster's choosing for a short time.

Baleform Chain: Channel polymorph magic through a cascade of enemies!

Baleful Polymorph, Alternative: A variant of the Baleful Polymorph spell.

Bear's Endurance, Greater: Subject gains a great boost to constitution.

Belladone's Shared Fortune/Misfortune: If you have bad luck on your rolls, you can share it with others. Or share your good luck instead.

Bind Elemental: You condense elemental energy into a gem usable for crafting.

Bio, Mass: As bio, but 20d6 maximum damage and affects all creatures in a spread and it deals 4 Con damage.

Blacksun Arrow Blessing: You turn arrows into powerful magical arrows. Alternatively, you may bless a bow to only fire powerful magic arrows.

Blessing of the Nine: You turn someone into a devil-like creature.

Blood to Adrenaline: Turn the blood of a creature into adrenaline.

Bloodied Chains of Pyrrhos: Nefarious cursed energy chains tether you physically, mentally and spiritually to another creature, sharing all pain, afflictions and even death.

Bloodless Decapitation: Pull someone's head off and they won't die, reattach later or put on some other body.

Bone Shape: Morph bone into any shape you desire, or use it to fuse a skeleton solid and paralyze your victim.

Call from Afar: Send a phantasmal figure to draw a target towards you.

Cat's Grace, Greater: Subject gains a great boost to dexterity.

Collect Crystal: Create auracrystal

Communication Transmission: Pull a Matrix and move through communication channels, both mundane phone lines and magical spell effects.

Conjure Anvil: Summon an anvil, either for its traditional use or to drop upon the heads of your enemies.

Contract Seal: Touched creature immediately loses all contracts with called creatures.

Corpse Reanimation: A cheaper necromantic raise dead.

Crush Will: You deliver a crushing monologue which affect your opponent based on how many hit points they have.

Cryostasis: Freeze a creature into a state of stasis. It can be used for utility, or offensively.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse Object: Curse an object (or a track of land). Those who touch said object are subject to bestow curse.

Curse of Misfortune: You force the target of this spell to reroll many dices and

Death Throes: Make a creature explode when it dies for 1d10 damage/level.

Decalification: Gives target instant and severe calcium deficiency.

Dehydrating Ray: A spell which dehydrate a creature into powder which can be hydrated to bring back the creature.

Denial: You deny a creature use of its special abilities, or deny an object its intended function.

Devolve Person: You send a creature back through its evolutionary history until it becomes a blob of bacteria that dissolves into cellular components.

Dopple Arms: You gain an extra pair of arms.

Drown: Create water inside the target's lungs.

Dyfen's Oneiric Daemon: Create a horrible dream construct to torment a foe and deal very real wounds.

Dyfen's Self Erasure: You erase yourself from the memories of others.

Eagle's Splendor, Greater: Subject gains a great boost to charisma.

Earthshape: Become a rock

Elush's Epiphyseal Erosion: Break apart target's bones, causes pain, stunning, damage.

Enforce Square-Cubed Law: Highly effective the larger the target is, this spell immobilizes and injures massive beasts.

Evince Lineage: Give someone a racial "half-" template.

Fiend Form: Target gains form of a fiendish race, as well as some of their abilities.

Fire Breath: Breathe a cone of fire for 1d6 damage/caster level

Fire Sweeper: Create a wall of flame you can move around, running over creatures and damaging them.

Flaming Cannonball: Blast through walls and blow up everyone in the room

Freeze Blood: Freezes the blood or other life components of a creature; death soon follows.

Gravehorde: Curse an area to endlessly spawn an endless stream of undead which harass, entangle, and damage opponents.

Greater Bamf: Like bamf, but with greater range and flexibility.

Greater Clairaudience/Clairvoyance: An improved version of Clairaudience/Clairvoyance.

Greater Gaseous Form: A faster gaseous form spell which can save you from death.

Hero's Coma: Grant target creature the benefits of heroes' feast, but knock them out for one hour.

Holt's Grasping Hand: As Holt's forceful hand, except the hand can also initiate grapples.

Hyperjump: With a cry of joy or terror, you jump... and with a flash of light, you're gone, off in a semi-distant land.

Imbue Sentience: Imbue a non-living object with intelligent weapon-like sentience.

Improved Dimension Door: Teleports you a short distance, and allows you to act immediately afterwards.

Internal Explosive: Cause an internal explosion, which might spill out and consume those standing around them.

Inversion Scope: you find yourself able to hit at long range, but unable to focus at close range. For some a buff, and others a bane.

Iron Wheel: Summon a giant wheel which runs over your opponents again and again and again.

Lich's Touch: Permanently paralyze a creature, leaving them in a death-like coma.

Liefeld's Curse: You warp an opponents body in disturbing ways.

Lightning Snake: Fire a lightning bolt that continues to persist, leaping back and forth each round as you concentrate.

Locate Interdimensional Connections: Senses direction towards interdimensional connection(s) to another plane.

Magic Jar Variant: A rebalanced Magic Jar spell.

Magic Saturation: You fill the world with magic, and everybody can cast spells now.

Mass Charm Person: As charm person, but more targets.

Metal Shape: Like wood shape but for metal objects.

Mind Fog, Variant: A fog which eat away mental resistance.

Mining Beam: Generate a continuous laser beam that not only bores through objects, but also gathers raw material components.

Noclip: Pass through objects like a ghost, minus the incorporeal benefits.

Orb of Destruction: Release a slow moving orb of raw destructive energy. It can bore through walls over time.

Phantasmal Assassin: Implant a Sentient Illusion in the target's mind to assault their sanity directly, or just gather some information.

Pizizzap's Epidemic Allergen: An epidemic allergy that troubles several victims for a period of time.

Possess Object: Possess objects and control them as animated objects.

Project Magic: Creates a disk of force which your spells can originate from

Pumpkin Explosion: Throw a ball of Halloween at your opponent. A round later, it explodes into Jack O' Lanterns.

Redirect Teleport: Redirect a teleporter somewhere else, possibly somewhere dangerous.

Respiratory Burst: Harness the power of oxygen to create an explosion that devastates minuscule creatures.

Restructure, Greater: As greater vigor, but for unliving creatures.

Restructuring Circle: As Vigorous Circle, but for unliving creatures.

Revive Construct: As Raise Dead, but for Constructs

Rien's Rotting Touch: The target magically ages and rots away, sustaining penalties to physical ability scores and possibly even dying.

Rolling Boulder: Summon a giant boulder to roll over your foes!

Sasha's Skull Servant: The target creature's skeleton rips itself from its body. Delightful.

Sensory Deprivation: You cause the target to lose its ability to perceive the world.

Skeletal Overgrowth: The target's skeleton grows and grows until their skin rips and they die.

Solar Window: Small star forms, pulling in those near and scorching them with its fires.

Spatial Shuffle: Those affected by this spell move around randomly at the start of their turns.

Spell Dampen: Gain spell dampening, reducing the effectiveness of magic on you.

Spider Calling: You summon swarms of spiders.

Spontaneous Toaster: Summon a toaster! It doesn't seem like a powerful effect, until you realize you can do it under...

Suddenly Train: Suddenly, everyone is run over by a train. WHUMP!

Suicidal Command: You force a creature to follow a suicidal command.

Summon Construct: Summon a construct.

Summon Elemental: Summon an elemental.

Summon Horde: Summon an encounter with a CR equal to your caster level, with no individual creatures' CR exceeding one half your caster level.

Summon Self: You summon yourself, with all of the benefits and penalties of being a summoned creature.

Summon Spider V: Calls spider to fight.

Symbol of Fascination:

T-Rex Shape: Turn into a T-Rex!

Temporal Hold: You stop a target in time, causing it freeze mid movement and it perception of time to halt.

Time Heal: An arcane healing spell, with a heavy cost.

Triple Jump: You jump through space, leaving blasts of fire in your wake.

Ultimate Doom: You promise death to a number of creatures, and they have only 8 rounds to stop you.

Vacuum Sphere: Create a void of atmosphere in an area, silencing those within, subjecting them to low pressure, and suffocating them if they attempt to breathe.

Vulcan Bomb: You strike the target with a stream of lava, who suffers different effects depending upon how close they are.

Wall of Flesh: Create a wall of flesh, a literal meatshield.

Wind Wall, Balmz:

6th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Animate Jelly: Target jelly gains semblance of life and mobility.

Antibite: You imbue your fangs with disintegrative power.

Antimagic Field: A version of the spell without as many questionable cases.

Antimaneuver Field: Like antimagic field, for maneuvers.

Arcane Sentry: Creates a floating magical sentry that attacks your enemies with elemental power.

Arms of the Tyrant Lizard: Not quite what you were expecting, this dual use spell either acts as a curse, or a strange blessing. Wither enemy arms and bolter the strength of your own!

Avasculate: You purge the enemy's blood vessels from their body, causing them to become violent, hostile tentacles.

Belladone's Death Curse of Snakes: A bolt of killing green light reduces the target to snakes.

Black Chains of Durance: Chains of shadowstuff ensnare the target, preventing it from fleeing.

Blood Storm: Fills an area with a horrible downpour of dark red, necromantic blood.

Bolster Spirit, Greater: Yet more bravery and morale surges through you, carrying faster you towards victory in battle.

Bolt of Indra: Conjures an intense bolt of black lightning that staggers and cripples its targets, arcing to nearby creatures.

Bookworm: You curse a spellbook with a magic worm that tells you what spells the owner memorizes and allows you to siphon their magic.

Call of the Reaper: Calling forth a Reaper, a mystical being beyond time, you bargain for a soul.

Clockstopper: Stop time as long as you focus on it. Your options are limited, but it lets you gather your surroundings, and durations continue to run.

Consumptive Field: You radiate an aura that kills wounded people and harvests their souls.

Contagion, Greater: Like contagion, but more spells to choose from.

Countdown: You mark your words, all your opponents will be dead within 1 minute, so help you...

Create Undead, GT Variant:

Creeping Chills: You curse your foe with a slow-killing cold that spreads throughout their body.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of the Kender: You curse a creature to the most miserable experience of all time: living with a kender.

Dangerous Divination: An arcane divination which is dangerous for the user.

Dead King's Dance: Perform a magical song and dance that mindless undead join along with.

Diamond Body: You turn your body into raw diamonds.

Dimension Pathway: Lesser teleportation circle, with the range of dimension door.

Dragon Form: The target assumes the form of a huge dragon.

Dyfen's Mind Extraction: You extract memories out of your victim.

Earth Power: Make the ground erupt with power — it's like flame strike, except that it comes from below. (Useful against foes on the ground, not so much against foes in the air.)

Elush's Elemental Extraction: Drain water from target, create water elemental.

Emulate Ouroboros: You polymorph a target creature into a vaguely serpentine form of its original self, which then begins to consume itself.

Enspell Field: Developed as a counter against Dispel and Antimagic Fields, it floods an area or target with magical energy.

Fabrication Machine: Make a machine which fabricates for you.

Fatal Geas: Target must complete geas or die, but is under no other compulsion.

Force Mortality: Force the rigors of age on ageless creatures, possibly killing them through entropy.

Frozen Blizzard: A whirling blizzard immobilizes targets over a wide area.

Graviton Zero: Creates a bubble of zero-gravity.

Great Flaming Sphere: An improved flaming sphere with several options.

Greater Crushing Despair: A stronger version of crushing despair, which completely crush the heart of those afflicted.

Greater Fireball: What fireball always wanted to be.

Greater Refresh Magic: The antithesis of greater dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Greater Warp: A teleportation spell with a limited list of possible destinations (that can be added to), an effect delay, and unlimited range. Intended to replace greater teleport.

Haste, Greater:

Haunting Death Curse: If you die with this spell active, you will return as a ghost, giving you a chance to avenge your death.

Heal Disease: You cure all afflictions hampering the diseases in the area.

Hellish Fumes: You create a cloud of gas from Hell itself.

Hunger of the Deep: Curse a target so that they may never approach a body of water, lest that which lurks within devour them whole.

Hurricane Disc: Create a spinning disc of sharp wind, controlling it with your mind and gestures.

Insidious Domination: A slower acting, but much subtler Domination.

Io's Tears: Ground spews acid and debris into the air, damaging and blinding creatures caught within the area.

Ishara's Fiery Ring: You make a ring of fire around yourself, protecting you from fire damage and dishing it out the foes.

Jellification: Water in target's body turns to jelly.

Jelly Form: You become a creature of jelly, resembling a living ooze.

Jelly Rain: Jelly falls from the sky, damaging foes and limiting movement.

Lesser Crown of Vermin: It's not quite crown of vermin, but its close. A swarm of bugs acts both as shield and a weapon!

Lightning Strikes Twice: Teleport anywhere in Long range, enemies near your beginning and end points take electricity damage.

Liliane's Stabbing Cloudkill: An improved cloudkill, which stab and drag people.

Limited Phantasmal Entelechy: The power of one's belief makes it real.

Mage Armor, Superior: A greatly improved version of mage armor.

Mass Blindness: Blinds multiple creatures.

Planar Train: Summons a planar train, allowing you to choo-choo across the multiverse in the safety of an iron carriage.

Poison Storm: Poison rains out of the sky with acid rain and scours the land clean of life.

Power Word Command: This power word employs a geas, giving the target an overriding command they must follow.

Proximity to Cat: An illusory kitty overwhelms enemies in range with cuteness.

Sasha's Separate Psyche: You enter a fugue state that replaces your normal personality and allows you to swap your spells.

Sasha's Sunny Day: Hinder or destroy enemies with harsh light.

Selective Wall of Force: As wall of force, but it selectively allows things to pass (or not pass) through.

Shout of Typhon: Bull rush and stun a mass of creatures in a 60 foot cone, with various options in strength.

Sins of the Father: Bind a creature and their entire bloodline to your cause and inject a sense of urgency into their lives.

Slope Terrain: Raise part of the ground into a great slope.

Spectral Vanish: Turn invisible and incorporeal for 1 round as an immediate action.

Spirit of the Warrior: You imbue yourself with the power of warriors past, allowing you to fight as well as a tried-and-true warrior--though you lose a measure of your spellcasting.

Steal Wings: You steal the wings of another creature for yourself.

Summon Construct: Summon a construct.

Summon Spider VI: Calls spider to fight.

Transform into Light: Touch a creature or object and transform part... or all... of its mass into light.

Transmute Water to Acid: You turn water into acid, whether it is outside people or inside them.

Unearthly Howl: You howl, and wolves come from the plane of shadow

Unlucky Backlash: You cause the bad karma of others to manifest as destructive pulses of energy. Extra effective if they fumble against you.

Ur Charm Person: A powerful charm person which is derivative of the 1st ed version.

Veles Whirl: A spell that draws upon the power of Veles, Slavic god of earth and water, to blend the two elements together and form a whirlpool anywhere... yes, you can make a whirlpool of dirt, rock, or trees with this spell, among other things.

Wall of Magnets: Create a curtain of tightly bound magnetic cubes, and which has a tendency to trap metal objects on its surface.

Wall of Plasma: A more powerful wall of fire, it glows with the light of the sun.

Wind Shield: Protect yourself with high-speed winds that can catch and return any direct assault.

Witch's Broom: Create a flying broom for easy transportation.

Zone of Restructuring: Small zone repairs unliving creatures.

7th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Arcane Aura: You encase yourself in raw arcane power to injure foes that you grapple.

Astral Assistance: Protect an area, so that if it is ever invaded you can summon yourself to protect it without threat of death.

Asura: You transform your likeness into the six-armed, three headed form of a fierce god.

Awaken Construct, Variant: You grant the target construct intelligence and its own free will.

Blinking Mirror Image: Combination of blink and mirror image.

Blood Jorum: Remove your blood from your body, rendering yourself immune to several effects. Keep the location of your blood safe, or you may die.

Bonesplinter: Weakens a creature's skeleton so that the next hit it takes will be fatal.

Bonetitan Frame: Encase yourself in bone power armor and crush your opponents with melee might.

Chaos Spinner: Entrap targets in spinning warped space, causing them to be forcefully moved, sickened, nauseated, or confused.

Chicken Scratch: By uttering the ancient chant, you unleash the wrath of a terrible being upon your enemy... "Cock a doodle DAMN YOU!"

Choking Death: With a curl of your tail, you cause your victim to gasp for air, their lungs and stomach being crushed to a pulp.

Contagious Fireball: Those hit by this fireball become explosive, and can detonate into other fireballs as well.

Contingency Other: You set up a spell to be cast as though cast by the target when some trigger occurs.

Control Undead, GT Variant: Controlling undead is not, not, NOT LAME!

Crawl Away Head: This spell causes the target's head to detach and grow limbs.

Crystal Shape: Shape glass and precious stones.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Deathball: This is a powerful blast of negative energy that animates the creatures that die as the result of this spell

Dementia: Target creature's wisdom is reduced to 1.

Desaturated Spray: A spray of beams bursts forth, ranging in value from white to black, but having no saturation. Each value has a different effect on targets.

Detonation of Blood: You raise the blood pressure of a creature, turning them into an explosive bomb.

Drillbee Infestation: Summon a swarm of drill-tipped bees which bore into the bodies of those they injure and cause internal problems.

Erupting Firebolt, Dire: A much stronger version of erupting firebolt.

Flame Breath, Primeval: You gain an incredibly powerful fire breath weapon for the spell's duration.

Flood Pump: Surround a target in watery orbs which spray high pressure blasts of water and push the target where you want to go.

Fusion Dance: Two beings of the same size join bodies creating a new and unique creature more powerful than either base creature.

Glacial Juggernaut: You create a giant block of semi-sentient ice that moves as you do.

Greater Cone of Cold: A greater version of the cone of cold spell, so cold it capable of freezing the veins of your enemies.

Holt's Clenched Fist: As Holt's grasping hand, except the hand can also launch people a long way.

Howl of the Shadow Wilds: Summon a pack of shadow wolves into the mind of your targets.

Improved Phantasmal Killer: You destroy your target utterly with a hallucination.

Improved Telekinesis: As telekinesis, but you can maintain concentration as a swift action and it doesn't end with a violent thrust.

Incarnate Agent: Imbue a shard of your mind in another, slowly influencing them towards your benefit.

Insanity Variant: A variant of the insanity spell that deals with out-of-combat issues.

Ipsophagia: You inhabit the body of a recently dead sapient creature, and become them.

Iron Body: You or someone you touch turns into Colossus from X-Men.

Ishara's Fiery Transfiguration: You turn yourself into a being made of fire.

Item Morph: Transform a creature into an object of value.

Jelly Bath: The targeted creature is enveloped in a thick sheet of jelly, reducing its movement and Dexterity score by half.

Jewel/Gem Creation: create jewels/gems for material components

L'ei Kaszim's Sustained Flight: An greatly improved version of overland flight.

Lightning Tentacles: Lightning bolts extend the caster's reach and allow him or her to manipulate at a distance.

Lithos Shield: Summon an animated wall of stone which blocks line of sight in one direction.

Maggot Storm: You conjure a storm of ravenous maggots that lacerate the flesh of creatures in a large area.

Mass Drown: Create water inside the target's lungs.

Mass Overland Flight: Overland flight for all!

Mass Polymorph, Tome: Multiple targets are transformed into alternate creatures.

Minimal Effort: The creature is destined for failure, rolling natural 1s on all it seeks to do.

Negative Mass: You shift a portion of matter to negative mass, causing it to defy gravity and fly up. You can also use it to re-open closed portals.

Norton's Bone-Freezing Explosion: Ray of energy freezes bones, bursts outwards, stuns, slows, damages.

Overbite: You create a portal that swallows the target whole.

Portal Barrier: Create an invisible bubble which none can teleport or plane shift through.

Power Word Regenerate: A non-enchantment power word buff, it grants fast healing based on how much hp remains.

Prismatic Sword: Focus the power of prismatic spray into a blade of light, and strike down your foes!

Puppet: The target creature is transformed into a puppet under the caster's control.

Rain of Fireballs: Throw out a ton of fireballs at one time. However, their damage doesn't stack, so its wisest to spread it out as far as possible.

Rave Pit: Summons a rave party mosh pit, rendering your opponents unable to escape. If they even want to.

Remove Limb: Disarm the target, literally. The removed limbs leave a bloodless sealed wound, and they can be re-attached if the limb is found.

Rithaniel's Mystic Debar: You create a barrier that allows magic to neither enter nor leave it.

Sasha's Dispelling Screen: You create a barrier that dispels magical effects.

Sasha's Skeleton Crew: Lots of creatures around you just seem compelled to jump out of their skin.

Seize Magic: Dispel spell effects on a target creature and keep one for yourself.

Shards of Winter, Greater: Shards of ice pierce an area

Shenanigans: Evade rules, law and control! Free from all spells that attempt to limit or find you.

Skeletonize: In an instant, burn a target to the bones.

Spiritual Channeling: Absorb the spirits of your ancestors and benefit from their experience.

Stasis Energy Field: Creates a field of electricity that damages and paralyzes.

Stromberg's Frozen Court: You summon a fortress of ice which protects you and offers other benefits.

Suddenly Doomtrain: Suddenly, everyone is run over by a train. WHUMP!

Summon Construct: Summon a construct.

Summon Elemental: Summon an elemental.

Summon Instant Fortress: Summon a Instant Fortress.

Summon Opponent: You summon your target to do your bidding.

Summon Spider VII: Calls spider to fight.

Swamp of the Underworld: Turns dirt and rock into a rank bog that suctions everybody under.

Sword of Light: A blade of positive energy that heals living targets and harms undead ones

Transfixing Object: Enchant an object which transfixes attention on all who pass by it.

Transmute Metal to Jelly: All metal objects within the area are changed to jelly.

Transmute Rock to Lava: You turn stone to lava.

Transmute Stone to Delicacy: Convert cold, unforgiving stone into delicious delicious food.

Trispell Trigger: Apply a contingent effect to another creature, which will cast up to three different spells upon them.

Ultrabeam: A massive beam of energy that extends for a very long distance. It is super effective against objects and fortifications.

Veles Missile: A supreme variant of magic missile that draws upon the power of Veles, Slavic deity of magic.

Wall of Ironize: The targeted object cannot be sold or used as crafting ingredients.

Warding Shell: Create a bubble which magic can neither enter nor leave, by breaking line of effect.

8th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Anti-Technology Field: This spell create a field which cause technological equipment to fail.

Apocalypse: Channels dark power to damage and inflict incredible feelings of futility.

Art of the Gigantes: You cause the target of the spell to grow one size category per five caster levels.

Art of the Lilliputian: You cause the target of the spell to shrink one size category per five caster levels.

Astral Invader: Summon yourself into the area of your target so you may assassinate him, without the threat of death of yourself.

Awaken Warrior Spirit: Awaken a creature's fighting abilities, granting several beneficial buffs.

Backup Construct: Clone for constructs.

Ball Lightning: You create a massive ball of electricity that damages foes it crosses.

Blizzard: You bring about a giant blizzard.

Blood Melt: Transform your opponent's blood into acid, killing them and leaving a caustic pool in its wake.

Brand of Sacrifice: Use a powerful necromancy spell to slay a creature and summon a fiend under you control.

Consumptive Field, Greater: As consumptive field, but works even out of turn.

Crippling Blow: Reduce a target to 1 hp with extreme vile damage.

Crushing Sphere: A horrifying version of resilient sphere.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Delilah's Dispersal Current: A massive blast of electricity that cannot be contained by a single target, either spreading to others or causing debilitating side effects.

Desolate, Greater: Enchant a weapon to do increased damage to creatures without any allies.

Diode of Force: As wall of force, but only one way.

Dynamic User Navbox: Create an interdimensional railway traversed by a magical box.

Eclipse: Create a zone of darkness around yourself.

Elush's Explosive Exsanguination: Explode creatures with blood to kill them, scare others.

Energy Subjugation: Globe surrounds and travels with you, absorbing energy damage to be released later.

Energy Weapon: Create and wield a weapon made of the raw essence of any of the five energy types.

Entmoot: Create an army of treants.

Eye Scream: Pop goes the eyeball!

Forgiveness: It looks like flaying all his family members alive wasn't so bad after all.

Gemcraft: You transform creatures or objects into gemstones.

Golden Chains of Kronos: These golden chains lock the creature or object that they bind in temporal stasis.

Graviton Crash: Creates a well of intense gravity that is strong enough to literally crush people to the ground.

Gravity Collapsar: The target becomes a gravity well which sucks in any loose objects or creatures.

Greater Duelward: You can counterspell as an immediate action, and gain a +7 bonus to Spellcraft checks for counterspelling.

Greater Globe of Invulnerability: A higher-level globe of invulnerability that deflects higher-level spells

Greater Imbue Sentience: Imbue a non-living object with intelligent weapon-like sentience or create a permenant intelligent item.

Greater Magic Saturation: You fill the world with magic, and everybody can cast spells now.

Greater Telekinesis: Even more telekinesis than before. Now you can lift actual weight.

Guillotine: Because there's no kill like overkill.

Gutwrench: You take the most important part of the opponent’s body and rip it out.

Hellfire Void: You make a ball of flames that sap magical energy from those within to sustain itself.

Hellmouth: Creates a portal to hell that can be used as a conduit for more powerful summons.

Hijacking Dispel: Dispel, steal spells.

Hyperbite: A giant mouth appears and devours your opponent.

Illuminating Blast: Light-force wave similar to Delayed Fireball

Imbue Will: You imbue a magic item with your own will, turning it into an intelligent object who seeks to do your task.

Indra's Arrow: Imbues an arrow drawn with divine black lightning.

Iron Body, Variant: A version of Iron Body which don't make you wonder why you even cast it.

Jelly Bones: Target's bones are transformed into jelly, reducing its Dexterity score to 0.

Lesser Time Stop: Time stop, but comes with a drawback of rendering yourself slow and vulnerable afterward.

Merton: You release a powerful unnatural heat, but have no control over it as it scorches a vast amount of land!

Molten Steel Ray: You fire a ray of molten steel at a target, causing burning and intense damage.

Monsoon: Create a giant storm of wind and rain that creates high water levels and makes fighting above water almost impossible.


Oath of Blood: The most powerful of all geas spells, you may bind a creature to a particular task to the end of their life and beyond.

Oblivion: You cause the target to lose it ability to perceive the world and cease thinking.

Ontology Deinertializer: Everything your target has created will be unmade upon their demise

Perun Bolt: A superior version of flame strike which draws upon the power of Perun, the Slavic deity of thunder/lightning and fire.

Planar Rip: Open up a planar rip to another plane, sucking in everything around it.

Portal Recall: Cause a portal to invert itself and begin to suck in all creatures which had recently traversed it within the last 24 hours.

Power Word Stasis: A non-enchantment power word that freezes the target in time.

Pure Incendiary Cloud: The incendiary cloud spell that deserves an 8th level slot. It burns, blinds, and chars objects to ash.

Pyroclasm: Creates a swiftly expanding wake of consuming flame.

Ray of Darkest Desires: A ray which greatly amplify evil and negative emotions.

Recreation: Bring back known construct based on prior knowledge.

Reticulating Splines: Terraform the land around you into a shape more fitting for your desires.

Rien's False Reality: Create an illusion that changes the entire landscape and everything in it.

Rising Giant Robot: The target gains the giant robot template for the duration.

Schadenfreude: You enjoy the sufferings of others so much, it has a positive effect on you.

Schism of the Helix: Kill living creatures of a particular type.

Schizophrenia, Mass: Multiple targets suffer conditions similar to schizophrenia.

Scintillating Pattern, Grog toad Variant: Individuals may experience epileptic seizures or blackouts when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights.

Scream: A terrible scream escapes your lips, damaging all caught along its path.

Seed of Influence: Curse a creature to be helpless against your enchantments.

Skin to Bees: Transform a creature's skin into bees. This is as deadly as you think.

Skull Cough: Did... did he just cough up his own skull? How is that even possible?

Smite Ruler and Transfer Loyalty of Populace: One ruler is struck by lightning and if slain, much of the populace becomes loyal to someone else

Spawn Eye Tyrants: Create two beholders out of your own eyes.

Spell Corrosion: As Greater Dispel Magic, with additional acid damage.

Steal Life: Literally consume someone's life away, possibly getting younger.

Suddenly Phantom Train: Suddenly everybody is run over by the train of the dead, and it carries away their souls to the afterlife.

Summon Construct: Summon a construct.

Summon Dragon: You summon an ill-tempered adult red dragon.

Summon Spider VIII: Calls spider to fight.

Svarog's Sword: A variant of black blade of disaster that draws upon the power of Svarog, Slavic deity of fire and the forge.

Syl's Greater Fabricate: Target gains the ability to immediately use fabricate several times within the next 24 hours.

Tabiris's Instant Epidemic: You really know how to share.

Temporal Stasis: Permanently stop a creature from acting.

The Day The Earth Stood Still: Everyone within a huge radius is forbidden to act for the duration, and cannot be interacted with from the outside.

Toxic: Deadly toxins persistantly waste away at the enemy's body.

Turn Back the Pendulum: You literally turn back time.

Ur Polar Ray: Polar ray, but with the power of an 8th level spell.

Zombie Apocalypse: You ever watch zombie movies as a kid? You know how this goes.

9th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Aethernova: Nova of generated aetherion detonates in a 40-ft.-radius spread and deals massive damage.

An Eternal Curse Upon Thee: Dying curses are feared for good reason; this spell is an exceptionally powerful and permanent one.

Apocalypse From The Sky: Call down destruction on a wide radius.

Arcane Psionics: Convert spell slots into psionic powers.

Area Teleport: Teleport an entire ship, castle, or town.

Astral Protector: Protect an area, so that if it is ever invaded, you can summon yourself to protect it without threat of death.

Aurora Assault: Conjure the aurora borealis to shock foes into submission.

Avasculate, Greater: You purge the enemy's blood vessels from their body even more violently, potentially killing them and causing the blood vessels to attempt to kill their former hosts.

Axe of Perun: An electrical supreme variant of ice axe that draws upon the power of Perun, leader of the Slavic pantheon and deity of thunder and lightning.

Bestow Sentience: Target animate object, golem, or similar creature gains sentience.

Bind Thrall: You bind a creature to yourself, altering its will so that it willingly serves as if dominated until the end of its days.

Charge of Darkness: Charge at your enemy cross-country, encountering them harder than a Rhino.

Cloister: Keep out most magical travel and ward creatures except those of a designated type.

Comet Flight: You turn into a freaking comet of spellfire.

Compelling Script: Affected writing is obeyed by all who read it.

Create Synthetic Soul: Creates a Synthetic Soul for use within a base creature.

Create Ultimate Undead: Make basically any undead creature. Then allow it access to its own portion undead followers.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Cursed One: The target is struck with a terrible streak of bad luck that will never end.

Data Form: Turn into a incorporeal form of yourself made of pure information. You cannot die from hit point damage while in this state.

Deathxtreme!: You summon an armageddon of flaming skulls to crash down unto your enemies.

Demise Unseen: Destroy a creature and transform it into a controlled ghoul.

Demonic Megiddo: Nuke your surroundings with raw darkness.

Detonating Grasp: A grasping hand that injures those it grabs, it has high mobility and ultimately explodes at the end.

Devour Soul: You literally eat your opponent's soul.

Disintegrating Burst: Area suffers effects of disintegration

E=mc^2: A more powerful version of telekinesis that can also make things go boom via the power of relativity.

Eternity of Torture: You condemn one foe to their own personal hell.

Evil Within: Why animate skeletons from the dead, when you can harvest them from the still living...

Eye of the Gods: You see everything in a huge area around you.

Fimbulvetr: You summon air so cold it freezes targets solid.

Finger of Destruction: A powerful evocation spell with a immense cost behind it.

Fire Breath, Greater: Breathe a cone of fire for 1d8 damage/caster level and leave a cloud of fire

Force Disturbance: You call forth countless souls and slay them, frying the minds of psionic and incarnum users.

Foresight: You become significantly more aware of your surroundings.

Form Philosopher's Stone: You convert irrelevant people into wonderful wonderful power.

Frozen Stillness: Parylize a group of enemies

Galaxy Stop: A powerful chronological effect which locks your opponents in extremely slow time.

Genesis: Create a demiplane

Gorgon's Glare: Targets within cone become petrified, succumbing at once or slowly over several rounds.

Grant WIshes: Grants unreliable wishes.

Greater Mage's Lucubration: Recall a previously used spell

Holt's Crushing Hand: As Holt's clenched fist, except the hand crushes its victims to death.

Ice 9: Create a dangerous water polymorph which freezes water at room temperature, killing creatures and freezing entire bodies of water.

Imprisonment: You banish a creature to the phantom zone.

Infinite Geyser: Blast targets with a high-pressure geyser which does not lose momentum, and will eventually reach outer space.

Jellify: Target creature is transformed into jelly.

Jelly Katamari: Conjures a katamari of uncountable poisonous jellies that suffocate and burn creatures caught inside.

Karmic Annihilation: Slays target creature or object and annihilates all karmic ties with it.

Lord Eiji's Sky Castle: This awesome spell allows you to create your own castle or—if you prefer—steal someone else’s. Oh, and it flies.

Magic Missile Maelstrom: Magic Missile just took a level in badass.

Mantle: You absorb all damage dealt to you or close allies and deal it back to the enemy.

Masque of the Red Death: They'll pay dearly for not inviting you to the ball...

Meltdown: Everything around you becomes acid.

Memento Mori: The ultimate magic devised by mortals gives the eternal, the immortal and the divine a taste of true mortality, at the cost of one's own mortal coil.

Meteor: Uses gravity magic to call a vast meteor down from space.

Meteor Span: This spell rains down meteors spanning over a large area, and lets you call down powerful chunks aimed at particular creatures each round.

Meteor Strike: You drop a meteor from the sky. Self-explanatory, really.

Meteoric Mortar: You call upon multiple meteor from spaces, striking at your foes.

Molten Tornado: Create a swirling tornado of molten lava torn from the earth.

Nightmare Steel Cage: This prison doesn't need bars, but it has them anyway.

Nine Acre Fire: A circular wall of flame expands a great distance, turning all within its path to ash.

Norton's Copied Casting: You copy any spell or spell-like ability that you have witnessed since your last turn.

Orbital Laser: Focus and launch a beam of focused light to the surface, drilling a hole and vaporizing everything in its path.

Outlast the Ages: Using this spell, one can effectively live forever, never aging, enduring the ages.

Outlast the Ages, variant: Using this spell, one can effectively live forever, never aging, enduring the ages.

Phantasmagorical Image: Persistent image that causes insanity to non-believers.

Power Pun Bad: You unleash a vile, terrible, hope crushing pun that shatter the will and soul of your enemy.

Power Word Mindbreak: The first phrase of the anti-thought equation, it is phrases so stupid, so illogical, and so mentally disturbed that your mind is shattered, brain cells commiting suicide as an act of mercy.

Prismatic Doom: Similar to prismatic spray, this spell fills an entire area with deadly magic.

Reject: Returns a subject to a recent state, leaving them as if the intervening time had not occurred.

Rithaniel's Extraplanar Homestead: Creates an entirely customizable plane of existance.

Rithaniel's Revert: Banishes a creature to the place they were born.

Rod's Boon: A competence-boosting spell that draws upon the power of Rod, Slavic deity of creation.

Sans' Karmic Bone Barrage: Dunk on mass murderers by assaulting them with a furious barrage of bones dealing damage over time.

Shadows of the Mage-Lords: Call up shadows, deal negative levels in area.

Singularity: Creates a singularity field that deals massive damage and draws everything in range into its negative space.

Sleeper Agent: Imbue a shard of your mind in another, slowly influencing them and allowing you to assume direct control.

Solar Catapult: Throw your enemies into the sun. The trip takes a while.

Soul Booster: Gain boosts to skill checks based on essentia! It's Rod's boon for non-Slavs!

Sow the Seeds: Bind yourself to nearby plant life, allowing you to divvy up your combined life forces as you see fit.

Spell Void: Deadmagic Sphere which engulfs target.

Spelling Sabotage: Target's spells go awry in a humorous and rarely useful fashion. Only those with godlike intelligence will have even a faint hope of casting their spells properly.

Stork Call, Greater: Makes one conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another.

Summon Construct: Summon a construct.

Summon Spider IX: Calls spider to fight.

Superexplosion: Whoa, like... what if we took Fireball... and then like, made it explode like, whoa...

Supernova: Pulls a star fragment into space and burns everything around it.

Symbol of Fascination, Greater:

Tarrasque Ex Machina: Summon tarrasque into the sky; falls and deals damage, then goes on a rampage.

True Daylight: Call forth true daylight

Under the Ice: You drop an entire glacier on the opposition. Painful dying ensues.

Wall of Quark Soup: The most powerful wall of fire, it glows with the light of creation itself.

Warp Circle: A duration based teleportation spell with a limited list of possible destinations (that can be added to), an effect delay, and unlimited range that can also be used as a trap. Intended to replace teleport circle.

Wave of Negation: Very slow moving wave of death and destruction.

White Incantation: Fog petrifies or kills.

Winds of Memory: Massively affect the memories or thoughts of a creature.

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Warlock Invocations

Least Warlock Invocations

All-Seeing Eyes, Balmz: See things around you better

Bane of Balance: Knock a foe off-balance with your eldritch blast (or ki volley or wind bullet), uncentering him and imposing a −2 competence penalty to Balance and Tumble checks until the condition is cleared.

Beguiling Influence, Revised: A revised version of Beguiling Influence which isn't just numbers.

Blear: Become hard to see and attack

Charged Shot: Charge up your laser for increased damage.

Cloak of the Abyss: Surround yourself in smoke that can obscure, hide, or burn as you command

Dance of the Fireflies: Summon sparkling living lights that illuminate and dazzle targets, create light, briefly blind, or expend themselves all in a single bright flash.

Dark Arcana: You invoke this ability to become adept at all things magical.

Dark Crafting: You gain a bonus on all craft checks and may craft much faster.

Dark Elocution: Make yourself understood by and understand another intelligent creature.

Dark Minion: You gain a skeletal minion who obey your every whims.

Dark Spiral Aura: You've learned to create and manipulate orbs of life essence.

Deceptive Shadow: Disguise yourself as a shadowy creature, and blend into the darkness.

Demon Howl: With an inhuman howl you shove away nearby creatures away from you.

Eldritch Claws: You grow claws that can deliver your eldritch blast as a melee attack.

Eldritch Flurry: Make a full attack with your eldritch blast, fire bolt, or wind bullet.

Eldritch Grenade: Your eldritch blast explode outward, dealing splash damage to all creature adjacent to the target.

Eldritch Shield: Your blast's energy can instead form a glowing shield around your body.

Eldritch Shove: Make a touch attack in melee with your eldritch blast, and bull rush them away.

Eldritch Spray: Release a flamethrower-like spray of eldritch energy that lasts for 1 round.

Eldritch Summon: You use your dark magic to summon minions to aid you mid battle.

Emotional Crisis: Your target out to 60 ft suddenly stops what they are doing as they question what they even want in life.

Encyclopedia Maleficiorum: "Evil will always triumph, because Good is dumb."

Fell Archery: Blast is carried on your ranged weapon, striking in addition to it.

Force Blast: The eldritch blast is considered for all purposes to be a force effect.

Frightful Blast, Revised: Improved version of the standard Frightful Blast.

Gloom Missile: Fire magic missiles that leave the targets illuminated.

Hammer Blast, Revised: Hit objects and certain creatures harder

Hellfire Breath: Upon casting this Invocation you gain a powerful breath weapon, replicating the effect of flame breath except it last 24 hours.

Hexing Blast: Your eldritch blast curses your target, allowing you to inflict several small sorrows upon them.

Hideous Blow, Revised: Improved version of standard Hideous Blow

Ignitable Spirit: Gain Fire Resistance

Inborn Own Luck: Improve your saves with your charisma

Infernus's Care: You gain resistance to fire and heat, any fire damage actually dealt to you in nonlethal damage.

Injection Blast: Your eldritch blast turns into a solid needle used to inject poisons or potions.

Insidious Impulsion: With a few words you cause a creature to obey you on an impulse.

Invoke Nightmare: With a burst of unholy flame a clearly demonic horse arises from the pit to serve you.

Killing Flames: The flame of agony you inflict leaves your target's soul chained to your bidding.

Kooky Tendrils: Stop and entangle foes with tendrils

Leaps and Bounds, Balmz: Increase tumble, jump and balance

Leaps and Bounds, Revised: You are capable of extreme jumping capacities, allowing you to make impossible leaps.

Miasmic Cloud, Balmz: Better version of miasmic cloud

Miniature Eldritch Bombs: Set up a number of delayed explosions with your eldritch blast

Phantom Blast: Your eldritch blast can travel through walls and attack ghosts.

Physical Blast: Your eldritch blast becomes a physical substance, ignoring spell resistance but now being subject to damage reduction.

Precise Blast: No penalty for blasting into melee.

Precise Senses: You invoke this ability to become adept at perception.

Prismatic Energy: Turn your eldritch blast into a prismatic blast. The element is random, but it has special effects on a critical hit.

Recreant Blast: Cause fear on foes

Scatter Rain: You fire your eldritch blast into the air. A round later it comes splashing down in a wide area.

Sealing Blast: Instead of killing a target, your eldritch blast can seal them away in a time-locked crystal.

See the Unseen, Balmz: See Though hidden things

Serpent's Power: Call on serpents to gain their power

Shape Lightforce: You can shape lightforce with your whims, allowing you to create small objects made of solid light.

Slipskin: Disguise Self, but only for other seen creatures

Sortilege: The warlock form of prestidigitation

Spider Weave: Fire webs out of your wrists, thwippt!

Spidersilk Blast: Your eldritch blast becomes sticky web-like threads which you can manipulate after firing.

Spiritual Slave: A barely visible shadowy spirit is called to your aid.

Splitter Blast: Split your eldritch blast into multiple beams. Gain a small boost in damage as you grow in power.

Stygian Rime: Release freezing ice slicks, snow, or grant yourself icewalking.

Subdual Strike: Gray blast does subdual damage instead of lethal.

Summon Phantasmal Feeders: Summon one to five phantasmal feeders which slowly but surely drain away your opponent's health.

Turbulent Blast: Your eldritch blast invokes penalties upon your opponent from chaotic energy tumbling over them.

Unctuosity: Warlock form of grease

Unholy Healing: You grant fast healing to the target, with some limitations.

Vampiric Embrace: You can siphon life from your target.

Vile Toughness: The durability of your dark ancestors flows within you.

Vulnerable Blast: Your eldritch blast weakens the bodies of others, causing them to take more damage from other effects.

Warlock's Curse: Curse your foes, much like a Hexblade, but better.

Winged Flight: This invocation grant the ability to glide and fall slowly, eventually also grant limited flight. Become more powerful when paired with fell flight.

Witching Light: The warlock create a bright gloomy light, which enthrall and hypnotize those who see it to her will.. and scare those who resist.

YinYang Blast: Your eldritch blast can deal either positive or negative energy damage.

Lesser Warlock Invocations

Armory Of Darkest Shadow: Your previous knowledge of manipulating darkness allows you to shape shadow into armor, weapons and other combat effects.

Baleform Curse: A typical trick of witches and warlocks, you turn a poor innocent bystander into a frog or something.

Baleful Wind: Blow enemies away, and sap their Dexterity while you're at it.

Beshadowed Blast, Balmz: Blind foes with your blast

Binding Blast: Your eldritch blast or wind bullet prevents creatures from teleporting away.

Blackbolt Blast: Your eldritch blast deals electricity damage, and may disrupt others' actions from minor paralysis.

Blades Of Vanquished Armies: Conjures a whirling field of blades for both offense and defense.

Bonemelting Blast: Turn you eldritch blast in a terrible acid blast which melt armor plate, skin, bone and pretty much everything.

Brimstone Blast, Balmz: Burn those foes and cauterize them to prevent healing

Buff Lockdown: Stop enemies from benefiting from buff spells.

Call Upon the Bloodline: You call upon the power of your bloodline, granting you fantastic power.

Constraining Blast: Afflicts 1d4 Spellstrained (3.5e Condition) levels

Critical Blast: Range of critical hit increases by two steps

Dark Medium: You've been granted power to communicate with the other side. Use it wisely.

Dark Possession: Possess the body of a weak creature.

Deathless Blast: Turn your eldritch blast into an essentially 'nonlethal' attack.

Eldritch Cannonball: You turn your eldritch blast into a normal attack but deal more damage and knock your opponent away.

Eldritch Capture: You use your eldritch power to grapple a creature from afar and keep it pinned.

Eldritch Circle: Blast hits everything that is a certain specified distance away from you.

Eldritch Drifter: Your eldritch blast becomes a slow drifting sphere of destruction. Fill the battlefield with them!

Eldritch Escape: Teleport a short distance, dealing area damage both where you teleported from and where you land.

Eldritch Eye: Blast emanates from eye acting as stilled metamagic.

Eldritch Needles: Make an eldritch blast into a literal storm of eldritch needles, essentially impossible to avoid.

Eldritch Reflector: Your eldritch blast bounces off objects, and can be reflected by yourself or those wielding magic weapons.

Eldritch Retort: Retain floating eldritch orbs which fire into eldritch blasts when you are attacked.

Eldritch Serpent: Create an eldritch blast construct which attacks for you, but you can't use your eldritch blast while it's present.

Eldritch Steed: Turn your eldritch blast into a mount which fires eldritch blasts.

Elemental Blast: Energy Blasts; As Psionic "Energy Ray"

Enticing Command: You can force your lesser to do as you ask, charmed creatures are much more susceptible.

Entropic Blast: Your Eldritch Blast is infused with the deterioration-inducing power of time.

Essence Blast: Chance your Eldritch Blast to deal Essence damage.

Exploding Blast: Your basic invocating projectile becomes a fireball in all but name.

Explosive Blast: Your eldritch blast blows up, knocking down enemies and dealing two types of damage.

Exsiccating Blast: Dry out your foes with your eldritch blast

Hellrime Blast: Chill your foes with otherworldly cold

Ice Slider: Gain the effect of air walk that leaves a temporary ice path in your wake.

Imitate Spellcasting: Your invocation can duplicate the effect of low-level spells with ease.

Knockdown Blast: You fire the eldritch lasers that knock people down!

Lightforce Armor: You create an armor of lightforce, protecting you from harms.

Lightforce Blast: Reshape your eldritch blast into a very.... creative shape.

Mental Probe: Using this invocation you can alter memories of a touched creature.

Miniature Blast: Negate most firing penalties.

Missing Shadow: Animate your shadow and have it go on an adventure without you.

Oblative Surge: A rare eldritch blast which heals with positive energy, at the expense of yourself.

Pathosis Blast: Spread disease with your blast

Power of Emotions: You can use the lightforce to manipulate the emotions of others.

Projection of Power: This invocation comes in two forms; the first providing short range communication to any creature within line of sight as if you were next to them, and the latter acting more like scrying and sending.

Pumpkin Head: Your head is now an pumpkin, most people consider it scary.

Pyroclastic Blast: Your eldritch blast deals fire damage, and may produce clouds of choking smoke.

Reckless Eldritch Charge: Charge and blast everyone with your eldritch blast

Shadow Puppet: You duplicate yourself with a shadowy copy that appears adjacent to you, allowing to act remotely.

Speculum: Play tricks on your foes with fake images

Spellbound Transformation: You have an alternate form you can switch between.

Spider Sense: You gain a spider's reflexes and evasion.

Stygian Frost Blast: Your eldritch blast deals cold damage, and may render the target immobilized.

T-Blast: Fire a line of energy, and make it split into a T-shape. Sometimes, multiple times.

Venomous Blast: Your eldritch blast deals poison damage, and can reduce constitution, or other effects.

Volcanic Resilience: Survive in the elemental planes of Earth and Fire.

Wind Blast: Launch your enemy backwards with your eldritch blast or wind bullet.

Greater Warlock Invocations

Abjure Magic: You can use your own baleful power to dispel magical effects and make a barrier of dispelling energy for a time.

Banishing Blast: Your eldritch blast can banish outsiders back to their home plane, and punish those who refuse to leave.

Blast of Defeat: Target cowers prone for a round.

Blastbind: You can bind a single-target spell into your Blast, affecting victims of your blast with the spell in addition to your blast.

Breath of Levistus: Your eldritch blast slows, stops, and freezes over targets.

Brimstone Scream: You set fire to the target's soul, and brimstone and sulfur pours out of their body.

Caliginosity: In darkness we protect

Cold Eye Gazer: Summon up to three "eyeballs" that emit beams of cold that slow opponents.

Comburent Brume: Use fiery clouds on foes

Delayed Blast Mine: You launch your eldritch blast but only deal half damage, yet leave a glowing mine which explodes later for massive damage.

Discomfit Appearance: Your appearance is confusing to foes

Dolor Counter: When you suffer your foe suffers

Dreadful Wind: Blast your enemies with a sustained wind that fills them with fear.

Dreadful Wind/Original Edition: Blast your enemies with a sustained wind that fills them with fear.

Efficacious Blast: Hurt your foes with positive energy, this is not a nice healing effect.

Elder Webway: Connect to points in space and teleport or plane shift between them. Alternatively, use it to make a magical trap instead.

Eldritch Claws, Greater: You grow claws that can deliver your eldritch blast as a melee attack, plus additional attacks from a high BAB.

Eldritch Eruption: You cast earth power, except it has the properties of your basic invocating projectile.

Eldritch Rigor: You are always under the effect of adapt body and gain fast healing 2.

Eldritch Spikes: Cover yourself in spikes which deal your eldritch blast damage, or dismiss them to cause them to explode!

Eldritch Stream: Fire a continuous beam of energy. You can sweep it in an area, and the damage increases the more you focus upon it.

Eldritch Web: Generate a web of energy which slows movement and damages those inside.

Enrapture Minions: With a flourish of terrifying evil power, you bend other evil creatures to your will.

Evasive Spirit: Grant Evasion or Mettle

Evasive Swarm: While under the effects of evasive swarm, you can dodge out of the way of attacks as an immediate action.

Goodbye Limbs: Strip an opponent of their limbs.

Haunted Telekinesis: This invocation behave as telekinesis, except that it can do stuff on it own.

Infernal Labyrinth: The victim is trapped in a hellish maze of great suffering.

Inner Demons: You bind a demon, devil, or fey to your body which grants you fantastic power and protects you from death... for a while.

Lightforce Coil: Create a coil of solid light, immobilizing a creature in place.

Lightforce Incarnation: Create any objects with lightforce or even create creatures to fight for you.

Maggot Ravage: Attack foes with maggots

Mephitis Adumbrate: Warlock version of cloudkill

Mindrending Blast: Use your eldritch blast to drive your enemies mad.

Move Undetected: Be unseeable and muffled

Painful Slumber: Force a unending sleep

Peerless Eldritch Charge: Move and attack with your Eldritch blast at the same time

Personal Transformation: Turn yourself into another creature as per Polymorph Self, Tome

Power of the Wild: The warlock call upon her heritage to command lesser creatures.

Prismatic Blast: Your eldritch blast is all colors of the rainbow, and deals random effects.

Ritual of the Three Circles: Either travel to the lower plane summon a number of weak fiendish creature or summon a particular fiend.

Sentinel Blast: Your eldritch blast sticks around to threaten those it strikes.

Shaping Blast: Your eldritch blast can destroy, repair, or mold terrain, objects, and constructs.

Shun the Weak: Your aura is so overwhelming, weaklings cannot even stand in your presence.

Sloughskin Blast: Your eldritch blast softens the skin and reduces natural armor. It can even curse the creature with an aboleth-like need to remain moist.

Soulbind Eldritch Horror: Summon a phantom eldritch monster which aids you in battle.

Soulbind Hellfire Devil: Summon a phantom devil spirit which aids you in battle.

Soulbind Pale Haunt: Summon a phantom undead spirit which aids you in battle.

Soulbind Phantom Wyrm: Summon a draconic spirit which aids you in battle.

Soulbind Wild Spirit: Summon a phantom fey spirit which aids you in battle.

Spelldraining Blast: Your eldritch blast weakens the effect of magic on a target.

Spooky Face: You can make your face really really spooky, or really really ugly.

Subconscious Blast: Your eldritch blast targets the subconscious mind of your targets.

Susceptible Strike: Gives creatures Susceptible Condition

Unearthly Shape: Turn into a combat creature

Vampiric Blast: Use your blasts to heal yourself while hurting your foes.

Dark Warlock Invocations

Baleful Transformation: Turns a creature into a object. Very difficult to reverse.

Binding Blast, Balmz: Stop your foes in their tracks

Corrosive Blast: Creature takes damage on next turn.

Create Witchstone: You imbue a foci with power over youth and life. As long as you wear it, it will keep you eternally unaging and even save you should you be at risk of being killed.

Deathmark Blast: Apply cursed marks on your foes which you expend to damage, hinder, or even kill.

Eldritch Doom: Attack enemies around you with your blast

Eldritch Riverflow: Convert your eldritch blast (or fire bolt, wind bullet, sand blast, or paint shot) into a stream of energy that flows down hills like a river.

Eldritch Star: Create a blazing eldritch star to utterly annihilate your foes.

Empyrean Incarnation: Your soul leave your mortal body allowing you to roam around as a ghost.

Enslave Soul: You dominate a target for a short period of time.

Eyes of Horus: You create three floating eyes of lightforce, each capable of using invocations and firing eldritch blast at your command.

Fiendmarked: Force a creature to host a fiendish spirit, which toys with them and makes hell around them.

Heart Asunder: An invocation that tears the heart both figuratively and literally.

Lapidify: Turn the target to stone

Lightning of the Abyss: The lightnings of the abyss carry you physically around the battlefield.

Maleficent Curse: Throw a powerful curse one someone with this nasty invocation.

Mindwipe: This invocation allow you to alter subject memory, possibly causing mental damage in the process.

Mystic Bane: Stop magic effects on a target

Nanyth Surge: You enhance your blast with nano-sized constructs made of eldritch energy, destroying your foes utterly.

Obliterating Blast: Your eldritch blast deals vile damage, and disintegrates all it touches.

Omega Blast: This blast shape turn your eldritch blast into an inter-dimensional homing missile.

Phoenix Blast: Your eldritch blast heals damage instead of causing harm.

Realm of Shifting Frost: Create structures and redefine the terrain as you see fit with constructions of ice and snow.

Repeating Blast: Your eldritch blast does damage again and again and again...

Soul Scorch: Burn your enemy's soul.

Spider Cocoon: Those hit by your eldritch blasts risk entanglement, cocooning, and death.

Stalwart Rondure: Enclose targets in a sphere

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